2006 Ford F250 Super Crew Cab Super Duty Powerstroke Turbo Diesel video review

Let the camera be your eyes and ears as we take you for a tour in and around this gorgeous Super Duty. You’ll feel like you’re here in person as we demonstrate all the functions and features of this truck for you. Thank you for looking!

Good afternoon folks re here from direct auto outlet in fair oaks california i have this gorgeous 2006 ford f250 super duty power stroke turbo diesel for you today this is a super crew cab rear wheel drive this truck is absolutely gorgeous one of the cleanest specimens of this truck i have ever seen and i’m not just saying that if you take a look at this truck

You will soon discover that this thing has been babied and loved all of its life much unlike many other super duty trucks who are used for constant heavy duty work this one looks like it was probably just some old man’s daily driver i will demonstrate all the functions and features of this truck for you first and foremost i do want to mention this is a clean

California title all of our vehicles are clean titles this is a lifetime california truck it’s been resided in california all of its life it’s a two owner since brand-new carfax history is clean showing no accidents and no damage throughout its entire history the reason it is important to look for northern california trucks such as this one is because you don’t

Want any nasty rust or corrosion like you would find on many vehicles in areas that snows and uses road salt as you can see this metallic rich maroon color just absolutely shines like brand-new clear camper shell is in excellent condition chrome exhaust tip is absolutely gorgeous chrome wheels are in gorgeous condition you have tubular chrome running boards chrome

Bumpers no dents or dings on the bumpers you have parking sensors in the rear tons of room in this truck tons of comfort you will not believe how smooth this truck rides how comfortable it is and the feasel being way more fuel-efficient approximately 30% more fuel-efficient than the equivalent gasoline variant of this truck which would be the 6.8 liter v10 you

Could expect to get twice the fuel economy out of this one and when towing just about twice the torque and power chrome bumpers and griller and beautiful condition headlights are crystal clear indicating that the vehicle has been properly cared for hang garage as you can see you have your extendable towing mirrors on both sides they are extended out at this time

If you can’t extend them in for a more compact look you have cellular pyres all the way around matching brands have about 80% tread left in them taking the look on the inside of the truck it is absolutely gorgeous and absolutely pristine door panels in great shape cloth interior in fabulous condition with no rips cracks or damage yeah power retractable sorry power

Adjustable pedals as you can see they come out and go back in to accommodate any size driver cruise control is standard of course you have your giant center console which houses tons of items in the back here lots of room two cupholders up front and two additional cupholders right under the stereo you have a 6 cd in-dash changer built in trailer brake receiver and

Additional storage right inside here headliner in beautiful condition absolutely gorgeous all the way through carpet and floor mats all present and accounted for and a pristine condition with no stains no rips no damage go ahead and pop the hood while we’re over here but first we’ll take a look at the back seat where you will fully massive amounts of room this

Truck has only 119 thousand original lifetime miles on it which for any vehicle is very low but it’s especially for our super duty diesel vehicle most of these have tons of miles on them as you can see the rear seats do fold back for a 13 year old truck this one has just about 9,000 miles per year which is just over half of what they look at the state average is

For all automobiles combined but even less so if you compare just heavy-duty diesel trucks these typically have a ton of miles on them for a 2006 you would usually find just about i would say 200 on average 250 not uncommon at all back sight that the seats also pulled back you just pull this lever down you have additional storage space back here your tools storage

Tray and you have your jack all the way over on the other side which i’ll demonstrate for you in just a few moments but first we’ll go ahead and take a look i have this awesome camper shell this leer camper shell because in great shape has dual locks struts and shocks hold them self up properly these are little things we pay attention to throughout our entire fleet

Of vehicles not just the more expensive ones many times at different dealerships you will find that smaller cheaper items like these hood struts or trunk struts are oftentimes neglected and ignored on the cheaper vehicles we treat every vehicle as a vip as you can see this bed is an absolute gorgeous condition no dents no damage all the way through camper shell in

Great shape this truck has never had a gooseneck hitch has never had a fifth wheel hitch does it look like the bet has ever been cut up or used for really much of anything this is why i really guess that this has been a personal everyday driver for somebody this bet doesn’t look like it’s ever had a bedliner on it yet there’s barely even a scratch on the back over

Here the light scuff marks here and there which demonstrates that there has not been a bedliner on here because you see somewhere but very light where all the way around parking sensors and the bumper in beautiful condition you don’t see tons of damage right along here where somebody has attempted to hook up to the tow hitch and is missed that’s another obvious

Indication when a vehicle has had a lot of towing done with it looking on the passenger side you will see much of the same this side has the smaller portion of the rear seats that folds up and a smaller train that pulls out to protect your carpet if you do place heavier or awkward objects in the back of the cab it’s mostly intended for trucks that do not have the

Camper shell so that if there is rain or the weather outside can’t store some items inside and keep them dry but in the case of this truck you don’t really need to do that you’ve got that awesome camper shell as you can see door panels and beautiful condition all the way around no damage no pet hair no smoke odor all electronics and perfect working order on this

Truck this truck is an absolute experience and must experience it in person and drive it it is pretty much like going back in time in 2006 and driving this truck when it was brand new there’s really not much difference interior is very clean and in great shape carpets are in excellent condition dashboard and excellent condition with no cracks or damaged headliner

All intact even along the windshield where many of them peel back it’s just what you would expect from a low mileage truck that has absolutely been loved under the hood you’ll find your 6 liter power stroke turbo diesel puts truck also hold himself up properly sounds perfect no google batteries the battery was 2017 laughs about five or six years majority of

Their life school up half the folks you can find this truck and many others on our website which is www.hyken.com 7-5 7-5 you want to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to look at our video we sure do hope to see you down here at the lot soon thank you and have a great day

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2006 Ford F250 Super Crew Cab Super Duty Powerstroke Turbo Diesel video review By Direct Auto Outlet