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2003 Nissan Murano SL Start Up, Quick Tour, & Rev With Exhaust View – 77K

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2003 Nissan Murano SL

Hey you two well today i decided to film this 2003 nissan murano sl with 77,000 miles i don’t recall doing this generation murano so i thought about doing it today start this one up this one’s already warm well like i mentioned this is a 2003 nissan murano sl with 77,000 miles i saw this when you’re tuning i just felt like doing it well let’s get around and

Critique the interior of this one um these morano’s are actually quite comfortable on the inside especially in this generation the seats are very soft and it’s actually quite roomy in here so there’s no complaints at all when it comes to comfort though i have driven quite a few these muranos and the ride can be a bit tough on you especially on bumpy roads well

First and foremost we’ll get to the dashboard actually soft to the touch nicely done though it will harden right back up here and uh four sections up above but i don’t think that will really matter because at least they followed the soft touch traits here at front you see mr. mccluster you can say not sure put it at all there’s nothing off that you’re gonna

Jiggle it here’s your info display this is where you will find your climate control in your radio again the climate control is this section here’s the bose radio sound system actually in – six discs and to control the settings like distance to empty a trip computer of above-average mpgs you can see average 17.9 they had it already down adjust brightness you can

See this little toggle switch right there a little joystick it’s quite straightforward ooh i forgot to mention this is soft touch right there as well so it’s not too bad and once you move down below yeah little compartment area to store things such as keys what have you power mirror controls right here well i found many of these muranos where this entire switch

Is actually punched through the clips are actually quite weak and that power mirrors which actually sinks right down you can see little trays in here for coins cup holders there’s one drawback of these morano’s is the cbt which actually in the first few years of the cvt knees morano’s they actually haven’t been that reliable i know from oh three two oh five had

Been a bit troublesome and so nissan actually extended the cvt coverage i believed ten years or 120,000 miles just to ease any of the concerns of any possible nissan buyers since most of the nissan lineup is utilizing cvt transmissions so rest of the center console to the side it’s hard touch materials and the armrest it is very soft it’s not too bad at all once

You open it up it is quite deep you can fit very long objects in here and you have power outlet and it also slides forward to for further comfort so i like that some say it’s not too chef let it down the console itself is quite starting here’s the glovebox fairly small for what you would have thought it would have been since you see this huge lid you have a power

Outlet just open this flap right there stanwell is actually nicely thick and it’s leather wrapped and you have your radio controls and cruise control that’s all nothing else and the steering wheel only tilts stuck and i hit that latch right there just popped right up here’s your panel dim it’s likely this murano has the hid headlamps because this is actually an

Adjustment to move the lamps up a little bit they move up or down i always love that and once you move over to the door panel soft touch materials throughout nicely done well this section here the lighter areas armas is a bit hard on you but it’s so hard or vinyl so too bad they didn’t follow the padding at least you move down to the lower areas of the door panel

That will harden right back up to this plastic that will scratch up easily you can say scratched up there in that area as well this door pocket it moves so yeah this whole entire section is hard touch materials and this driver’s seat actually has quite a bit of wear on it the sides is actually vinyl then the middle sections is leather but the sides of the seat is

Vinyl you can say it’s obvious our seat controls lumbar and the backrest and once you move up above you have your sun visor mm-hmm you can see the clip is missing for the sun visor i just bear with me it’s your mirror that’s universal garage door opener and it also dims using a little sensor and the compass and obviously this model does have sunroof and you have

Your sunroof controls right there the second one tilts it and you have your lighting fixtures on each side and your sun visor husband’s a little squeaky yeah this plastic thing is a bit out of shape already don’t think i want to hold the sun visor anymore the sun visor is very thick and nicely padded and you see your you have your shade right here that slides out

I know handles on only through the doors and i like how they retract smoothly and they don’t slam but right back up to the ceiling well let’s check out the rest of this interior the back seat and the engine i forgot to mention the memory seating power windows and power locks both front windows do you go down automatically if you wish insurance follow through into

The backseat when i come to the door panel nothing changed it’s the same and legroom is generous that’s one thing these murano so we’re always good at decent legroom slide-out cup holder the lid is a bit warped he can say oops right up a little armrest it’s a pillow no complaints at all it’s so comfortable it’s probably gonna be the most comfortable or the most

Softest thing in this vehicle and the cct pull down just pull this cord here now it’s free yeah the seat does fall down fix this oops i’ll look at that that’s your comfort off oops i must have been broken already did you have your various events they are on the pillars you can say kargh winter wasn’t too bad very shallow floor sits flat every spare and the woofer

For the bose sound system and i must add that the bose sound system in these muranos kicks ass i’ve enjoyed the stereos in these very much these little handles on each side there’s a dis latch the rear seat so they can pull down we saw you have a power outlet jack storage it’s tools cargo cover you can see the cargo light up above matron on these hid lights if

They work both of them are going and he sounds familiar 3.5 liter dual overhead cam v6 it’s a potent engine and they sound good when pushed so let’s get down to rubbing this one i shut this a/c off because i hear the compressor bitching at me a little bit it’s a bit whiny i love how quick the throttle response so you get a more in-depth look at the interior so

Let’s see if we’ve been fitted in exhaust shot of this one you

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2003 Nissan Murano SL Start Up, Quick Tour, & Rev With Exhaust View – 77K By Intechdude300