2004 Audi S4 (B6) V8 Review – Memory seats in a manual car… Must HAVE

2004 Audi S4 (B6) 4.2L V8

Cuz it’s friday you ain’t got no job and you ain’t got to do you you 2004 audi s4 about 41,000 miles and some change you know 4.2 liter v8 you have the four point 340 horsepower and 302 foot-pounds of torque well first gears really short so he’ll just be in and out of first gear really quick stereos right now yeah well it’s it the audi issue where the engine

Hangs over no no that’s right over the front of the car so therefore steering’s gonna be a little heavy and everything is basically stock except the brakes that you did on it that’s correct it’s like really the clutch is really really high like it’s right at the top yeah we have to let it go which is interesting that’s like really far down yours is very far down

This is it’s very daily driver friendly to me ya know because it’s really light – yep which is nice yeah it’s the fuel economy that you get on this pickling back into i want anymore going back and forth the work is about 2d issue it’s just a good cydia shits a 16 miles to the gallon 16 miles yeah okay that’s what the motorcycles for right yeah exactly the best

Thing best i’ve ever gotten on this was all highway and who’s just pushing 19 almost 20 1900s 20 oh yeah 20 mpgs i mean it’s a v8 it’s what the car weighs like 135 hundred pounds yeah it’s pretty heavy red line on this is 7000 which is nice you can rub it out pretty far more sporty eight yeah it’s actually pretty at most most are like pretty pretty you know low

Brake pedal doesn’t go down very far but when you press it you you can you can feel like a little more press that i’ll give you the stop yeah but you know obviously this is you know 11 your then you know that they didn’t put brembos on this so that’s okay yeah well you got this for $20,000 right yeah back on day back in the day but it only had 20,000 miles on

It 1414 thousand miles on this infotainment system there’s not really much to it you got a posed audio system yeah so once again to know for so didn’t have they actually the cusp up the navigation system was a deal two point five point five that’s what they call it oh there’s no there’s no point of having a navigation system we have we have smartphones nowadays

And it are those really keep us up to date or so than anything else like i’ve been the stupid on sync software and ford wants me to upgrade it every year and they sent me an email and say hey this is $150 i’d pay for this map upgrade and i’m just like i just got a google maps for yeah exactly updates are just you know update your app exactly see the one thing

That do like about this is that like with my car when i go for pumps and stuff it’s very very like so harsh irving gets very hoarse okay and this is this is you know well that was before you modified it was new lorded yeah i did lower it but it still felt like that too like whenever i went over train tracks or something like that i felt like you know i prayed for

Prayed to god like you know wouldn’t die okay interesting you say that because i’ve had a i’ve had friends say the s4 is very stiff suspension rt obviously this car takes premium so yeah has all these do i say expensive at the pump yep you don’t get away with anything but know this this car is nice i like the seats the require states with the nice suede insert here

Depth alcantar the stereo the stinger goes really dies that that apparently is held up very nicely throughout the years there yeah that’s the sport steering wheel three-point steering wheel the 5.1 had the entertainment controls at your fingertips tough but i preferred this one better so like i like the k just here it’s kind of like it is clean yeah it’s clean and

It’s like ankle towards you oh yeah it is there you realize that the difference between s4 and rs4 is that they’re both are 4.2 liters over that one’s at tfsi so it’s a i don’t recall exactly but the combustion is a bit different so they’re able to squeeze a little more horsepower of that engine right which is essentially the same engine in the pietari do they

Redo the suspension for that – yeah everything’s kind of beefed up a little more yeah i think i think one of my co-workers has an aura score and it’s he kept saying that it’s just rough everywhere yeah where this is this is a little this is pretty stiff but i mean i think it’s just maybe the seats that are very comfortable you know it’s sort of absorbs it it’s got

Nice bolsters to be from the recaro so it holds you in yeah nice around the terms yeah that light not like the focus st is those things like grab you and bear hug you this is more of a like lighter hug yeah maybe maybe the seats are softer too because now this one’s just like barracuda it’s kind of like if you’re driving it for a while it’s very it sucks it’s not

So fun go daniel watch his bite the shifters sighs i mean it’s a little loose but i mean i don’t think i’m ever gonna miss a gear it goes straight into it it’s our press a little bit high but that is a little high i think a lot of people prefer to drive that with it up so that’s i asked you before we started that’s right so you like your say before the this car

Takes like 9 quarts of oil yeah 9.2 quarts of oil so if you’re mad again changing the oil yourself prepared okay i have to preview takes a mobil 1 full synthetic and then how big’s the gas tank this is pretty tough that’s actually not that big it’s about 14 gallon oh really i like the noise that it makes tear yeah yeah like a barrier fines like v8 sound it is nice

So i know one thing with the exhaust is there’s flaps that come and cover and come out at 2,000 rpms that reduces the noise that’s nice yeah things that can be found in a luxury car yeah i mean the trams nice this is the aluminum trim they had a carbon fiber trim in the next-gen they also had the wood one too so i was actually glad that this came in me i’m gonna

Thought what woods crappy i don’t like wood i mean it looks nice but i mean we’re not old people yeah it’s yeah exactly like all the mercedes they come with wood wood and automatic transmission dried rice one thing i feel that this car each is an extra gear or actually longer sixth gear because cruising at about 70 miles per hour the rpms are rubbing pretty high

Visit yeah and six year so you still be just under 3,000 rosie at seventy miles per hour which is it’s not ideal for cruising around the highway peto response is nice and yeah what you just tap into it it’s just automatic and right around that 3000 4000 rpm that’s where you get most of the powers the torque you’re in there you can definitely kill hectic and it

Doesn’t that’s the thing about the v8 you don’t there’s no time to school anything like that it’s just instinct oh just really really nice my brother was talking about getting woulda that i’m just like yeah you should get one he’s like but look at the fuel economy i’m like you don’t buy the car like this for fela kinda know you don’t that’s quick and i have no

Problems trying to find traction which i do have to do like with any tear wheel drive car yeah the quattro definitely helps especially in the winter time so this is a perfect daily driver for me in you know the midwest though the quattro bias is 50 50 cents now they are actually 60/40 more in the rear you got old man taking guess i’m jealous that’s alright i’m

Kidding you guys says running this crappy jeep that bad smoke what yeah floor it’s just low i gotta make this light i just you like florida and the car didn’t go anything didn’t go any faster to some great smile came out they’re out today she think i was like that guy was like testing yeah he was looking down and i didn’t pay attention

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2004 Audi S4 (B6) V8 Review – Memory seats in a manual car… Must HAVE! By Derrick Moy