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2003 GMC Explorer 7 Passenger ALL WHEEL DRIVE Conversion Van | Quick Walkthrough | CP14986AT

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This conversion van has been sold and is no longer available. We have a large selection of new and pre-owned vans that are available to see at:

Good afternoon and welcome to paul sherry conversion vans my name is justin smith and today i’m going to do a video on a new arrival this is a 2003 gmc savana all-wheel drive explorer conversion van now this was a trade-in here on one of our new promaster models and i tell you usually don’t do videos on the older vans but i’m sure you will appreciate this because

All little drives are really tough to find and for a van that’s 14 years old this thing is a really good condition is a nice sandstone metallic paint graphics are all intact i’m usually on a van of this age the graphics are usually really bad shape and as you could see as i zoom in here the vinyl graphics virtually look brand-new on this 2003 van moving over here

To the tires wanted to show you this and highlight this these are factory gmc aluminum wheels look brand new all the way around the vehicle note road rash and have a set of goodyear tires on them that are brand new so you won’t have to mess with tires for a long time and being that this is a half-ton you’ve got the doors on both sides for entry in the back of the

Conversion and something that they do not do anymore in 2014 was the last year of the all-wheel drive so again these are really rare hard to find and the best part about this van is you can get into this all-wheel drive for under $15,000 does have a factory tow package can sew up to 6400 pounds and move it over here to the passenger side paints really good shape

Again for a 2003 you just don’t see in this clean there is one little door ding right here and i’ll point that out in the video i don’t know if you can see that but it is a used vehicle so let’s go inside and i’ll show you around this is a light gray interior in this o3 all-wheel drive leather interior seats captains chairs in the back of this van as you can see

Are in really good shape no rips no tears i’m just a little bit of wear on this seat right here where it looks like they might have had a car seat in here at one time all the blinds are intact which is rare and in a van of this age all the cabinets are in good working order do you have the interior lights inside the cabinets which makes it nice to get stuff put

Stuff away at night here’s your rear cabinet now this is something that you don’t see very often a vcr again it is a no three so it did come with a vcr back in 2003 but has been updated with the dvd player as well so you will be able to watch vcr tapes if you still have those or a dvd now the television in this is a panasonic flat panel and i want to guess it’s

About a 24 inch television does have bla punk surround sound speakers so this van can you can watch a video vcr tapes dvd in this van through the surround sound speakers that are all throughout the high top or through the wireless headphones that are included with this van those have the pretty indirect lighting along the top here and in the ceiling now moving to

The front of this van same nice leather chairs that are in the back driver’s seat is really not showing much wear at all again for being a 2003 the front two seats are all 8 way adjustable power and do feature a power lumbar and heat on both front seats now in the front of this van this does feature an am/fm radio with a cassette right here taking it back to the

Old school you got a cassette player and a cd player and a six disc changer right here below that does work and function the way it’s supposed to we’re heating there in this van all works now there is a little bit of deal am up on top of this wood denali trim not uncommon especially on a 14 year old vehicle and it’s up here on the top and it’s typically done from

The sun over time that could be replaced for about $200 if you wanted to we figured we keep the price down because it doesn’t really affect how this vehicle drives or the rest of the way the interior looks nice leather wrapped wheel the wood grain wood on top this van does feature power windows door locks remote access mirrors cruise control and it does have an

Aftermarket remote start that has been added mileage on this van 140,000 miles actually really good miles for the year just a really good goodbye and again you know you don’t see too many of these all wheel drives let alone one under $15,000 so if there’s any questions on this van anything that i might not have covered want to know the process here at sheri vans

How it all works we do deliver all over the united states and just just want to thank you for watching again if there’s anything i didn’t cover on this van please don’t hesitate to call maybe have a question on another van that you’ve seen here on our lot as you can see we do have a lot of inventory around here a lot of conversion vans so please don’t hesitate to

Call and if you like the videos that we do here at the dealership i kindly ask that you subscribe to our youtube channel and even like us on facebook and that’s going to give you a better chance of getting the next great deal here at the dealership again thanks for watching bye bye

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2003 GMC Explorer 7 Passenger ALL WHEEL DRIVE Conversion Van | Quick Walkthrough | CP14986AT By Paul Sherry Conversion Vans