2006 Honda Insight EV Battery Removal and Breakdown

Just fucking around with an EV battery out of a Honda Insight

All right so like we totally didn’t need another project but for those of you who don’t follow me on social media what you should uh heading or brad on instagram uh i was in a pretty big car accident and broke my back and in the process of all of that accident i lost my smart car which was pretty awesome um so colin and i colin’s over here pulling mike’s motor

Out and around we’re getting this thing ready to refresh the motor this season but we picked up this uh huge pile of dog honda insight if you’re not familiar with these cars they’re a hybrid ev my buddy john had it for a bunch of years before i ever bought it and uh yeah picked it up this morning from him and it has a um these have like a big it’s like 144

Volt battery in the back and the battery’s bad um so i’m gonna go through and try and figure out how to refresh this thing but i have no idea what i’m doing um i had some ev uh training when i worked for nissan but that was like over 10 years ago um but you can see there’s like a menagerie of a mess back here this is the battery behind this fan there’s all this

Control you got to pull uh basically the carpet and this like metal panel off to get to it so uh yeah what i’m gonna do is i’m gonna pull that thing out of there and pull it apart and uh we’re gonna see how many bad cells we have and hopefully i can fix this piece of um this car has like 300 000 miles on it so it’s going to be interesting all right so after

You pull that about i was just talking about a part and you get to the battery like we’re looking at the first thing is you got to turn this big ass switch off which is like a big circuit breaker um and then you want to test across these two leads to make sure you don’t have any voltage right now you can see we have 4.3 volts if i turn the switch on it’s like

Literally nothing there it doesn’t even change um so not looking so great so far but we’re going to pull this thing out of here and break it down and see what it looks like all right so since my back is hurt colin has to lift this monstrosity of a battery out of here yeah they don’t give you much of a handle oh there’s a handle right there too they just have

Sharp edges they don’t tell you in the videos that it’s heavy as i feel like i almost need to get in and stand here do it unless i didn’t say anything about taking this controller part off but maybe that has come off oh yeah i don’t know i can run those tens out we’ll be right back all right so we’re idiots and there’s more bolts over here and they don’t

Tell you that in the videos online so just so you guys know there’s bolts behind this firewall here all right last step you got to take these 10 mils out of the bottom i don’t know why it just tells you to do that so we’re gonna do it what are you trying to do colin save my back he’s usually gonna use this lift table to move the battery for me holy we’re still

Hooked on something all right wire ground oh hey don’t forget that ground right there i don’t know what i did rip it the out of there it’s a baby this isn’t that it’s not that bad it’s pretty big yeah it looks all right now i’m going to tear this thing apart all right so from what i’ve seen online this is basically about as far as everybody goes other than

Taking the batteries out and testing them so i’m going to break the rest of this down get a little bit more footage of it because it wasn’t really much online that i’d seen and test the cells kind of my goal is i’m hoping i can come up with something for replacement cells rather than buying a whole battery a new battery for this thing is like somewhere in the

Range of a thousand to eighteen hundred dollars so i’m hoping i can find some alternatives here and go from there and then you know do some dumb with this car all right so the first step is taking this cover off the side um it’s like a plastic cover here um one thing i want to bring up i didn’t say earlier is you should really be wearing some sort of gloves um

I’m just wearing like regular level one milwaukee uh that doesn’t mean do that um i like to live a little dangerously but you should definitely wear some sort of gloves when you’re doing this because yeah it’s like 100 and some volts all right so next step here uh you have this electronic control panel that has the switch on it right there that’s on the other

Side of the battery and uh basically there’s um there’s a bunch of tens that come in the top there’s three on the top there’s three on the bottom here and once you get those open um there’s three ten or four ten sorry that are actually inside you can look down and see how they’re down in here um these tens go and they are actually the the part where to connect

It to the battery here so next part we’re gonna pull this panel out of here and you can actually hear um as i’m disconnecting the batteries see if it does it here when you do this you can actually hear the battery drop out the other side so we’re going to take all of them out of here and then we’re going to test them and see what kind of voltage we got in each cell

So this is the ev cell it’s really here for all right so we’ve got both sides off i’m on the other side of the battery now you can see these are the cells there are these big green sticks a couple of them you’re gonna have stuck in there my suggestion is put a bolt in here and like be able to pull on it a little bit get them out of there you know gotta give them

Old jerk get them out of there but uh yeah i’m gonna get them all out of here then we’ll sit them down on the table and we’ll go through them poor collins over here working on this old big block stuff how the you pop these out they’re a you gotta push them in so you push the line in push the fitting and then pull it all right so i got the whole thing broken

Down as i said earlier um doing a little bit of research online and basically you can buy these sticks uh one at a time they actually have a guy that sells like a quarter of the pack so there’s 20 of them he sells you a five um and you can like basically replace them as you go why is this thing damn gopros all over the place with turning around hold on a second

All right so anyways uh like i said you got to get these things all at one time whatever um so i am going to do a little bit more internet research you know internet has all the right information and uh i’m gonna go from there and put this thing back together um but obviously i don’t have the batteries today um so i’m gonna get them and uh shoot another video

Put it back together uh most of these i didn’t i didn’t test all of them but basically what you’re looking at is that you have one end here and one end over here and you just put the multimeter on each end and you see if there’s any battery voltage there if there’s none the stick’s basically not in that greatest shape um what you can do is there are some guys that

Make a charger to replace that or to charge them um i can tell you right now this car has been dead for like four or five years so it’s not like i’m really even it’s probably not even worthwhile like me even messing around with these batteries um i’m probably better off just getting some new ones um and going from there so i’ll keep you guys posted and we’ll do another video later

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2006 Honda Insight EV Battery Removal and Breakdown By ACE Tuned