2003 dodge Ram 2500 5.9 Cummins 6 speed update.

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Oh boys we got this white truck here and we got buddy and rocky well this video is from our regulars while i’m sitting here waiting for my crew to come back i’m out quadding a seven mile locals know where that’s at figured i’d make a video for y’all so the fact that the vehicle’s here the trucks here means i did not sell it i feel like i need to share the story

With you as soon as i posted this truck she threw a fit she started squealing on the clutch push out bearing yeah so that hindered the sail we were slammed so we put it aside and up until like two weeks ago they finally got around her and well about a month ago they dropped the and about two weeks ago they finally started putting everything back um like i

Suspected ended up being shattered uh just destroyed push-out bearing we did the whole clutch though we did uh clutch clutch plate you know the whole kit so that’s how that one goes and clearly i still have it she said she’s gonna put up hell if i decide to sell her up again so i said all right i’m out all jokes aside um i try to sell her you know so she kind

Of cut herself because she was hurting and uh i’m keeping her really worst part about her crack dash and uh wore out armrest so what’s that if you’re new to the channel i use it utilize quite a few uh ram trucks high shotting four gen fifth gen’s but um this was purchased as a parts truck shop truck whatever you want to call it all the stuff that’s heavier and

You need to pick a bed for it um that’s what this truck gets utilized for also it’s purchased for and that’s what it’s utilized for i wasn’t really in the market but i always have a soft spot for a manual that’s the only reason why i bought this truck it’s a third gen manual still a five nine which is important to me so i have to deal with all that missions crap

Um so yeah that’s what’s up if you’re new to the channel i’ll give you a little walk around since we’re making a video about this truck um has 221 000 miles she’s healthy most of her life she was just riding around minding her own business once in a while she was pulling a horse trailer um as you can tell on the video he’s healthy she has seat covers because my

Guys jumped in here once in a while to to go to the store and they’re kind of dirty so not because the seats are destroyed or anything well um and you could tell like there’s tools and stuff this truck’s actually going to go to the west side we’re out of spokane but this truck’s going to go ham on pick up a cab for one of my one of my trucks that i got jacked back

This winter restoring that truck there she is you know she’s all stock and whatnot um yeah anyone out there that wanting to keep a truck this is definitely uh good news you know when the truck’s all stock and you don’t have much to worry about shoot some kind of factory film still hasn’t been pulled off of it um but yeah everything’s original on it besides the

Exhaust she has a five inch straight pipe out and that’s about it oh we did put on an exhaust brake i had this uh pack break from a 12 valve i bet built and uh chuck had more power and or the engine had more power capability way beyond what that truck was capable of so and it’s kind of end up selling it to my father-in-law and he didn’t want the exhaust brake on

There i told him he doesn’t use it it’s going to season he’s like well i have no use for him he might as well pull it off and use it if you have anything i’m like yeah i’ll put in my six-speed what’s phenomenal exhaust brake and towing those things go hand in hand i do have airbags firestone airbags on it the airbags were on here the gooseneck was on here because

They pulled something with their we did is freshen up all the fluids um you know did the power all the bearings and belts up front with the water pump and thermostat we did not rebuild the when inspected it seemed fine put good synchro mesh fluid in here with a quart over factory and yeah just just my guys in the shop decided to go with the valet on the clutch

They went with the valet kit you know guys i’ve used our organic i’ve used an organic south bend i really liked it i think the thing was rated for really high horsepower and it was wonderful my guys pee me to the punch they bought the chaos kind of contemplated if i was gonna get them to swap it out but they’re like dude it’s organic seems to have good railing

That rating that’s why we bought it i’m like well let’s give it a whirl we won’t know until we try right so that’s that you know that’s how that one went oh really guys there’s not much i don’t do much videos on these third gen but your third gen guys could appreciate a nice clean one so that’s why i figured i’ll just keep her the value on this thing is going to

Do nothing but just hang out and it’s slowly keep climbing in my opinion with all these emission crap trucks a lot of guys are gonna jump on these five nines because what do you do you know the mission’s putting you out of service you might as well take one of these five nines do your business and keep up if you’re a mechanical inclined of course keep up with your

Truck and keep your sound i should drive as well just told you in the video this thing’s gonna do 700 800 well not 800 like 750. somebody’s out there having fun so i trust it five nine what more can you ask for right hey taylor’s having fun now those boys i’ll let you go as i said new to the channel check out the rest of my channel i do a lot of these well i

Should be doing more but i have a lot of access to the fourth genes because we utilize them in a high shot operation and now we have quite a few fifth gen’s we got eight of the 2022 units alone it’s been a rough road for me on those 22 units um but yeah or the 2022 you know it’s but we’ll get better we’ll we’ll uh we’ll dial them in and keep trucking like we’ve

Been as always guys may love bless you may all have my fun day in the comment section let me know what you guys want to hear more of and i’ll do my best i don’t do youtube for a living i just kind of for mine and your entertaining kind of i caught myself with a thought like why am i searching for these tone videos like on youtube like why don’t i make some of my

Own and i appreciate the guys out there doing tone videos and i’ll do my best i promise you i’ll do my best um i’m the mid i’m in the midst of uh transitioning to a new gym and if you guys own a business you know what that means getting a new gm in your operation is a big task and yeah so i’m pretty occupied but i’ll do my best to keep you all entertained if you

Call it that or educational or informative and we’ll go from there god bless you all bye

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2003 dodge Ram 2500 5.9 Cummins 6 speed update. By PD Diesel Power