2005 Bentley Continental GT Part Out Test Video Review N5BE050

Today we take a look at this 2005 Bentley Continental GT that we are parting out here at J&J Auto Wrecking.

Well that looks an awful lot like a mark for jetta key but i’m no genius welcome to the dj otters test video of n5be050 the 2005 bentley continental gt finishing a beautiful moon bean silver metallic with a saddle tan leather interior the only damage of this bad boy is the front bumper the w12 interior everything else on this car was completely untouched go

Ahead and step inside and fire this thing up don’t mind that uh mclaren in the background there no big deal all right let’s get the mileage on this beautiful beautiful unit hey where’s the key andy right above your head got it well that looks an awful lot like a mark for jetta key but i’m no genius 88 158 miles take it off life support so we can uh check

Out the rear end here buddy loves a good rear shot beautiful shape take a listen to that motor six liters two turbos a lot of cylinders and quite a few check engine lights in this bad boy’s lifetime there she is motor will be sold complete with turbo chargers hopefully you swap it into something normally i say ready to swap into your vehicle but uh if you got

The stones to put this into something free t-shirt coming your way guys we won’t see it i would love to see that hopefully it’d be another volkswagen product rear wheel drive parkour golf bar yeah now we’ll do it mark ford jetta goi oh four and a half all right let’s step inside the lap of luxury this thing is freaking amazing i’ll show you insufficient coolant

All right let’s go ahead and lift the car up i don’t even know how to do that oh vehicle lift unavailable what’s going on here oh that’s the vet oh my gosh this is too all right well heated seats work on my side global clothes test out these window regulators oh i popped the truck whoops that side works that side works as well uh power mirrors get that

Climate control going well i’m not gonna lie i’m not really an expert in this vehicle how do i get the dash braider maybe i don’t know what i’m doing okay there we go that’s all working well there’s no navigation in it uh audio current audio cd is defective oh no hey i’m concerned well that works well this thing is in great condition i kind of want to own

One of these i don’t know i just like playing with this thing leather freaking headliner my goodness ah power seats sold as a set front rear this side’s obviously working just fine w12 though let’s go ahead and test out the transmission reverse drive back to reverse man i like this one that’s a cool car andy love terrible ideas i probably rock the thing i

Don’t it’s just too nice inside i would i would ignore all the problems a little bit electrical table it’s a christmas tree but i’m sitting in like the most luxurious seat for under fifteen thousand dollars you forget all about that when you get the massager yeah yeah all right guys that’s gonna wrap it up for n5be050 our 2005 bentley continental gt just realized

We didn’t talk about a little bit of damage on the grill right here and uh four tires with wheels after we make sure they’re spun balanced of course but you guys look for any of the parts you may have seen in this video head on over to our website www.janjotter or give us call toll free 800-425-1555 you

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2005 Bentley Continental GT Part Out Test Video Review N5BE050 By J\u0026J Auto Wrecking