2006 Dodge Ram 2500, Crew cab, 4×4, 5.7 HEMI V8, 6 SPEED

All the way from montana is this 2006 dodge ram 2500 bighorn edition kook a four-door for fox four-wheel drive with a 5.7 liter hemi 354 6-speed manual transmission let’s truck this sharpen it’s clean trailer tow package he’s got the chrome bumpers chrome wheels chrome running boards factory tinted glass telescopic coin mirrors beautiful truck clean title vehicle

With no accidents fog lights full hooks folks this truck is extremely clean there’s absolutely normal on this vehicle never been exposed some metal sort of salt as you can see the body’s in immaculate shape it’s got the evil tires these are the nice telescopic towing mirrors gives you a nice range when you’re towing take a look at the interior it’s got the power

Driver’s seat six passenger seat very clean upholstery there’s a six-speed manual fully loaded absolutely no rust anywhere cave rockers clean cap corners here slider carpets cleaner full streets clean it’s a very sharp truck it’s gonna boost that there’s no rust on the tailgate there’s no rust on the infamous area on the quarter panel here the frame is clean

Body’s clean it’s just a rare find take a look at this other side now let’s take you guys on a quick test right running boards makes it very easy to get them once you get in you have our factory cd player what the what the ipod connection the heat would strengthen asics here in the coal shift on the platform wheel drive absolutely no warning lights on the dash

Nick look at the dash vehicle idles reverence massimo misfire no hesitation no exhaust leak all the power windows work let’s take notes on the cooked asteroid vehicle drives vulnera russian with my manual transmission but the culture caches work was supposed to put it back to first gear here very torquey can feel the torque on the strong it’s a great bowler or

Fourth gear i know going into fifth what’s a good one that says here also to power best year not one to six very solid rocket nor grinding the gears brakes feel great all the signals all the lighting works front end is very tight wish your wipers work there’s a overhead console that goes through different settings that it has today with the windshield the really

Cool it will start right off malicious let’s check the glove box er that’s deep storage here’s another storage space right here a little bit higher mars but i think we showed you in this video that this is a very solid truck the body is very clean oh no you don’t have to start out and law you get to start out in second gear if you don’t have a load and the truck

Has all sorts of power that you can actually spin the tires if you wanted we’re looking on highway 13 directly across spawns open tarts we have a lot of trucks for you to choose from we have the dodge cummins diesel the six seven two five nine if you’re looking for a 5.7 hemi we also have one in an automatic give us comb with any questions you have regarding this

Or any other vehicle or inventory and we’ll be happy to help thank you

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