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2006 Mazda Miata MX-5 Wont Crank or Start…1 Click Fixed….

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Hey guys how’s it going i’m at planet fitness now and my car is dead man i did like two hours exercise sweaty ready to go home got my car ready to turn that on and guess what i get nothing my car is not cranking uh funny thing is um everything’s working the lights are working got my radio working got my fan and my radiator working like all that stuff is working

But i can’t seem to turn my car on now um i gotta say i um i had some issues with uh starting problems uh for the last couple months like uh i guess like once a month i’d be trying to turn my car on and i’d have to crank it a couple of times just to get my car to turn on but um you know after like three or four different tries it actually always did turn on

Um and cranked over i mean i’ve noticed that you know as more time passes i’ve actually had to continue to just you know um you know lately it’s it’s taking a lot more tries to get to get my car to turn on today um you know nothing i changed the battery like recently like within like the last month and a half thinking that that could be the cause of it um

And apparently it’s not the battery so anyway uh and you know after that happened i was like okay let me see if i left my lights on i mean i was only there for like two hours maybe if i left my lights on maybe that could be the cause of it so i went out check the lights and the lights were bright normally what happens is if it’s like a a battery that’s weak or

Whatever you go out and the bat and the lights would be kind of weak or dim um the batteries are not not weak or dim i mean i’m looking at i was i looked at it and it was very very bright so i was thinking maybe it’s not the battery it’s not the battery but i was like i wasn’t 100 sure on it i really wasn’t 100 sure on it so i was like um let me uh let me try

To get a jump and uh luckily i asked around a couple of people who were parking and they were nice enough to help me out with a jump so i put the cables onto the battery and um you know i tried it immediately that didn’t do anything but i um you know i waited for like a couple minutes hoping that it would charge up my battery to just crank it up hoping that

That was the issue it was a defective battery but nothing happened after that i tried turning on and nothing happened just got the same thing and got that click you guys know that starter click it just sounds like a click sound like a click so i’m like um it sounded like a click um so i’m like okay definitely at that point it’s not a battery issue my battery is

Fine because working off somebody else’s battery my car should turn on if it’s a battery issue all right so figure it wasn’t the battery battery’s fine so it’s good you know it’s i’ve had it for like a month and a half it’s brand new sometimes they’re defective or whatever but that’s not the case here so i’m like what else could it be let’s go to you know let’s

Go to to uh you know what it could be the next step which is that maybe it’s the um maybe it’s the alternator so i’m like it could be the alternator but no it couldn’t be the alternator because my car wasn’t on i mean i need my car on my car wasn’t on my engine wasn’t running my you know so normally what you know alternate goes out while your engine is running

Because it’s not charging up the battery and this is not charging the battery your car is running on the battery until it just finally dies out i mean it’s a rare occurrence where my car was running on a dead battery um up until point parked it and it turned off and then it was very weak and then i spent two hours and the gym came back trying to turn it on and

You know the battery’s 100 dead but but that’s not the case uh that’s not the case because um if it was the alternator once i put cables onto uh the battery uh from another car the car should crank up you know we crank it wherever i would still hear a crank and we should crank up um you know and then once you take the cables off it would just die out because

It’s getting all the uh it’s getting all the uh you know power from from the battery from the other car but uh that’s not the case here because you know i put the cables on the batteries and the battery and nothing happened so i could rule out the alternator rule out the battery rule out the alternator so what else could it be well uh next next thing up could

Be fuses it could be a relay well let’s let’s do the relay so i was thinking well it could be the relay it could be the starter relay i know it’s not the fuel pump relay because if it’s just the fuel pump relay this car would actually crank it just wouldn’t crank over so i could rule out the fuel pump relay um i you know it could be the i mean it could be the

Relay to the computer also but i mean i’m not gonna i’m not even gonna go there um so the fuel pump starter that’s good that’s that’s uh in the work of the starter relay is it the starter relay so the relay actually actually does what it does it relays electricity uh when you try to turn on to uh the starter and um i hear clicks i hear clicks i hear clicks

Every time i try to start up and that tells me that it’s not that tells me that it is not the uh the relay that’s causing it because if it was a relay that was causing it i wouldn’t hear clicking i wouldn’t hear click click every time you know i tried because what happens is um that’s the solenoid you’re hearing clicking but the motors the starter motor is not

Engaging so i hear click but you know but um okay so moving on from that now i mean i’m not 100 sure of it not 100 sure of that but let’s move on uh fuses it could be a fuse but uh generally the two times that i’ve had issues with a fuse blown out and a no start issue um i’ve had this maybe like you know twice since i’ve ever owned a car now so the first one

Was um you know the car cranked up but it wouldn’t turn over and um i went through you know trying to uh figure out what that was but it became uh it was a fuse that was causing it that’s that’s what was causing it uh the car cranked but it wouldn’t turn or turn over and uh as far as trying to figure out you know what’s causing it could be a whole bunch of other

Things causing it fuel pump um you know most likely a fuel pump but it wasn’t the fuel pump um once i uh did a little fuse uh test to see which is which was good and was which was bad found out the bad fuse popped it out popped another fuse in and it cranked over without a problem every single time but that’s not the situation here because you know there’s no

Crank at all there’s no crank at all so that’s not the situation here the other time the other issue the other time that i had a problem with fuse that caused no start situation was um no power to the car at all i tried starting the car up no power it has it was as if uh somebody uh took the cables off the battery absolutely 100 dead 100 dead and it turned out

Uh it was an acura it turned out to be um a main fuse that connected the battery to the fuse box and that was blown which you know which pretty much cut off all the power to the car but that’s not the situation here it’s not the situation here because you know i got everything still working the uh the lights work you know everything on the dash looks good looks

Good um everything in the dash looks good everything looks good you know so so that’s not the problem here okay it’s not it’s not it’s not the two cases of the fuse is blowing that that could have caused this i mean it could be you know you know something else with the fuse is another fuse that’s what that that’s blown but i don’t i don’t i don’t think that’s

The case um i don’t think that’s the case um uh with this car and not that i could actually test it out 100 but i mean just hype you know just hypothetically hypothetically speaking um i don’t think those the fuse is the cause of it so if it’s not any of those causes i’m gonna guess that it’s my starter it’s not starting it’s not cranking i’m not hearing things

From starter cranking so i’m like i mean there’s a couple ways i could test it i could you know try to bump the starter that’s not actually testing it that’s just hoping that it has one crank left to crank it up you know hitting the start and stuff like that i mean that could work but i’m not going to do it because i don’t have a long enough crowbar and i got to

Find out where to start is on this con sometimes it’s really not uh you know it’s really not you know in in a place where i could actually bump it i mean i could put a wire to it and try to start up see if there’s a test i’m not gonna do that right now because i don’t have to choose to do it but at this point i’m gonna assume it’s a stutter and uh the reason

Why i didn’t go there to begin with i didn’t assume it was a start to begin with was is because i changed the starter out eight months ago on this car changed it out eight months ago on this car whether chances that eight months later i maybe put in like maybe like i don’t know eight thousand miles on this car within eight months um and uh what are the chances

That it is it you know that’s the problem because i didn’t you know you put a new starter you’re hoping you get maybe like uh maybe over a hundred thousand miles on the starter itself but the starter i bought was a rebuild starter i’ve had issues we’ve built with rebuild stuff before i bought a rebuild alternator from autozone before and that thing lasted me like

Six months before my car was having issues i know somebody who bought a rebuilt alternator and he started me the guy immediately started having issues once he popped it in because it wasn’t charging the battery right so at this point i’m thinking it’s the starter i’m waiting for triple a to pick my car up going through all those steps trying to figure out what it

Is now now i can’t really say 100 for sure because i’m not actually out there testing it but just from a deductive reasoning on my part i’m going to say it’s the starter and it kind of sucks that it’s the starter because now i’m gonna have to have i’m gonna have to put some time in you know with this issue and i’m only i’m about i’ve already put in like maybe like

45 minutes already i’m waiting for an hour for triple a to come and get my car and on top of that i’m gonna have to either spend some time myself to put it in or pay somebody some money to put in again and uh that starter is warrantied for like i don’t know what a year or whatever but it’s warranted um and it kind of sucks because it’s not actually the warranty

That’s that that that’s the issue it’s paying either putting the amount of time in to to get the start of paying somebody to start to uh put in the starter you know you know i gotta pay again to have that done or spend some more time to do it myself it’s really a pain it’s really a pain in the butt and i really do not want to do it last time i paid somebody to

Do it uh i’m gonna see if i could probably do it myself because i want to spend that extra money it kind of sucks but um it is what it is i mean right now i’m thinking it’s the starter um i hope you know i was hoping maybe it would be something simple would have been great for something simple i’m sweating just did two hours i’m sweating and uh all right all

Right guys i’m just babbling on right now i’m hoping triple a just comes uh just uh stopped by to join my car really like within the next 30 minutes but but i know i’m gonna wait an hour for them to to get here but uh i’m gonna keep you guys updated alright guys all right guys so yeah got that starter put in it was a starter it and that actually just sucks it

Was the starter that was causing it oh man uh so i had to pay somebody to do it sucks uh you know it i’m like within a year within eight months now i am i had the starter put in twice um and this stuff shouldn’t happen but if you guys know anything about you guys know anything at all about um rebuild stuff um you know rebuild stuff they only rebuild like a

Part of the stuff part of it like the pie that’s broken is the part they rebuilt and and all the other components on on on on the uh you know on the star starter alternate or whatever is being rebuilt uh that’s got the same mileage that it had on there originally so i mean i didn’t want to buy i did not want to buy a brand new starter because you know they’re

Like twice as much like 300 bucks versus 150 uh you know we had warranty on it so i went got the starter anyway guaranteed you know it’s still warrantied but still i didn’t want his pants they painting more than than i need to um already complain to them about it but you know they’re not going to give me money to to get it redone so but that’s just what it is

That’s probably why it’s warranty to begin with but anyway i hope you guys enjoyed this video or i hope it has helped you out um please uh give me a thumbs up guys any comment please comment and please subscribe guys alright take care

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2006 Mazda Miata MX-5 Won't Crank or Start…1 Click Fixed…. By Peter L