2007 Bentley Continental Flying Spur

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The 2007 bentley continental flying spur in sapphire blue with tan leather upholstery this is the car of the decade engineered by volkswagen the more reliable 6-litre w12 so you get two engines not one two six-cylinder engines the leather it’s like out of some london nightclub the timber is just beautiful that two-tone steering wheel is stunning and this cars

Only traveled 64,000 kilometers from new and it has always been serviced by bentley up until the last service which was a company called zurich automotive it’s specialized in european cars ladies and gentleman my name is richard here at the old-timer center we’ve had these flying spurs before and this one is a standout with a plethora of fabulous options it’s got

Navigation it’s even got bluetooth you can see here it’s even got the handheld phone to go in the back and have a little bit of a chitchat very james bond i’ve been driving this car so excuse me the wheels are a bit dirty heated seats adjustable suspension rear blind it is just gorgeous so there is your electric stop start feature you’ve got everything that you

Could imagine you even get heated mirrors so they’re the exterior mirrors so if you go down to the snow fear not you have a reversing camera these are the air vents that closed and open by using that it’s got dvds in the rear which my son was extraordinarily happy about so pepper peak can go on for hours and hours not only that you’ve got massaging in the rear as

Well as lumbar support and just in case you thought you didn’t get it you get heated seats in the back as well dual zone climate control in the rear that was not a standard feature on a flying spur dvds everywhere the leather hood lining is just stunning the dvds work perfectly i just want to show you that we’ve got those headphones there which are bluetooth and

Working perfectly and there they’re not a factory feature the the tv screens they’re just done by alpine but wonderful wonderful what about this you can electronically d missed your windows it’s unbelieving hang your coat off there you’ve got your air-conditioning vents there i mean this is a sexy car for under $90,000 factory sunroof reversing camera widescreen

Navigation bluetooth keyless entry keyless start the list just goes on i’m gonna close the soft closed doors and if you want to just see you’ll see there it will suck at self closed thank you mr. bentley i love this color i mean we sold one in that sort of deep green with a tan leather and the green did let it down a little bit but with over a hundred thousand

Kilometers we were still asking 80 grand for it and it did not have any of the features this has also got the nice of 20 inch alloy wheels and lightly tinted windows so also on the passenger side of the car you’ve got memory chairs you have massaging chairs you have i mean even this section here that’s off at the moment will operate that forward and back you can oh

My god that you can move the seat belt up and down hello hello there we go unbelievable there we go we’re gonna put it down there so my name’s richard and at the old-timer center we’ve been selling bentley and rolls-royce in the cds since 1994 so for those of you who don’t want to do the maths at 25 years we are specialists we’re very passionate about it we think

That we’re you know knowing places like you know john vawser rolls-royce and bentley are the places where you go if you don’t want to go to a bentley dealership for a minor repair with furrow we really check these cars over as i said i’m driving the car hence why it’s a tiny bit dirty we just put six months new south wales registration on the car and we may change

Those number plates but jesus i mean value for money i mean you go buy a mercedes benz for 90 grid you get a c-class and you’re lucky to get a sunroof so a lot of people say oh yeah but you get a warranty and stuff like that we can put a five year extended warranty on this car very very easily and again if you’re gonna buy a bentley buy one with a volkswagen engine

They are soup super reliable so stop-start we’ll just use the button so i got the key in my pocket tells you hello and it asks you it’s me richard so you’ve got profiles set up so you can basically have your seat and your air-conditioning and so forth and it’ll just be you know just how you like it maps small or map large put it into reverse and you get that lovely

Nice widescreen color reversing camera bluetooth as i said and you’ll see that’s now on it says disconnected and i really do think this is one of the better cars that we’ve ever seen gosh they’re good to drive they are just so impressive and they’re built so well and they are silent and there’s just something very special about driving a bentley around and so our

Phone number in riedel mirror is nine six three eight one triple five we’re at twenty nine antoine’s street right almir we have just moved to our new location which is sort of just near the intersection of victoria road and silver water road so we’re very very centrally located in sydney and again good buying here with the bentley you know i don’t think there’s

Really much more to say about it other than please come in you know we are going to send this car for a full service and check over and you know feel free to speak to the mechanics who have looked at it and i’m just very excited to present such a gorgeous car we were informed that it’s been i believe either in western australia for a little bit and possibly in

Victoria on the way back but that’s that’s just how it is these people who were spending four hundred thousand dollars sometimes we’re moving around a bit might have been in the mining game but we don’t get to find out any of that not so important information but we just like to let you know it has moved a couple of states and we really look forward to seeing if

You are on youtube go to wwl comm that i you my name’s richard we’re open every day except for sunday but please email us call us whatever you like and saturdays we shut up a little bit early and we hope you like our little movies we will see you very soon hopefully thank you

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2007 Bentley Continental Flying Spur By Oldtimer Centre