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2002 Toyota Highlander Limited

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Hello folks and welcome here once again to divine fine motors and thank you so very much for being here god bless you and your family and i do mean that and congratulations on finding this absolutely extraordinary clean meticulously maintained this is a one florida own vehicle folks this is a highlander toyota limited model this is a 2002 but keep in mind folks it’s

The same exact thing as it was in 2007 they didn’t change this body style until 2008 this was probably and still is one of the best suvs that toyota makes now they also make the 4runner which were very we love it our daughters got one with two hundred and three thousand miles on it that we drive every day steel she’s away at college that little thing got into yale

University praise god but anyway folks we are a big toyota family and i am going out now and trying to find you every toyota that i can get my hands on especially one like this i love love love these one elderly owned vehicles that look like they just have not been hardly used at all and that’s what we found here today for you i know there’s a lot of you in south

Florida there’s a lot of you there in houston texas and all over that are in need of vehicles praise god we were unscathed pretty much up here around tampa st. pete clearwater area we had some wind up here but no big nothing major no floods no big water big rain or nothing like that so i’m going out trying to find these nice cars i know people are in need right

Now and i hope you’ve been praying and believing for something nice folks because this is it this but this vehicle it looks to have always been garage kept as you can see it is just absolutely immaculate now folks i’m here to tell you now it’s absolutely gorgeous this is again the v6 them to the addition and it is in pristine immaculate condition it’s never been

Smoked in cigarette lighters never been used it’s always been serviced meticulously the alloy wheels steel are like brand-new you can even see the lug nuts on it i mean folks this is a nice nice find and it’s a beautiful color it’s got the toyota guard protections got the vin number inched in all the glass there it was a brand new car trade in at a toyota dealer

Here in florida it’s got the jbl stereo system in it with the six this cd changer it has the wood grain which all of it still looks brand new folks the seats it’s got the preffer aided leather in it they are immaculate you have the side airbags every nook cranny and corner door jamb all the carpet is still in like-new condition and i’m here to tell you folks it’s

Immaculate you can see the armrest on these things hardly have anywhere in it at all i don’t think they ever used the back seats i drove it today for about a hundred miles and it runs and rides and drives perfectly it only has 99 thousand six hundred miles on it it’s just had the oil change the oil filter has a brand spanking new battery less than a year ago it has

A security system it has your traction control it has the leather wrap steering wheel it has the woodgrain it has your six disc cd changer they still haven’t taken that little sticker off this thing yet it has the cassette player again it’s never been smoked in it has the ect button with the snow in the mud button of course it’s always been in florida never had a

Cigarette in it smoke looks like folks they’ve never even had a french fry eaten in it i mean it is truly one of the nicest cleanest prions of any kind that i have had here and you all know i go out and get some great ones of course you have your home link it’s got your sunroof of course you know these are one of the best sun roofs that ever that ever you can ever

Get on the toyota’s they never break they never leak that’s they’re just fantastic again this thing has side airbags what else can i tell you about it the back seats fold down super super easy and again you wait till you see it back you’re the paint on this is all original paint no accidents clean carfax clean auto chip and again look at it well i’ll tell you what

Let me show you if it’s not too dark every nut and bolt under it looks just like that i mean it is spotless no rust no corrosion you got plenty of tread on your tires front and rear nice good get your tires tinted windows again you have the wood grain back here in folks i know i’ve said it about five or six times i’m just going to tell you again it is perfection

It is perfection back here the the back seats look like they’ve never ever been used you know that folds down it has tons of room these highlanders are great they’re great on gas of course the headliner is perfect like the rest of the vehicle so god bless you and listen you need to call me and get this this has to let you track the adjustable racks in it has the

Rear spoiler has the mud flaps has the full-size spare tire with a full size aluminum wheel no little donut it’s got your aluminum wheel in that full-size spare nice good gear even still has they left their little one even has jumper cables it comes with jumper cables and everything you’ll love love love it look there’s no scratches or nothing back here hope i’m

Not going too fast it’s getting a little dark on me here wherever you are folks here i’m here to tell you listen i only go out and get the best vehicles i can possibly get my hands on this and i’ve been doing this praise god going on 27 you i know what to look for folks i love-love-love toyotas and this one is this nice as you can get you’ll never ever buy a sport

Utility says toyota on it that’s a one floor two owner that looks like this every in your life for the money that you’re going to be able to buy this one for i’m gonna have a low reserved on it it’s not gonna cost you 9,000 it’s not gonna cost you 10 or 11 it’s not even going to cost you it’s i’m gonna have it under $9,000 the reserve so just give me a call if you

Need it god bless you we’ll get it out to you if you happen to be a flood victim in houston or south florida somewhere we’re going to do what we can to help you get it shipped to you and we’re just very very thankful that we can be a blessing to you and for all you all who’ve been buying cars from us over the years thank you god bless you carol and i and the family

Jacqueline and alex and dealing we all just really really thank you god bless you and your family you know this has been we’ve been doing this going on eight years now it’ll be eight years this april look how clean that is you see that and that’s not being painted or it’s not being you know they sometimes they’ll do these seats and stuff this is all original it’s

Just immaculate it really really is and folks if you have not ever got to drive a highlander yet you got to call somebody talk to somebody get on the computer i mean they are the absolute one of the best sport utilities they ride great they’re easy to get in and out of they have great gas mileage i mean look at the wheels on this thing it’s just immaculate the

Paint you can see like i say the headlights still nice and bright the grille all the badging look still like new i mean wow what a vehicle this is my home in case you’re wondering there’s our little gaily little yale bulldogs and we sent two of them up to university of florida go gators but we’re just about done racing kids praise god we’re looking for grandbabies

Hallelujah but anyway my wife and i were from west virginia we’ve been down here florida i guess about 22 years now i want to show you something can you see that heat shield on that that’s how clean this vehicle is and i have not even cleaned it i picked it up like this today there’s your toyota battery 10 of 2016 and like i said every nut and bolt everything on

Here folks you still like new look at it so if you want something that you can i’m telling you not oh you can put this in writing that i said it you can drive this thing over 300,000 miles with no problem whatsoever it’s even had the timing belt done the timing belts been serviced on this to praise god look at that of course i’ve never put a timing belt on a toyota

We’ve got one with 250,000 miles and never put a water pump on it never put a timing belt so there you go folks this is a one for the owner its pristine with a timing belt water pump service already done get it call your friends call your neighbor call your pastor call whoever you know that needs a car and say listen call jack and carol it divine fine motors get

This it’s not nice it’s that nice thank you god bless you now listen we’re around tampa st. peter water area we can have this ship anywhere in the country that you’re at and out of the country and we can pick you up at the airport in it and that is st. pete clearwater airport or you can come into tampa international thank you god bless you we love you and listen

Folks be kind to one another just treat people nice that’s all do unto others as you would have them do unto you be my advice to anybody thank you god bless you and we look forward to meeting you bye-bye you love my wife carol she does all the paperwork and stuff she’ll get it right out to you it’s we got one of the easiest quickest processes that you’ll ever ever

See this sunroof all the way but hey you’ll love the vehicle i didn’t even know this thing has had the timing belt and water pump doing so hallelujah that’s just two extra big thank you jesus all right bye-bye gotta go

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2002 Toyota Highlander Limited By Divine Find Motors Inc.