2007 Audi S8 AC Controls

I just wanted to show that there was there is an issue with the air conditioning system does it have a slow freon leak and i wanted to show you that the the system works um i just started the car not too long ago i brought a thermometer i don’t know if you can read that says 70 degrees i just got the ac set to 70 69 and 71. so um if i put it in there um it’s going

Cold i did want to show you one thing while that’s going off you can see it’s already down to 64 degrees i’m going to turn the temperature down to 66 i just turned down 64 so the fan kicks up a little bit and you can see the temperature of the ac system you know it’s going down it’s going to take a while for that uh thermometer to respond it’s not that it’s not

Cold it just takes a while for that actual thermometer responded something out of our kitchen my wife uses it to make bread um but i was also going to show you the setup of the ac um there’s if you go down to the setup button but one of the things that people don’t know is the this is how you turn the synchronization on so that’s the sync see if i can get my

Hand in there and then i can go on and when you do that you have to use the left button if all of a sudden now i get out of the menu which i do by the setup and when you’re setting up the a track you have to use this button the mmi button won’t work you can see the ac is down to 48 right now and still going down and then i’ll go back to set up all right and the

Synchronization is on so i’ll get back out of it so what it does is now if i adjust these temperatures um it just automatically adjusts both of them but then as soon as you adjust the other one the synchronization turns off okay um just to show you the ac it’s going down to 47 degrees it’s a it’s 71 degrees out right now it’s overcast but the ac system works in

The car it’s charged but it does have a refrigerant leak the other thing i want to show you on the setup if you go back to the setup and there is an option for center air vent and it has well let’s just try it right now we’re at about 46 degrees and if i go and go to warmer so that’s the setting you’re going to put it on in the winter and the cooler is what you’re

Going to put it on during the summer so you get that cool or warm air out of the center vent just because i’ve got this thing on low temperature let’s just now let’s get out of the setup i’m going to go back to uh i’m going to go back to a temperature of more like 70 degrees and let’s see what happens so it was 46 and it’s set up for a warmer temperature so

It’s increasing the temperature which is not hard to believe just because it’s got to try to control the 70. uh and then if i go back down you know then we can watch the temperature it’s all the way back up to the 60 and it’s probably going to start turn it back down to now it’s going back down again it’s just that thermometer so we’ll uh slow reacting and i’m

Also at idle with you know only the fan with the air going over the condenser but you can see uh the whole system is responding back again so i just want to show you that the ac system does work it’s just a refrigerant leak there’s nothing physically wrong with the system

Transcribed from video
2007 Audi S8 AC Controls By Paul Waterloo