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JUST IN! Corey Frazier

Good morning and cory frazier here with elegant auto sales today i’m going to do a walk-around of this 2007 dodge ram 3500 mega cab mega cab cummins this is a 5.9 liter what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna do the outside we’ll do the inside condition and features i’ll pop the hood let’s take a look at the engine we’ll turn it over let you see the dash and all the

Lights then we’ll go back to the engine so you can hear how it sounds but first we’re just going to get outside condition whatever features there may be then we’ll get to the inside here in just a moment but as you can see i’m getting both angles for you as well so you can see condition for yourself huge reason why we love doing these video walk arounds it saves

A bunch of time on both sides you have a great idea of what you’re coming in to see plus it’s for all of our out-of-town out-of-staters we do offer transport and delivery options just give us a call or a text for further details but as you can see it as a lift wheels tires the rear tinted windows the rain guards a flip-up tow mirrors the canopy tow pack this one

Has about a hundred and fifty thousand miles on it let me open this guy up here we go back here so it has a bedliner looks like some floor mats there fill it in details back to well i do apologize for that but let’s get these angles in here again for you good-looking truck people love these five nine mega cabs that’s for sure let’s get down on tire size here it

Looks like lt 325 50 r 22 so sitting on twenty-twos tires look good get to the inside condition and features here in just a moment fog lights all right let’s get the features inside here power windows power locks it’s like we even have power seat here we got seat cushions on here well frankly guys i don’t even know what the seats look like but the seat covers look

Nice third seat front row so if you need to seat six you’re able let’s get the back here for you real quick these mega cab doors open up really wide up here for you all right let’s get some features up front see it has aftermarket toe assist cruise control stock stereo four-wheel drive there’s a mileage there and then up there we got a trip computer destination

Empty compass temperature those kind of things and then it’s like auto auto dim rear view mirror wish i had that in my car actually when you don’t have it you realize how nice it is to have all right let’s get underneath the hood here alright guys now i do say this in my videos all the time not a mechanic not gonna pretend but what i like to do is get this in here

For you the best i can chances are if you’re looking at this one you’re looking at some other five nine so have an idea what you’re looking for now all of our vehicles they do get plugged in diagnose safety inspected you know our vehicles come with warranty always encourage people you know check out our better business bureau our google reviews we hold an a+ with

Better business well google reviews speak for themselves let’s go ahead and turn this guy over and i’m gonna get in for this one yes the door there’s the mileage error as you can see no check engine lights stare you there go ahead and turn on some lights go back the engine here heated mirrors as well well guys hopefully this helped answer some questions you know

If there’s anything i may have missed or you’d like me to come out take you know extra photo shoot another video walk around sweat especially in this cove ‘add era that we’re living in we’re doing everything we can to help you you know purchase a vehicle online have it deliver whatever we can do just please feel free to reach out give us a call or text i want to

Say thank you for your time and consideration and hopefully we can earn your business see you next time guys

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