2005 BMW 745Li – The Ugly Bargain 7 Series You NEED to Drive (POV Binaural Audio)

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Welcome back i’m tedward and today thanks to bond group in waltham massachusetts we’re driving a 2005 bmw 745li you know i’m a sucker for a long wheelbase and a long 7 series does the trick but i always overlooked the e66 generation just because it was the start of the bengal years and this car never quite made the mark for me in the style department but now

It’s starting to look a little more rad i know it’s a 2000s car but its ugliness is now sort of a redeeming feature of it prior to this car we had probably the most beautiful 7 series of all time the e38 that was used in a james bond film and left its handsome stylish mark wherever it went and when this car came out it sort of had these bulbous haunches kind of

An awkward deck but you can see the influence that this had across the bmw lineup over many years to come it’s powered by a 4.4 liter n62 naturally aspirated v8 that makes about 325 horsepower 330 pound-feet of torque so it’s not extremely fast in a straight line but that typical bmw engine character gives you a nice meaty and torquey mid-range and really lets

It run out to redline but when we go for a ride and i show you the interior you’re gonna see how bmw really did pull out all the stops to make this the ultimate driving machine to make it a joy to get in and feel like you were in the lap of luxury so first let’s just talk about the styling we have so many gripes with today’s bmw styling and it almost makes us

Respect this more because we do have of course the iconic kidney curls but they’re not obnoxious and interestingly i can see a lot of lci e46 3 series in the front of this car and when we come around back these tail lights really look like a 6 series that was manufactured at the same time but it’s all about luxury so we’ve got to put our golf bags in we’ve got

Of course our automatic opening trunk and all the goodies foot rests for the rear passengers but of course like any mybach s-class rolls-royce or bentley owner you almost never use this stuff because you want to protect it i guess that’s how you tell when people have real money when they use the cloth footrest and their luxury cars soft closed doors all around

Absolutely gorgeous and then we have so much leg room because the real estate of this door in the long wheelbase version is outrageous when we get in here we get into a beautifully isolated and insulated cabin all the outside world just disappears nothing matters we’ve got cigarette lighters for both passengers in the back in this center seat of course you can

Put someone in there but there’s your arm rest with a giant cubby with nothing in it you’d almost expect televisions in the back of this thing maybe that was an option and it just wasn’t in it but we also have our seat warmers for the rear passengers because this is a car that you would be driven in as much as you would drive i can see this as a hotel car we’ve

Got a single mirror for a passenger to look at themselves to see if their makeup is quite right for the event but otherwise the rear of the car is just ample legroom and pretty simple and straightforward no reclining seats or anything of that nature everything the car is very soft there’s soft lines everywhere even the aluminum trim it’s all this brushed aluminum

Trim it just has a softness a texture to it that is very distinct of this time period in the bmw lineup holding it to the ground are 18 inch wheels wrapped in two 45 section front and rear tires pretty straightforward stuff not the performer because this isn’t the 750 or the 760 which had a v12 so let’s take a look under the hood if you’re a bmw fan this is a

Vision you’ve seen before because if you’ve ever owned an n62 you’ve probably spent a lot of time under the hood of your n62 these are great engines they sound fantastic the power delivery is juicy and delicious but they are known for having some major issues such is life in the bmw realm so let’s close it up take it for a ride up front we’ve got gorgeous plush

Leather seats and then all the seat controls you could desire heated seats cooled seats and for the front passengers massage seats when we get in i gotta tell you this is starting to feel a lot more mercedes than bmw we’ve got a wireless key fob but i like it when you can place your key fob somewhere and then next to it start stop button a little bit of noise

As the seat gets into place it’s either inflating or just moving and then in here we’ve got our big compartment but the most important thing is our bmw motorola star tag that is the ticket right there that’s what you like i have such a thing for manufactured branded telephones of this era i think that is so cool and not only could you use it from there right

Here you can actually dial with a full keypad your phone number there’s kind of absurd amounts of storage space in this thing cup holders function actually functional cup holders we always appreciate that sunroof and all the goodies but right here we’ve got a control that might give some of you ptsd this is like a proper old-school idrive and uh i gotta tell

You i’m not even gonna try i’m not i i’ve played with it for a few minutes and it made me almost burst into tears this is this is a difficult device i think if you spend the time to figure it out you’ll be just fine but the fact that this has anything to do with your hvac system gives me a heart attack thankfully there are normal controls right here and you can

Turn you know the radio volume down with a knob if i needed to use that that would not be good to move the seat forward and back we select what we want and then use this it’s very similar to the way you might adjust your mirrors and then we’ll pop on our seat massager and go for a drive now what you’ll notice too is that the shifter seems pretty familiar that’s

A very mercedes type shifter to use i don’t know who came first i’m going to go ahead and put my money on mercedes let’s jump out and see how she gets off to 60 miles an hour so we’ll move out here we’ll use our button for sport mode and we’re not going to break boost we’re just going to roll into it not a monster powerhouse but certainly a nice way to arrive

At 60 miles an hour the shifts are not aggressive it’s a six-speed automatic transmission but that’s the thing this is the lap of luxury this is designed to take you there in comfort and this suspension oh man is it good because it doesn’t just rolly polioli all over the place with body roll it actually seems like it’s got its stuff together it keeps you in line

But it also absorbs all the ugliness around you in the world the steering is beautiful it’s light it’s communicative i’m actually shocked by how much i like driving this car i think i’ve always discounted these it’s just like the cheap ugly duckling 7 series and while that may still be true it can be good to drive at the same time the steering wheel man oh man

Does this steering wheel date the car and i love the idea that they were giving you essentially paddle shifters but they put buttons up here with your thumb you have to put it in manual mode and i’m going to tell you i’ve tried it um i’m uncomfortable with these buttons it feels like it doesn’t just go into the next year or the previous year it hustles this

Is very much a sensation that you’re sitting on a cloud it’s it’s absorbing everything really beautifully i’m kind of shocked it does not take much throttle in sport mode to get those revs up so it does make that hyper sensitive for sure so we’ll go back into our normal drive mode cars of this era really had the right idea with some sidewall on the tires with

An 18-inch tire and a i think it’s a 245 50. that gives you additional play that you don’t have to use the suspension to absorb you can absorb a lot of little imperfections with the tire and not rely purely on those dampers despite being fairly heavy it still can get around a corner and i’ll tell you like driving maybe a bentley from this time frame would

Have felt like a lot more effort to hustle it around that corner you can tell that bmw tested these for speed tested them to be on the road like this and uh be thrashed around it’s pretty wild but the other thing is out here in traffic which we’re gonna get out of in a moment but i think it’s a reality of of if you’re owning one of these cards you’re probably

Just commuting to work every day and today because these are so cheap it’s like it’s like a freebie luxury limo it’s incredible i mean i think these sell around like 15 to 25 000 depending on condition this has 26 000 miles on it i mean it doesn’t get any better than this if you were looking for like a luxo barge because the reality is luxury cars of course they

Get better over time but if you’re just looking for a supple ride a car from 2005 2006 can still give you that supple ride you just may not have all of the advanced features of a modern day car that cost 200 000 i feel like that’s a reasonable sacrifice to make let’s not get in a fight with a dump truck in terms of style i think the bengal 7 series marked the

Beginning of the end for my love for bmw i think i was so obsessed with the e36 the e46 the e39 those were cars that i really identified with and i just found like that is the handsome beautiful understated german autobahn burner that i need in my life and then this happened and we got the e60 the e-92 and you know i can forgive the e-92 and i own mine for six

Years but it is certainly not the most beautiful bmw and i think that to take this design language and then try to make it beautiful later worked a little bit but it wasn’t ideal eventually now we’re at a point where we’re looking at some of the most heinous crimes against design we’re definitely going this way with the new bmw 3 and 4 series with the grills

And it’s it’s a little brutal um they’re doubling down they’re doing the thing man they’re gonna just take it to the next level but for me it’s just not it i do think it can sometimes be overwhelming to drive a long wheelbase or a large luxury vehicle because their job is to insulate you from the world which is not great as a driver because as a driver you

Need to feel the road you need to feel what’s going on so the more you numb things like a rolls royce the more difficult it is to actually drive the car because you can’t feel it bmw i feel like took a really good stance on this car because i feel everything but at the same time i’m still wafting all on the road this is the driver’s take on the luxury vehicle

And i always discounted this because i thought it was so ugly and because i think i was just mad at it i was mad that this design existed and then took over for years to come so i just i never gave it a chance but as a driver’s car in 2022 i have to give it credit this actually is really nice and lovely to drive and it’s possible that we are driving the greatest

Example of this car um and let’s see if we can get around this uh actually kind of nice color x5 it gets up to speed so effortlessly but not only that the shifts are smooth the shifts are supple the shifts make you feel good that you’re not getting tossed around in your luxury executive sedan this is amazing to drive and yeah i i’ve done myself a disservice

By overlooking it because of its appearance and because of chris bengal so sorry chris bengal just kind of fascinated by the body control on this thing it actually handles well it feels like one cohesive piece i was expecting the front of the car would feel like a different entity than the rear of the car but it really does kind of hold its own so i’m gonna

One hand this back to bond group thank you guys so much for watching liking commenting and subscribing and just a reminder sometimes cars that you thought you hated might be okay you got to drive everything and my message on the channel is always to not be just a fanboy expand your automotive horizons i think some people get so macho they only want to drive hot

Rods or like you know big power camaros and stuff but i’m telling you you put the most macho dude in a sichuan 2cv or a 1960s fiat 500 watch them smile they’ll be laughing it’s not a car they’re probably going to bring home but you’ve got to just experience this stuff and for me early bengal bmws or something that i just put my foot down against for so long and

Uh here we are and here i am expressing a little bit of love for this thing because it drives pretty pretty pretty well don’t forget to respect the drive and i’ll see you in the next one

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2005 BMW 745Li – The Ugly Bargain 7 Series You NEED to Drive (POV Binaural Audio) By Tedward