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2004 Nissan Pathfinder Armada replace rear entertainment center restoration

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We are getting a few parts to restore my mothers old 2004 Nissan Armada #Nissan #Armada #DIY #Mechanic #OnTodaysEpisodeOfFixItYourMuthafuckinSelf

On today’s episode of fixing your cell get a 2004 nissan pathfinder armada yeah it’s going to be like a kind of little vlog episode this time because we’re going to the junkyard you had to find some more parts for the old man’s truck it’s like i told y’all before this is my truck my mother used to drive and my father owns it since she passed away so therefore

We’re going to get the old girl a few things that she needs to have so we’ll hold y’all a little bit we are here living at the junkyard finding parts for the day we found these right out here now y’all never mind the truck it’s a work truck not work on folks in this but here we go this is our hall there we got windows master window switch got a new console

And we got the roof dvd console you know what i’m saying so we’re gonna definitely have to clean this up but we’re gonna do the rest of them get it on in the old truck though yeah good truck right now so you know we’re gonna get after it oh child a minute y’all see we got the car on this is the first thing you’re ready to go now all the windows work except

For one i mean they all work but when you push you see them push this for that window right there nothing everybody go that one that will go down yeah let me do this one it goes down but it sometimes doesn’t work because the is up so we’re gonna change out this and put that right there so i’ll try a minute what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna get in here

Right from the front which i’m probably going to need both my hands to get in here but i’ll show y’all what you got to try to get so back in a minute y’all all right you’re going to pry up and pull it back because it’s going to be stuck on that clip right there so yeah that’s what you’re going to do pry up pull back then you got these three connectors here

One now one now one now that’s it check it out i’ll try out a minute well as y’all see you got to get that mark with the junkyard i’m gonna press the button here and look the lights light up on this one at that so i’m pressing you see going down ain’t going up slowly but it’s going up and so yeah that works do a lot work yeah yeah mirrors work all that

Works so we’re gonna hide a child in a minute to the next thing we’re going to change out the next thing we’re going to do get this little console out well this right here another one we got to clean up because it looks nasty but you see where it’s all cracked and everything right here we’re gonna get rid of that so what you need to do twist this off but

Okay we’re gonna uh this rubber insert because the other one didn’t have it take that out and then uh get this out here so i’m gonna move my hands for the rest of it so how’s y’all in a well we had minute swap these out you see there’s a plug on this right here and this one at the junkyard must got cut so just a few screws four one now oh now one now and

One deal so back a minute y’all yeah got the new one here too bad my dad don’t have heated seats because this one came with the buttons for it but didn’t have any seats in this thing so but hey looks better than the one d it was all cracked up and broke up so yeah so we’re going to highlight y’all in a minute we’re going to tackle this next all of that was

Yeah the old roof console so we got one of those from the jump shot too and we’ll see make sure everything works hold y’all in a minute all right there’s two 10 millimeters one right there one right there and then you move this center part right here and two right there then there’s a bunch of clips that go all the way around and you pull it down and then

You can disconnect the wire get my brother here help me out yeah so so how did y’all admit all right these are two connectors you gotta disconnect on this model that one too but we got this out of 2011 so we kind of hoping it works other than that there’s only two plugs here when it was three for this one so we’ll see how y’all a minute hey ladies and gentlemen

Here’s the old console we would bring it inside because like i said it’s 2011. it’s 2004. what we’re doing is taking this harness wiring harness off this one and putting it on this because the worm is just a little bit different so we’re back in a little bit just retrofitting this sum well we got the 2004 harness wiring harness onto the 2011 console yeah

We’re going to see how it work we got our for me right here oh rusty here just overseeing our work so he don’t want to say hi to nobody today but hey you chilling right guess what how the child played on see how this thing worked all right we got in only difference is this don’t work oh well but nice work vents work my hands dirty got a cubby hole but

Don’t work so and somebody decided they were going to use glue for the old one which did it you know look at that damn we’re probably going to cut the whole console i mean the whole airline out and but hey it is what it is so it’s fixed new one in all right hold on a minute ladies and gentlemen we’re going to use the same premise as we did with the lights they

Wouldn’t work the 2011 light wouldn’t work with the 2304 harness so we’re going to take this out swap this out maybe then it would work so we’ll see we’re going to take this all the way back down well hold on you found something yeah we’re just going to get them slide this front off and unscrew that okay you heard what he’s doing dancing well as y’all can

See this is 2011. doesn’t work with the 2004 wire harness guess what god dammit me and my brother got this inhale and that’s the 2004 screen this whole console part is from 2011. well we just switched out the wire yeah so we’re going to change the move to the channel yeah it’s working let me put it on the side and see what happens put on rear i want you

To stay light on your feet right now thinking like a cat breathing through that nose getting out relaxed nice easy balances get that body ready for some ruthless action people right now but we don’t have jobs deep breaths everybody well done all right now well then jim we got all the parts and pieces that need to go on this so y’all know what that means this

Has been another episode of fixing your film when it’s 2004 nissan pathfinder armada till next time y’all be careful out there

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2004 Nissan Pathfinder Armada replace rear entertainment center “ restoration” By The Ames Compound Productions