2005 Dodge Ram 3500 Laramie 4X4 5.9L CUMMINS DIESEL, SOLD

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Hi everyone this is john from the car company and this is our 2005 dodge ram 3500 this is a crew cab four wheel drive cummins dually it’s a laramie package it’s got the nice 285 nitto terra grappler tires on it the truck sits up just right leveling kit on the front very very sharp nice dark blue in color the tires are brand new they were just purchased seventeen

Hundred dollars factory tow package rear bumper looks nice so it does have a line act spray in liner there’s no gooseneck no fifth wheel in the truck it also does have a five inch exhaust does have a muffler so it’s not too loud but the truck does sound good the truck just has a beautiful stance to it there’s your wheels and tires tires are brand new all the

Way around maybe have 500 miles on it for that tow mirrors cab lights it’s got fog lights it’s got the srt type of hood scoop on it makes the front end of the truck look mean this is a laramie so it’s leather and loaded door panels in excellent shape they put the nice trim down the doors power windows power door locks power mirrors leather interior power seats

You’ve got your suede insert there with the mopar emblem there’s your console storage power outlets in there as well this is a 2005 truck has one hundred and six thousand seven hundred ninety three miles on it runs out drives great let’s have a brake controller here’s your four wheel drive does have a in – dvd system in it nice clarion head unit you find the

Control overhead console you can see they’ve got all this nice trim around everything the truck it looks very very nice vanity mirrors rear door panel looks great and there’s no rust on this truck any ellipse everything looks brand-new rear seats are in excellent condition again they have the suede inserts as well the truck does have power acoustic monitors and

The headrests they play through the dvd player in the front nice if you have a kid go ahead and pop the dvd in let him listen to it keep him quiet sliding rear window door panel looks great rear seats are very nice it’s a very nice truck with the cummins motor in this it’s a 5.9 you’re still gonna get twenty miles a gallon driving the truck with these 285 tires

On it i’ve got there’s a book to the in – head unit your books from the factory i’ve got the remotes everything in here from a truck i also have the receipts for the tires and the linux this is a 5.9 cummins motor 325 horsepower common-rail got the nice cane and intake on it there’s no programmer on this truck as the intake and the exhaust just helps it get a

Little bit better mileage and run a little bit smoother and this is john from the car company that’s the car company online.com give me a call if you have any questions or to schedule a test drive six one four five six three nine nine nine nine thanks have a great day

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2005 Dodge Ram 3500 Laramie 4X4 5.9L CUMMINS DIESEL, SOLD!!! By JohnsTrucks4Sale