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2006 Chrysler 300 Horn Relay, Horn Fuses

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What’s going on guys i’ve got a 2006 chrysler 300 here i’m gonna use it to point out to you a few fuses and the relay for the operation of the horn and i’m also going to discuss with you a few troubleshooting steps so when the horn switch when you hit the horn on the steering wheel and engages a switch that communicates with a steering wheel control module we’ll

Leave it or not and that power the steering wheel control module must receive power through this 10 amp fuse so you’re going to want to check that as well the steering wheel control module then communicates to another module that sends a ground to the horn relay which is located under the hood so let’s talk a little bit about the horn relay you can find the horn

Relay right here real simple you just pull it right out you can swap it with the relay next to it as a troubleshooting step if you’d like that’s the ac relay there’s a 20 amp fuse that provides power to the horn relay and that’s gonna be this 20 amp fuse right there pop that out check it out now that 20 amp fuse provides power to both leg 30 which is right there

And also leg 86 which is gonna be right here so both of these pins should be receiving constant power at all times now when the computer wants the horn to go off whether that be because you hit the horn or maybe you’re using the keyless you’re you know the keyless entry you’re locking it it will trigger this relay by providing a ground to number to few or to the

Leg 85 which is going to be this pin right there so if you measure ground at this pin when you’re hitting the horn or doing the keyless then you know that the horn switch itself is working and that the module is providing a ground like it’s supposed to now when this relay triggers it takes power from number 30 which again is going to be that leg right there and

It sends it to the actual horn itself which is 87 so that’s the pin that goes to the wire that connects directly to the horns so if you use a paperclip and connect these two together the horn will be receiving a power and it should go off if everything is working properly as far as the horn itself there’s two of them and you can access them by pulling up these

Covers here so these are the horns right there and as you can see these horns they receive a ground just by virtue of being hooked up and this is the power there so you’ll want to check to see you shouldn’t be measuring power at both of these connectors when when you’re trying to get the horn to go off so yeah i hope this was helpful to you guys let me know if you

Have any questions more importantly any advice about troubleshooting the horn on your chrysler 300 thanks for watching

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2006 Chrysler 300 Horn Relay, Horn Fuses By Lehew Tech