2006 Ford F150 XLT Review

Today we’ll take a look at this 2006 Ford F150 XLT showing you many of the features that this truck has to offer.

Well hello youtubers how you guys doing today i’m up here at brother’s auto sales in boerne texas like to give a big thanks for providing the truck featured in today’s in-depth review links to their website and contact information can be found in the video description so today i’m here to bring you this 2006 ford f-150 xlt supercrew this is going to be complete and

In depth review the f-150 we’ll start the engine and show it off go over some of the performance specs and show you many of unique features that this truck has to offer so we’re going to get started by walking around the exterior this exterior color i believe is known as oxford white clear coat it’s really nice this truck has been fitted with some upgraded king

Ranch 20 inch wheels wrapped in crafton pirelli scorpion atr tires xlt package and does have the 5-4 triton this is four-wheel drive does come with a tow package down there and show you inside the bed this truck does have a spray in bedliner by rhino liner which is really good company it does have this fullback tonneau cover right here or it does actually have a

Tonneau cover i don’t think it’s actually folds back but can’t take it off if you want that’s all on the exterior of this truck now i’m going go on the interior inside this does have a a two-tone light gray and dark gray cloth interior you have all your power options over here your power windows window locks power door locks and power mirrors the front seat is

Under this seat cover right here it’s kind of falling off but hopefully that will be fixed one day but the the seats are in good condition it’s just to protect them from extra wear so now let’s go and jump inside fairly easy stepping the height you can put the steering wheel up a bit but overall this is a very nice truck i’m going to start the engineer this truck

Has 195 thousand miles in its abdomin three decent miles on this truck so now we’ll go ahead and start the engine very nice it’s got a vinyl wrapped steering wheel very nice and smooth power assisted steering does have a little bit of resistance in it it does feel a bit spring-loaded at some times but that’s normal for a four-wheel-drive truck this truck has a

Four-speed automatic transmission with low gear selection and overdrive selected by the button on the shifter stock alright now we’re going to turn on the lights does have automatic lights hazards the driver side window is automatic down high now let’s go and check out the exterior we can take you down to the exhaust give you a little taste of how it sounds this

Truck is all stock it does have a very nice sound sorry about all the highway noise that you hear right now now we’re going to go back in shut off all the lights and now i’m gonna pop the hood show the engine at the business end of this f-150 we find here it’s 5.4 liter triton v8 single overhead cams with three valves per cylinder produces 315 horsepower and 360

Foot-pounds of torque factory intake tube right here we do a hair box right up there runs very smooth go over the reliability of these old modular motors epa fuel economy estimates for this truck range between 13 miles per gallon city and 17 miles per gallon highway on regular unleaded gas so it’s going to shut the hood now we’ll go back inside now we’ll go ahead

And see how it sounds you beautiful sounding engine working briggs will get it right down here just press to set and the indicator light shows right down there in the dash then pull this lever here to release all right now we’re going to shut the door roll up the window and check out some of the interior features it’s got its original radio right up here six disc

Cd changer up above is your disc folders right there your volume and track seek well actually right there is your tune but they also scroll through well right here scroll through your disc folders we’re wide it fast forward scheffer playing playing pause it also doubles as your six presets like i said track seek right there skin text right there cd am/fm controller

Right up there auxiliary switch in and mute and menu right there alright down here’s your climate control fan speeds over here temperature up here any different zones front defrost max ac recycler and your c control total power point down here this is a nonsmoker vehicle lately see right there which you comes to tell how how the condition is another 12 volt power

Point up here to flip out cupholders four-wheel drive transfer case is your typical ford’s a nice turn now in the dash glove box do storage pockets inside of the doors storage inside the center console right there it also does flip up if you had the extra person riding along with you large sunglass holder up here too reading lights visors with your mirrors right

There another one up here you cruise controls on the front of your steering wheel wiper controls are over here chuck does have a tilt steering wheel does have a manual sliding seat manual reclined and manual lumbar support alright i’m going to show you the back seat i like to go around to the other side because this this little bar is in the way in the way there

If you have pretty good amount of room in the back i’m six five in height and this is how much room i have back here down here you do have a nice little 12 volt power outlet to flip out one cup holders to storage pockets on the side of the doors the bottom of the seats do fold up for extra cargo space but overall this is an awesome truck i’m going to shut it down

Here well guys i hope you all enjoyed this in-depth review of the 2006 ford f-150 xlt supercrew please like rate comment and subscribe thanks for watching and we’ll see you next time

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2006 Ford F150 XLT Review By Grayson’s Garage