2007 Audi Q7 4.2 Review, Walkaround, Exhaust, Test Drive

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Well today let’s take a look at this 2007 audi q7 now the q7 was actually introduced in the 2007 model year and it’s one of audi’s best selling bestsellers i mean it’s a seven passenger large crossover suv these things you know they sell like crazy to a lot of luxury car buyers just because they are looking for you know that luxury with the versatility and then

Room for their family now o7 like i said is the first mile a year this car is still in its first generation i mean the 2012 model pretty much looks like this the car’s gotten some updates in the over the past few years oh nine they added the three liter turbo diesel engine uh 2011 is when they really replaced uh some power trains they got rid of the four two and

The three six replaced it with the three liter supercharged v6 that they use in all their products this particular one is a 4.2 v8 premium and this vehicle what a lot of people may not know actually is based it’s based off the porsche cayenne and the volkswagen tuareg platform it’s the largest vehicle out of the those two uh sister vehicles because this is this

Is a seven seater while the touareg and the cayenne is only a five-seater it’s about the same width as a touareg what audi pretty much did with the platform is stretch it about 13 inches to make room for a third row seat um you know when this vehicle came out it was it’s a very striking vehicle and it still looks pretty modern today of course the 2012 2013 models

With the new led lights in the front look much better look much more audi they have more of the audi family face this one’s a little bit of the older design but it’s still a nice looking vehicle this particular one is the premium there’s two trims there’s the base premium this one’s the premium because it’s got the uh the 20-inch wheels it’s got the backup camera

And stuff like that it’s a fairly good condition car this particular unit has about 77 000 miles on it now coming inside uh this vehicle does have smart key access and push button start uh to lock the doors you can push it here to lock the doors it’s locked to unlock the doors just touch it right there and unlock the doors all while keeping the key on you this

Particular one has you know like kind of like a gray leather interior i guess audi might call it stone or something like that and the interior in here is very audi it’s a very nice looking interior stepping inside it’s got a really nice perfect step in height so it’s easy to get in and out of this vehicle here’s the key for the vehicle it’s an older audi volkswagen

Key now without looking how do you start this vehicle you know there’s actually two ways two ways i didn’t i actually mentioned outside that there was no push button start and um if you actually are looking and trying hard you would think that a push button or a button to start the engine will be around here but they actually give you a slot to insert the key and

Start the car you know like every other car you can do it that way or you can take the key out and look by the shifter right here voila it actually says engine start stop right there two separate buttons so basically put your foot on the brake keep the key in the vehicle and push this button so there are actually two ways to start this vehicle a little complicated

They honestly should have just left it as one way of course that is audi’s 4.2 liter v8 that’s been replaced pretty much now shutting the door the interior in here is very audi it’s a nice looking interior and it’s in much better condition that tuarag that i showed you guys a while back ago all the windows are fully automatic up down that’s kind of expected for

This really expensive luxury suv the materials in here are soft touch they’re not very pliable it’s not a very pliable soft touch material but the graining is nice and it’s high quality and right now it’s beeping at me because of the seat belt it’s kind of annoying this is audi’s older steering wheel but it does still have audi’s mmi interface here basically use

There’s the four quadrants here on the screen and you use this little knob to turn the wheel here similar to what i showed you in that a5 um it’s probably a system that a lot of owners get used to what’s weird is here’s the volume exactly oh that scared me here’s the volume instead of this i would probably want to turn that and they have it centered toward the

Passenger which is weird i want i’d like to be centered toward the driver uh the q7s all come with a six-speed automatic with a sport mode and a manual shift mode you have quad zone automatic climate control in this vehicle you can see it’s also a cd changer as well coming to the door panels it’s all soft touch materials and you have real wood and real aluminum

Trim all nice stuff here it’s padded here with leather it’s really nice feeling leather material now here’s an interesting thing how do you guys open the glove box just stare at it for a second what do you think which button do you think opens the glove box i sat here for about 10 minutes pushing every button trying to figure it out and then i realized oh it’s

Right there there we go there’s the glove box so this feels it seems a little weird to me they should just they should have just made it a regular latch honestly just because that’s gonna break one day it is lined with felt and it’s uh damped as well it’s a pretty nice size glove box but there’s no usb or auxiliary input jack in here i was looking and looking um

There’s no usb or auxiliary input jack but you do get your puny couple there’s like in every other european car now coming to the back seat the q7 is a very practical vehicle it seats uh seven passengers i guess that’s why they call it the q7 the legroom in here is actually pretty nice it’s really nice size and you have a nice big arm rest here center console

For storage there and then you have cup holders right here and like i said it has quad zone climate control and this particular one has a huge panoramic sunroof very large even extends to the third row it just makes for a very airy and open cabin so that’s very nice you have a vents over here and over there for the rear seat passes so your rear seats passengers

Are still spoiled the materials are carried over soft touch here and then you even have manual rear sun shades for the back seat passenger now accessing the third row for this vehicle is done by pulling this lever right here and the seat slides forward and it’s you can see it’s a very tight third row i don’t really want to climb back there but um the materials

Back here are hard plastic surprisingly so they didn’t really carry over but they did put some really nice carpet in here though that’s my favorite feature about the q7 is definitely the nice carpet that they use in this vehicle now the q7 does have a power operated tailgate you can see it’s kind of a weird design the the actual the whole tail light assembly

Is sitting on that tailgate so when the tailgate’s up the vehicle has no tailgates or tail lights uh you can see here typical audi volkswagen stuff here nice aluminum trim metal trim here looks good it’s really nicely finished the cargo air capacity is a tad small with the rear seat up but most people will probably fold these seats down because they’re kind of

Any third row and when you fold them down you get pretty good space back here for your cargo and whatnot and to close the tailgate just push this button and it closes for you and under the hood you have a very beautiful looking 4.2 liter v8 this is audi’s signature engine before the uh the three liter supercharged v6 started replacing everything uh but this

Particular one has direct injection that’s the fsi stands for you can see the direct injectors sitting there on the valve covers it makes 350 horsepower 325 foot pounds of torque made to a six-speed automatic this is the top engine in o7 uh premium gas and this thing’s not exactly a gas saver is what it’s rated quattro all-wheel drive is standard on this vehicle

Great numbers and a great sounding engine but this vehicle is 5 300 pounds so let’s take a look at how it drives all right so for those of you who are interested in this this used luxury crossover let’s take a look at how this car drives i really like the dashboard and they the engages and just the atmosphere in this car it’s you know i love i love the way audis

Feel and this car doesn’t disappoint what does disappoint however though is right as soon as you get on the gas and start you know maneuvering this vehicle it feels big um i know some people associate that big feeling with luxury and quality i’m kind of the opposite i i want a vehicle to feel smaller and nimbler than its size suggests and this car feels bigger than

Its actual size suggests but it’s up it’s really up to your taste i don’t really like this big feeling this car gives you and i’ll show you more what i mean when we get on the road so a nice burly v8 exhaust note i’m not the engine sounds fantastic i’m not going to complain about the engine what i am going to complain about is the actual acceleration this car’s

Engine doesn’t match the brute force of the acceleration you know why that 5300 pound curb weight you feel it for a v8 with 350 horsepower this car just it’s a little lacking in the power department and you know you got six gears here the transmission is a good partner it’s very willing to downshift and get you into the power band but the cars just the weight just

Really hampers the v8 performance guys who choose the v6 are going to be really disappointing how slow this car is i read that the v8 takes eight seconds to get to 60 while the v6 is at 10 seconds so that’s unacceptable for a luxury any luxury vehicle in my book i mean but that v8 sounds great just it doesn’t have enough pull for me a flex ecoboost would really

You know walk over this thing in a drag race but of course those two aren’t in the same class but i’m just saying comparing to what i’ve driven um now what this vehicle does compete with is the acura mdx the bmw x5 the mercedes glk class or gl class and uh the q7 is looking a little long in the tooth the current one definitely however i have not driven the three

Liter supercharged v6 and i really would like to take that for a drive but anyways uh these uh q7s are very hot they’re one of acura’s or acura’s audi’s best-selling models so if you’re in the market for a used one and you find one that’s in pretty good shape like this one they’re still a really nice car they’re very smooth something about audis they’re very smooth

But anyways i hope you guys have enjoyed my quick overview of this 2007 audi q7 if you’re in the market for a luxury crossover check one out thanks so much i’ll catch you guys later

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