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2006 Volvo S60 2.5T walk around/overview video review

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Let the camera be your eyes and ears as we take you for a tour in and around this gorgeous 1 owner Volvo. You’ll feel like you’re right here in person with us as we demonstrate all of its functions and features. Thank you for joining us!

Good morning folks ari here from direct auto outlet in fair oaks california i have this gorgeous 2006 volvo s60 2.5 turbo for you today this is a one owner vehicle with a clean carfax vehicle history report and clean california title in hand this particular vehicle has meticulous dealer maintenance available and visible on the carfax report this vehicle has been

Serviced at the volvo dealership here in northern california all of its life beautiful condition beautiful maintenance history beautiful care on this vehicle exterior paint is absolutely gorgeous it is very unique it’s kind of a blend between silver and green and uh it’s just a unique color i wouldn’t even know what you call it gorgeous vehicle inside and out

Tires on it are good brakes on it are very good interior is very clean exterior is near flawless with the exception of maybe couple minor scrapes and scratches nothing that you would see unless you were looking for it any angle you look at this vehicle it is absolutely gorgeous only 105 000 original miles been on this vehicle at 16 years old very low mileage

For the year and very low mileage it’s just in general vehicle does appear to have been garaged all of its life paint and finish are very clean and shiny and glossy still and even the headlights are crystal clear indicating that the vehicle has not had any excessive amount of sun vehicle comes complete with all books manuals and all three keys including the two

Main switchblade keys that the vehicle came with brand new part of the beauty of buying a one owner vehicle is sometimes you get all the books and manuals and keys those keys cost a small fortune if you have to replace them and oftentimes they need to be laser cut and programmed by the dealer so each key can sometimes cost in excess of three four five hundred i’ve

Even seen some luxury brands go as much as seven or eight hundred dollars for the keys absolutely ridiculous one small detail a lot of people don’t look at when they’re purchasing a car is how many keys does a vehicle come with has a maintenance been on time deferred maintenance additional keys those items can sometimes cost you in excess of 40 50 percent of what

The initial price of the car is especially when shopping around on a vehicle in this price bracket so folks you do have to look at the overall value when you’re shopping for a car not just the price of the car and how many miles it has that does not oftentimes equate to your total cost of ownership in the first year gorgeous interior leather is lightly worn just

Some minor creases in the leather no rips no cracks you have two ways of opening your glove box main way opening it like that and then second way opening it from the rear exposes two cup holders one for the front and one for the rear passengers this lid does go all the way back speaking of cup holders as you can see we have open this window as well one two three

Four five and six six cup holders for a five passenger vehicle i’d say that’s good odds would trim throughout in beautiful condition air conditioning is blowing ice cold am fm cd steering wheel controls and beautiful working condition go ahead and jump inside the car so we can get the car to stop beeping at us telling us that the door is open all right there we

Go 105 000 105 930 original miles no warning lights no malfunction lamp indicators beautiful car inside and out dashboard free of any cracks self-dimming rear view mirror pop-up and slide back moon roof love the pop-up function of these moon roofs because on a hot summer day you can vent the rear of the moon roof like that and be able to uh keep your interior of

Your car nice and cool one push open and close and you have the sunshade for when you’re not using your moon roof and you want to keep the sun out of your eyes visibility on this vehicle is great we won’t go too in depth about how it feels to operate this vehicle because we will be doing a separate test drive video as soon as this particular walk around video is

Concluded so please do join us for that without further ado let’s go ahead and jump and take a look at the rear of the vehicle go ahead and pop the trunk and hood we’re out here but first we’ll go and take a look at the rear passenger compartment rear passenger compartment is quite ample three adults can sit back here quite comfortably plenty of leg room shoulder

Room headroom all headrests present and accounted for also headrests in beautiful condition vehicle is equipped with dual front airbags side airbags and side curtain airbags keeping everybody safe and secure the center armrest over here does fold up and does expose some additional storage you have a ski pole pass through and you can put that up all together another

12 volt power outlet right over there for your devices and door panels and wood trim brilliant throughout the vehicle trunk is also very spacious you have all of your floor mats there steam clean and ready to use with the next owner you also have a compact spare tire tools jack and your battery right here in the trunk where it can be easily accessed and it can

Be kept clean you can release your rear seats by pulling on these tabs here left or right as you can see the shock absorbers that hold the trunk and as soon you will see the hood open to operate properly and function properly regular unleaded feel popping over on the passenger side you’ll really see much of the same theme throughout just a beautifully well-appointed

Vehicle your rear occupants will also have their own dedicated heat and ac vents on both sides carpeting very clean throughout no smoke out or no pet hair no rips cracks or damage child safety locks are standard equipment five’s actually six spoke one two three four five six seven should not count before i’ve had my morning cup of coffee seven spoke aluminum

Alloy wheels shine and sparkle like near new front passenger compartment also offers power seats leather and even better shape on this side than the other and your books and manuals all present and accounted for right over there dashboard again free of any rips or cracks headliner in great shape all door panels in great shape and all wood trim throughout in

Great shape now let’s take a look at the business end of the vehicle take a look under the hood and see what brings this vehicle to life what you have here is a 2.5 liter gorgeous condition just purring away like brand new you can see the coolant looks nice and fresh and clean and the timing belt has also been replaced at 98 137 miles so this timing belt was

Done only 7 000 miles ago timing belts are typically every 90 to 95 000 miles so you have a long way to go before you need your next one but just look and see how brilliant this engine looks no signs of any oil leak seepage or damage whatsoever sounds beautiful sounds great even down to the nuts and bolts you don’t see any sign of rust or corrosion anywhere on

The interior of this vehicle pretty easy engine to work on this takes a hex tea i believe this is probably a tea maybe a t30 it takes this beauty cover off and you have all of your coils and spark plugs right in a row on top no more having to reach them to the rear of the engine remove an intake manifold to get to your plugs and wires on a v-shaped engine this

Is an inline engine very easy to work on alternator looks great belts look great everything has been done nothing has been neglected on this vehicle no deferred maintenance a ton of value for your money folks great great vehicle in my opinion please join us for the test drive video which we’ll be doing shortly folks if you’ve enjoyed this video please consider

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On our website thank you so much for taking your time and joining us sharing your time with us and we sure do hope to see and interact with each and every one of you soon thank you and have a great day bye-bye now

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2006 Volvo S60 2.5T walk around/overview video review By Direct Auto Outlet