2004 Chevrolet Express Van Cargo Extended for sale Dayton Troy Piqua Sidney Ohio – CP13537AT

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Today we’re featuring a 2004 chevrolet 2500 this is the extended cargo van with the cobra conversion this is a nine passenger conversion man i’m gonna do a walk around here on the exterior and show you the paint on the passenger side i can’t see any scratch denses or dents or dings the sides on the running board right there looks like it’s been previously repaired

Just not the best of job this vehicle is equipped with a 6 liter motor gas motor engine in it the trailer hitch on the back with a 4-pin wiring harness driver’s side looks to be in pristine shape i don’t see any dents scratches dings rust as far as the tread depth on this unit i would say these tires are 80 percent so fairly new and the rims on them are american

Racing rims they look to be in great shape again this is a nine passenger conversion van which is the extended it does have the bigger motor in it like i said the six liter go inside and i’ll show you some features in the front this vehicle is equipped with a wood grain dash that runs all across the front here and on over into the driver’s seat this vehicle has

90 000 miles on it just over 90 thousand miles on it in the front you have a reading lamp here you also have the option to turn the passenger airbag off right above that you have your radio with cd player then you have your climate controls right above that this is this vehicle is also equipped with rear rear ac rear venting rear ventilated system i should say

Up here between the front uh two seats you have your switches for your tv speakers you can turn your tv speakers on throughout the unit so that everybody in the vehicle can let’s do it also you have your interior lighting and your balance lighting and your reading lighting buttons right above you now to the back as you can see you got your second row captain’s

Chairs right when you first open the front or the rear door and then right behind that you have another row of captain’s chairs and then as i’ll show you when we get in here you have your rear bench so this vehicle can hold nine people the nice thing about the nine passenger conversion van is you can you have the option of taking you know one seat out or two seats

Out if you’re not gonna use them all the time and just putting them in when necessary along the side window here you have your jacks for your radio and your tv and then you also have another one for your first row of captions chairs right in front of that cd player right under that for your uh it’s not the cd player it’s a dvd player for your dv dvd system which

Is right there i’d say it’s a fairly decent sized screen probably a 12 inch 12 to 15 inch it flips away when you’re not using it the ceiling throughout the unit you have valance lighting with a nice wood grain around it as you can see running all the way back to the back of the unit and in the back seat you have your controls for your rear your rear ac and you

Also have your auxiliary powered outlet the carpet in this unit looks to be in very good shape it does definitely does not show 90 000 miles on this unit i did drive it up the road before i did this video and it does drive straight down the road brakes have been changed on it no engine lights check abs lights everything seems to be working properly and again

This is a 2004 chevrolet cobra conversion it’s a nine passenger conversion van this vehicle is located at paul sherry chrysler dodge jeep in pickle ohio for more questions on this unit you can call us on the phone at 937 or if you’d like to look at more pictures of this unit you can find this vehicle on the web at sherry chrysler.com

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2004 Chevrolet Express Van Cargo Extended for sale Dayton Troy Piqua Sidney Ohio – CP13537AT By Paul Sherry Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram