2007 DODGE RAM 2500 MEGA CAB 5.9 Cummins 6 Speed Manual

Good afternoon from castle auto sales from linwood washington today we’re going to do a video vulcan of this beast uh dying breed i like to call it it’s a 2007 dodge ram 2500 5.9 cummins with a manual transmission on it yep as i said this is like a dying breed it’s a in a sense a unicorn car is just uh landed to our lot so it’s still going to a process it’s super

Dirty dusty it’s going to go through the safety check and all of those stuff and being detailed and it’s going to offer for sale we’re going to do a genuinely from outside then we’re going to hump it inside start it up we’ll take a quick shot at the dashboard see if any lines are on as you see it’s a three-quarter town with the running boards on them uh it’s a

Mega cab oh seven and it has a 241 000 miles on him it has been down a couple mods it’s slightly lifted with a fat off-road tires on him there’s a little bit change on the fenders uh has a tow pack this thing is just a beast as you can see it here this is a one of a kind it’s a three previous owners owned in a montana oregon oregon um clean carfax no accidents

Or damages no airbag deployments it’s a super clean it’s ready to go and as you see has a has a trailer mirrors so if you want to use it for trailer mirrors you can always open up and uh look at your trailer uh what we’re gonna do as we mentioned earlier we’re gonna humping inside and quick to start this thing up as you see it’s a pretty great condition uh just

The fact the side has been dirty it just arrived from uh transport the interior is also gonna be a little dirty it’s gonna be touch up with the by our crew it will go get cleaned up it’s a super a little bit dusty it’s uh it’s been coming a long way but it’s going to be touch up and it’s i’m gonna taken care of what it is and i’ve been said let’s jump in and start

This beast as you see the manual transmission it’s a six-speed manual we gonna start this thing in here as you can see the dashboard is super clean there is no lights on it’s it’s in a great condition it’s a nice has original 241 thousand miles on him 5.9 cummins with a six-speed uh manual transmission ac blows guys and has an aftermarket steering system and

It’s pretty stacked and very very well kept for its age as you can see here is the two wheel four wheel lock and four below um it’s ready to go uh please reach out to with any questions you have we are located on 205 15 highway 99 ship nationwide including hawaiian alaska our phone number is 425-670-0999 uh i just wanted to show you what we got in the inventory

Here it’s a newcomer 2007 dodge 2500 mega cab 5.9 cummins with a six-speed manual transmission with a 241 thousand miles blizzard turns out with any questions we’d like to answer you guys and shipments are available including hawaii and alaska that being said i’ll talk to you later thank you for watching

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2007 DODGE RAM 2500 MEGA CAB 5.9 Cummins 6 Speed Manual By Cyhn Wnstn