2003 Ford F-150 XLT Truck Extended Cab For Sale Dayton Troy Piqua Sidney Ohio | 26933BT

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Zack smith with you here paul series chrysler dodge jeep and ram in piqua ohio here we’re looking at 2003 ford f-150 you see is red in color creme there around the grill on the front bumper clear headlights not damaged scratched up fog defeated or anything down here in the plastic mourning see there is a crack on the front bumper it’s not too bad doesn’t affect

The way the vehicle runs it drives or anything like that take a look down the pesticide is a very nice vehicle very clean very well-maintained take a look here through wheels is a 16 inch aluminum rim tires are still in great shape see there on the fender badges an f-150 xlt if you take a look down the side and see it’s got the black mirrors body color door handles

Deep tended glass in the back here in the bed does have the plastic rails and the plastic drop in bedliner as well take a look right here above the rear tire so there’s a small bit of bubbles the rust levels there it’s just surface rust it’s not too big of a problem even though the shot of the passenger side here is it come across the back you can see it does have

The tow package already installed for you different chrome bumper as well here a shot the bedliner there see it as a custom fit ford bedliner you saw the driver side here as well again the driver side does have a few rub marks on it you see it’s been there’s a small ding there under the tail light there are a few wrinkles here it’s really hard to see especially

In this light if i can get the right angle there maybe i can show them to you can see it’s got a few few wrinkles there in the fender and again another wrinkle here in the door but again it’s very hard to see not noticeable at all go up up the door here see it is extended cabinet does have the full four daughters on it see you got plenty of room back here in the

Back seat as well and your windows here they do open just push these clips in will push right out push it to the clicks to lock it take a look on the driver’s door here you see at your power mirrors power locks power windows your driver’s door vin is a great cloth and interior as well here it give me an overall shot take a look here there’s a manual seat take a

Seat inside see it’s got your headlight controlled with your dimmer your parking brake your hood latch got your cruise control on either side of the steering wheel and is a leather wrap steering wheel nice design here and engages – is nice not cracked up damaged leather or anything bigger 6 the cd changer the am/fm radio climate control their language a shot of

This here this is a manual transmission excuse the 5-speed or a four-speed with the overdrive however you look at it you push them you have two cupholders will pull out for you remove that give a cigarette lighter another 12 volt outlet for your access as well get two cupholders down here or center console with your change slots again here’s our center console you

Have two cupholders for rear passengers as well you lift this up see it it opens up into a very large storage compartment you have plenty of room in there if you need it this is also removable there you go see it’s also removable as well if you prefer not to have that in there it opens up very large storage depart underneath also on the top of the lid here you do

Have a spot for your sunglasses or any other paperwork you may need you saw the past receipt here as well again very nice very clean interior no rep stains tears or burns of any kind this thing is a fluorescing to the floor is a great shape no signs of wire no rip stains tears or burns i will show you up here you do our information display as well you can scroll

Through that and show your destination miles per gallon miles to empty outside temperature things of that nature and appear above that you do have another spot for sunglasses you can see you can flip your garage door opener in there as well forget it’s a very nice very clean 2003 ford f-150 come seen these xm it’s a full series check it on the web cheri car sir calm

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2003 Ford F-150 XLT Truck Extended Cab For Sale Dayton Troy Piqua Sidney Ohio | 26933BT By Paul Sherry Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram