2004 Toyota Tacoma SR5 Double Cab PreRunner 4X2 | Worlds Most Reliable Pickup

Toyota has a long reputation that is second to none when it comes to reliability and anvil-like durability. This is the result, in the past, at least, of simplicity and high quality control, of which the latter is still in place.

Toyota has a long reputation that’s second to none when it comes to reliability and anvil like durability the result is in the past at least of simplicity and high quality control of which the latter is still in place as vehicles have become more technologically complex machines simplicity has changed that said the toyota tacoma prides itself on being one of the most

Popular midsize pickups available due to its bulletproof reliability and history our tacoma represents a 2004 model year the last year of the first generation run of trucks and the last of the four facelifts which ran from 2001 to 2004. the entire first generation run was introduced in 1995 with a complete redesigned second generation appearing in 2005. our n190

Was built in may of 2005 of the new united motor manufacturing incorporated plant in fremont california this plant has since closed in 2010 with a portion of the building being sold to tesla today we will be taking an in-depth look at this very nice tacoma sr5 double cap painted in super white with the oak cloth interior it’s full pricing is shown on screen and

A full options list is in the description box below so head on over and check that out this is a full in-depth review of this really nice tacoma we will be looking at everything from the interior to the exterior mechanical powertrain and even off-road stats despite it being a rear-wheel drive vehicle in addition we will also cover cargo bed capacity and dimensions

Despite the extreme build quality of these vehicles generally in my area these tacomas has fallen by the wayside no thanks to rust from the rain and winter salt treatments despite the trd off-road badging on this tacoma this truck is not four wheel drive but rather two-wheel drive instead the tacoma sits on a 12-inch ground clearance with an approach angle of 35

Degrees a departure angle of 26 degrees and a ramp break over angle of 22.3 degrees power sent to the rear wheels via iron block aluminum head construct a 3.4 liter 24 valve fuel overhead cam v6 engine built within the vz engine family this non-inter appearance engine features sequential multi-port fuel injection and a 9.6 to 1 compression ratio it creates 190

Horsepower at 4800 rpm and 220 pound-feet of torque at 3600 rpm the tacoma can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles an hour in 7.9 seconds and features a gross vehicle weight rating of 5 100 pounds with this curb weight of 3125 pounds our tacoma can haul a maximum payload of 1 670 pounds and tow a maximum of 3 500 pounds the tacoma was fitted with an 18.5 us gallon fuel

Capacity and consumes 4.5 gallons per 100 miles driven with an estimated tow driver range of around 407 miles epa fuel economy figures are 20 miles per gallon in the city 25 miles per hour on the highway and 22 miles per gallon combined our tacoma is fitted with electronically controlled four-speed ison a340e automatic transmission as standard on the pre-runner

Trims the shifter is a cool looking pistol grip style shifter with second gear and low gear selection on the side you have the overdrive on and off button with the light that illuminates on the instrument cluster to indicate that it’s off on the left side of the instrument panel is an ect button with normal and power modes power revamps a shift schedule with more

Aggressive acceleration whilst normal is for better fuel economy walking around the rear of the tacoma there is nothing really groundbreaking here i mean it’s a pickup truck the tacomas are available in three body styles regular cab extended extra cab and the double cab with four doors regular and extra cabs have six foot beds while double cabs like ours have a

Five foot bed according to toyota we have jeweled tail lights divided in three colors amber for turn indications white for reverse and red for brake and tail lights bulbs are full incandescent styling wise the bed is dimensional with flared character lines and trd black fender flares to accommodate the wider tires the chrome bumper features a black plastic tread

On top and below is a trailer hitch receiver along the profile the tacoma is a good looking truck almost perfectly symmetrical it sits high and without side steps or rock rails entry can be somewhat difficult for shorter people steering is hydraulically assisted variable rate rack and pinion with 3.6 turns locked to lock into 34.4 foot turning radius wheels are

16 by 7 inch silver painted split 5-spoke aluminum wheels shot in 265 70 r16 cooper evolution tires brakes are hydraulically assisted disc up front with drums in the rear and are assisted by abs up front the tacoma looks more car-like than truck light with a very nicely styled chrome finish grille surround and gloss metallic black accents the twin nostrils are a

Neat touch that break up the grill and we have clear lens complex reflector style halogen headlamps set in black bezels with parking light spotted to the sides below inset in the chromax center bumper and what will look what looks to be like fog lights are actually the turn indicators they are set in clear lenses with amber colored bulbs short bumpers both front

And rear help accommodate more aggressive approach and departure angles all right and while this truck is equipped with power locks and power equipment group there’s no keyless remote entry or any kind of smart key access system just a simple key here getting access is just very easy just by lifting the handle of course and here we are taking a look inside 2004

Toyota tacoma you see it’s actually pretty nicely equipped for a truck of this age nice plastic door cards here however you have a nice soft touch material here on the armrest and pull handle cloth of allure inserts here door poles got a couple speakers here you got the tweeter up on the door and you got the little main speaker down here molded map pocket

Power mirror controls power lock controls window lockouts and power window controls and on the driver’s side instrument panel you have your ect modes power and normal instrument panel brightness and dim steering wheel tilt lever here fuse access hood release right here and down below as you can see just two pedals indicating that this is indeed an automatic vehicle

Manual adjusting seats in the beauty cover has actually fallen off but here’s your seat back recline and seat four and a half is this little lever right here and taking a look at the seats as you can see here seats are a thin shell design however they are very comfortable they’re also supportive they do have high adjustable head restraints you have high adjustable

Three-point belts as well nice high quality cloth coverings all right pan through the interior and show more details here fluidic easy to use power assisted steering on a four spoke steering wheel no real controls on this steering wheel with the exception of one that is your cruise control mounted right here true to toyota design simple multi-function controls

Here your headlamp controls as well as your brake control and your indicator controls over on the right hand side it’s just a simple wiper control with intermittent wipers and take a look at the instrument panel white face gauges with black numerals make it easy to read either day or night and at night time these actually reverse into uh white on black red pointers

Have coolant temperature over here 8 000 rpm tack 110 mile per hour speedometer with a digital lcd odometer recording 177 147 miles and at the far right you do have a fuel gauge and yes the check engine light’s on all right moving over the top of the dash is just a hard plastic very narrow dash going across the width of the vehicle here all right over here you

Have your four-way flashers here you have a small uh digital clock here and your key on the instrument panel down below is your parking brake front and center we have two air vents very simple ac controls here and down below we have an am fm cd player with tape player you have a lighter socket here ash receiver two 12 volt power points really cool pistol grip

Style shifter two cup holders up there two cup holders back here for a total of four which is actually pretty handy a small little coin storage slot here this vehicle does have bucket seats so we do have the center armrest it opens up to reveal cd storage and coin storage it’s a two level storage system however in the bottom part opens up to reveal even more

Hidden storage all right taking a look overhead our mirror has actually fallen off because the piece that keeps it in is gone it’s in the glove box however it is a manually dimming rear view mirror overhead map lights you also got overhead cloth covered sun visors with exposed vanity mirrors and some card storage pouches and the sun advisors do swing out they

Don’t slide however they do have slide out extensions no overhead assist panels in the headliner however you do have a pill or mounted assist handles alrighty let’s take a look at the rear seats now being a double cab you do have standard opening doors they aren’t very wide but they’re better better than what the extra cab would offer which is none and taking a

Look quick look at the door car treatment here just hard plastic like the front seats you do have a soft touch armrest here with the pole velor cloth power window switch here molded door pockets stereo speaker and of course your door pull release and taking a look at the rear seats the rear seats are actually quite accommodating they do seat three across in a 60

40 split folding seat fashion they do have high adjustable head restraints on the outboard seats there’s also a three-point shoulder belts on the outboard seats as well the center seat retains a lap belt there is no center armrest in this vehicle however and overhead you do have overhead fixed assist handles and coat hooks overhead dome light control taking a

Look at the seat backs you do have seat back storage pockets on both sides and you have a small little storage cubby here in the center console and at first glance it would think that you don’t have cup holders but this vinyl pad here might give it away and there’s a pole here pull that out and there you go you got two cup holders in the middle now these seats do

Fold car-like in fashion very easy to fold them just locating this tether at the base of this head restraint and pulling forward as you can see the seat does fold flat it does have a flat little tray here and in the back wall you do have two coat hooks back here or two storage hooks foreign thank you foreign finger foreign foreign

Taking a look at the bed the tailgate opens and closes easily but there are no dampers which wouldn’t be expected in this era but are in today’s modern trucks with the tailgate open we see a drop in plastic rugged liner that fits into the entire bed and the tailgate floor this bed has tie-down hooks in all four corners and i’ve put the bed dimensions on the screen

And that does conclude this full in-depth review of the 2004 toyota tacoma double cab we hope you found the review informative and if you did please comment down below also don’t forget to hit the like button and subscribe check out our facebook page at facebook.com network car reviews and instagram at brenzoj1 as always thanks for watching

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2004 Toyota Tacoma SR5 Double Cab PreRunner 4X2 | World's Most Reliable Pickup By Neighborhood Car Reviews