2004-2009 Audi D3 A8 S8 light switch and ignition key box removal .

All right we’re gonna do a video on the ignition key the box itself removal there’s a bunch of videos on the key removal with a dead battery but i didn’t see a single one that actually shows how to remove this piece right here and then we’ll do the light we’ll do the light one it’s pretty easy so if you’re if you ever need to remove this one if you get scratched

Up like this all you do is push down on it and then go to the right a little bit and it locks it in like that and then just pull it out arabic just pull it out of that pull it out of there and then you’ll have a connector obviously mine’s completely removed but like i said this one’s pretty easy yeah i like how they did that pretty smart and then that’s it

Put it back in you just put it back in and then go back to the off position and locks it in the ignition right here is a little more trickier you need like a little thin pry tool it looks like somebody already removed this one before me but um you want to go underneath the side here and you want to go all the way across the sides kind of prying up a little bit

Like this because it has little clips on the inside little plastic pieces and they’re very easy to break so if you break it you’ll have to get one of these new ones see this is what i mean by it there it’s got little clips all the way around so once you remove this little bezel or trim piece around the ignition want to go in there and there’s a um zoom in here

Right there this right here is the little plastic lock ring whatever you want to call it but you want to unscrew that all the way and i’m gonna try to catch it so it doesn’t fall off my leg i have to deal with one hand but when it comes out it’ll be like this you can only put it in one way because this little notch right here it goes into that spot right there

Can’t really screw it up or put it in upside down but this is what it looks like the ignition a little lock ring or ring that tightens everything down another string piece goes on top of this that’s that’s about it like i said there isn’t there i didn’t see a single video unless i’m wrong i just wasn’t searching correctly but um i haven’t seen a single video

That actually shows how to remove that piece so hopefully it helps somebody i know i struggle with this i broke a lot of these over the years with my hates and s8s i had fuel but that’s how you remove that if your ignition goes out or it’s all sloppy and everything you can just order yourself a good used one or a brand new one and swap it out and you’re good to go

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2004-2009 Audi D3 A8 S8 light switch and ignition key box removal . By Audi D3 A8 S8 DIY’S