2003 Ford Expedition Door Panel Removal

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Hey welcome back everyone to another great episode to sell those flipping cars i’m zachary and i got my assistant today’s avian and we are going through the 2003 ford expedition door panel removal here on the driver’s side so stay tuned hey guys welcome back as i said we’re going through the door panel removal here on the driver’s side on the 2003 ford expedition

You need to get to this whether you’re working on the switches throwing in some new speakers or you’re replacing the window regulator and the motor anything like that you never want to break the trim you never want to take it out incorrectly because you can really mess up the door handle you can mess up the switches as well alright so here we are on the door panel

Yes it’s a little dirty but whatever okay i’m sure your door panels dirty as well all right so you have right behind here you see this strip right here that’s gonna come off with a trim tool hey use these and you are going to save yourself so much headache from breaking your trim and warping it where it doesn’t fit in right so i picked these up on amazon i’ll

Throw them in the video description down below okay so you’ve got two t20 screws right behind there you have a philips screw right here hold on just second alright you guys see that one phillips screw right there and then on the bottom you have two seven millimeter bolts right there that will need to be taken out okay that’s holding everything on you do not have

Anything here on the inner door seal nothing is there now you can pretty much guarantee you’re gonna have those snaps on the back as well so you want to remove it carefully here we go i’m gonna put the camera down and i’m gonna show you how to actually get this thing off alright first of all let’s go ahead and take this middle piece out as i said you’re just gonna

Take your trim tool you’re gonna put it and slide here you can slowly pry this thing off there we go hey use your trim tool and just pop it off right there okay see those two t20 bolts right behind there i’m going to go ahead and take our torque go ahead and take those out sabian is good or most of the time i’ll tell you what i think i know pets to by heart that

And rhea he always watches those it’s insane alright so those tc20 bolts are out now now we’re gonna go on the side and get the phillips off now right here on the side we’re gonna go ahead and take this phillips screw out that’s off in there alright now we’re here on the bottom it is going to be seven millimeter that you are going to need to take these off there

We go those two are off now all right so after you get all the screws the bolts goes out okay you’re gonna come over here to the door panel we’re gonna just lift out a little user trim tool right you just want to work around the outside sure is seal it on there there we go it’s gonna have a little bit of latch back here so you’re gonna have to press out move it

Up some just work around like that hey don’t manhandle in just rip the sing-off all crazy incredible hulk style you break it okay next move your door handle out you want to slowly work it out hey move you guys a little here we go you can see behind there see everything that we’re working working away from look behind there door handles right there keep your door

Handle out just like that we have all the electrical connectors right here you don’t want to pull them okay don’t forget that you don’t want to pull them you want to slowly behind there i could do with one hand guys his heart did too this one wants to be fun get this one there we go now we can see what’s going on with this one some of these tabs aren’t gonna be

Easy to take off guys but you want to make sure you want to make sure the electrical connectors in there see them right here you don’t want to break those guys okay so make sure you uh be a little careful hey there we go now if we look in there we have the plastic insulation that you’ll have on all your doors okay you have your electrical connectors your speaker’s

Right here if you go ahead and move your plastic okay it’s just gonna come up has rtv on the back and look right in there see oh there’s your regulator there’s your motor everything’s right there accessible oh yeah look at that there we go if you’re looking to get to your speaker it looks like you have t20 bolts on there as well and four points in the four points

No there you go guys alright let’s go ahead and reinstall this that way we can fund it all up you just want to your connectors in just like you unplug them a few guys come in here a little bit you can see the connectors there we go you see how they have the low latch on the side okay just like all the connectors press down on the latch and it will come out go back

Up a little guys can’t crack yourself up kanya there we go alright alright if any of these buttons come out that just pop it right back in guys it’s easy easy peasy all right hold the doorknob door handle open that way you can get that in its slot don’t forget about your door lock up top it does need to go back in its slot and then the entire door as you took it

Off the same it’s going to go right back on on its hangers so you gotta be careful with that alright guys there you have it the 2003 ford expedition door panel removal complete not only taking it off and putting it back on and it looks great wouldn’t you think don’t you think wouldn’t you think all right there we go remember we’re putting it on make sure you hold

The door handle out while putting the plastic on make sure all the hooks go in their specific spot once they’re in the spot just go ahead press down gently okay not nothing like that okay gently push it down they’ll lock into place and then you can go ahead and put the bolts and screws back in the places that you took them from well if you guys liked the video

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Informative as possible to really help you guys out on your repair so thank you so much guys for tuning in for another episode of sell those flipping cars i’m zachary and until next time guys keep on wrench and stay safe take care guys

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