2007 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab Laramie Pickup 4D 6 1/4 ft – 7,988

2007 *** Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab Laramie Pickup 4D 6 1/4 ft Pickup ***

Thanks for checking out my video this is matt easy cars coming at you as always from superior motors off of auburn boulevard in sacramento showing you our 2007 dodge ram this one is four-wheel drive it’s got the 5.7 hemi it’s quad cab does have the six and a quarter foot bed and just under 90 000 miles so 2007 with just under 90 000 miles beautiful beautiful

Truck our pictures do a pretty good job online i always go back and shoot these videos to kind of give you guys a better idea of what’s going on cosmetically and break down the car a little bit kind of pick it apart for you like you would if you were here so on this back bumper here i’m going to go ahead and start you see some discoloration where it’s a little

Bit darker right there no scratches or anything like that rest of that panel looks fine a little weird like discoloration right there if i can catch it in the light the right way a little bit tough um only then i thought there was one dent on this side i’m trying to find it for oh there it is so right here if i can catch it in the light it’s a small one like

I said i’m trying to pick this apart pretty good for you um yeah there’s a dent there trust me it’s just small it does have the side boards here make getting in and out nice and easy this panel here looks to be in fine condition and as we go around the front bumper and the hood there’s a little bit of rippling on this chrome i’ll be honest we’ve got another

2007 dodge ram that has that same rippling on the chrome in the exact same place so i’m pretty sure that that’s just what you’re going to find if you’re shopping for these rams that are 10 plus years old otherwise the front end looks really really nice on this one we are going to throw some new tires on this one uh for you as well so this one’s getting new rubber

Goodness this side looks great i’m you know trying to find some dents or scratches or something to show you but everything everything looks fine there coming to the back just to look at the rear end it’s been kind of had the badges removed just for a little bit of like a stealth style bed’s in good condition here got the bed liner like i said that’s a six and

A quarter foot bed go ahead and open it up for you here and show you what’s going on with the interior i apologize i’ll go ahead and show you there’s a standard dodge key fob comes with this one real real nice trim on the inside with this leather looks like it’s hardly been ridden in or touched in the back here really really nice headliners in great condition

As well on this car door panels in good condition this have a little bit of wood trim in here to bring up the quality of the trim make you feel a little bit more luxurious driver’s seat in good condition everything working the way it should go ahead and start up that hemi for you so very powerful smooth sounding 5.7 v8 hemi like i said just under 90 000 miles on

This one everything’s been well maintained well kept up on you do have the four wheel drive controls right here uh you do have your power sliding rear window just some extra luxurious touches added to this one so of course you’ve got good storage here as well a little separation uh dividers here if you want to keep things organized i mean this one just all the

Little conveniences were thought of but then you can lift this up and you’ve got another seat belt here and you can throw a third person in there so technically you do have seating four six in this one i want to go ahead and show you you’ve got some cup holders and some more storage down there you do have heated seats in this one and all of your audio controls and

Climate controls are very easy and intuitive you learn how to use them really quickly you do have a few convenience control buttons on your steering wheel but you’re not paying for a lot of the extras that you have to pay for in a more modern truck with backup cameras and navigation and bluetooth and all the craziness going on on the steering wheel if you don’t

Need to pay for that stuff you don’t need that stuff but you want a well-trimmed well-maintained low mile vehicle that’s got these extra luxurious touches and you know how to use your phone to be able to navigate and all that stuff these days or you don’t even need a phone because you still know how to use a map um this is the truck for you so anyways guys thanks

For following along this video to the end with me as always this is matt easy cars coming at you from superior motors in sacramento off of auburn boulevard showing you our 2007 dodge ram

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2007 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab Laramie Pickup 4D 6 1/4 ft – $17,988 By Matt Easy Cars