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2005 GMC Sierra 1500 SLE 4×4 5.3L CREW CAB SOLD

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Hi everyone this is john from the car company and this is our 2005 gmc sierra 1500 this is a crew cab four wheel drive with a 5.3 liter vortech v8 this is a nice clean trade in really really good-looking color dark green like a forest green color and the trucks in very very nice shape the rear bumper looks perfect you get a factory tow package nice drop in bedliner

Down both the driver side and the passenger side of this truck just look in superb condition just very very nice factory alloy wheels you’ve got continental tires and these tires are 265 7017 got plenty an entire life left nice backcountry running boards the windows are tinted you’ve got rain guards on the windows chrome front bumper you’ve got the bug shield

Chrome grille fog lights tow hooks just a sweet sweet truck paint it’s under hundred thousand miles let’s go ahead and take a look inside this is the sle package so with this truck it’s gonna come fully loaded with all the nice options power windows door locks and mirrors the mirrors are heated bose stereo bucket seats in the front driver seats in great shape get

A power driver seat carpets great and we do have floor mats for all the truck the carpets are a little dry this truck just got detailed i wanted to go ahead and take this video so to show you guys automatic headlights rear cargo light fog lights automatic transfer case and you do have the auto four-wheel drive mode tilt wheel cruise controls right here we’ll get in

The truck let’s go ahead and start it up 2005 model 97,000 420 miles truck runs out drives nice nice clean trade-in with the five point three and this is very responsive very good motor cd player and tape player dual climate controls plenty of storage here in your center console big deep console right there the nice thing with these trucks they’ve got the fold-out

Armrest i’m actually a super super big fan of these it’s really comfortable it’s really convenient when you’re driving down the road instead of putting your elbow and hard plastic overhead console with map lights compass and thermometer we’ll go ahead and pop the hood let’s check out the rest of the truck rear door panels in great shape rear seats and their rear

Carpet look brand-new got a fold-out armrest and cup holders here in the middle for your passengers the bottoms of the seats will fold up the backs will fold down gives you a storage area inside the truck you need to rainy-day something like that you got tools want to keep them locked up rear radio controls so if you’ve got passengers your kids anyone going along

With you they can listen to whatever they’d like cupholders are down here there’s another look at your – this truck is a nonsmoker there are no odors there are no burn holes no marks very clean interior very clean exterior great example of a nice clean use truck and it is about 40 degrees so you can see the exhaust just as a little condensation the passenger rear

Door panel looks great you’re looking for a crew cab four wheel drive truck for the wintertime here you go you got a camper you got a boat you’ve got something that you need to tow or you just want to have a bed you don’t want to drive a car it’s a nice clean truck priced right under $15,000 we’ve got the manual with it in the glove box now let’s go ahead and take

A look at the engine again this is the 5.3 liter the vortech v8 the truck is stock we’ve got a stock airbox stock exhaust this is john from the car company that’s the car company please go to my website first to make sure this vehicle is still available if you have any further questions contact me directly at six one four five six three nine nine nine

Nine we have financing and shipping available thank you and have a great day

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2005 GMC Sierra 1500 SLE 4×4 5.3L CREW CAB SOLD!! By JohnsTrucks4Sale