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2007 Ford Expedition XLT

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Hey everybody josh here with you at the marshall auto exchange going to show you this 2007 ford expedition el this one is an xlt edition so it’s got the cloth seats on the interior this one does have second row buckets and cloths so that’s kind of unique about it uh so that one that makes this one a seven passenger so you got two in the front two in the second row

Three in the third row nice thing about those buckets is you have quick and easy access to the third row it’s got brand new firestone destination tires on it we’ve had those put on so you have to worry about buying tires to this thing for a while those should be good to go this truck does have the 5.4 liter v8 triton motor in it uh check engine light is on in

This vehicle uh something related to cam phasers i don’t know the full extent uh but that is why we have it priced as inexpensive as we do um for that reason these expeditions are notorious for rust in the rockers this one is no exception um there’s rust in the rockers here also why we have it priced cheap the other side looks identical to this there is rock

Rust in the rocker so um just be aware of that coming inside here you have the cloth seats as i mentioned before power windows power mirrors power door locks one thing i do want to mention you do have the keyless entry system here five digit code punch in the code you’re in your truck part windows power mirrors power door locks power driver seat this truck does

Have automatic lights cruise control on the steering wheel start it up here as soon as i find the keys four wheel drive is right here four wheel drive does work these buttons here control your information center on your dash so um your mileage fuel economy all that good stuff is controlled right there radio controls are here in the center climate controls down

Below ac does blow nice and cold 180 407 is your exact miles on this truck that will change with us driving and showing it i’ll pop the hood listen to it run driving this truck up and down the road there doesn’t seem to be any issues with it that we’ve noticed but the check engine light is on and we want you to be aware of that no ticks or knocks in this 5-4 it

Still sounds good a lot of times there can be exhaust manifold leaks things like that we’re not aware of anything like that on this truck coming to the second row here those bucket seats i mentioned before or captain’s chairs quick and easy access to your third row where you have three seat belts for three passengers vents in the ceiling which are a nice feature

So you have ventilation all the way to the third row for your rear passengers and then there’s also vents in the floor back there it’s hard to see but they’re just right there there’s vents back there in the floor for air circulation so lots of air circulation for your rear passengers that is a nice feature about these trucks uh they want your uh passengers to be

Comfortable the back window will pop if you want it to i’m just going to open the whole lift gate and show you the back those feet those seats will fold down flat so that’s a nice feature that’s one thing ford does a little bit better than jam in my opinion is their third row seats do fold flat you don’t have to cont fight with uh that seat being anyway if you

Have luggage and then more storage here and here so lots of room lots of storage options in these trucks um they’re very popular it does have the 5’4 so if you want to pull the boat to camper um it’s the same motor they put in their pickup so you can certainly do that if you are interested in scheduling a test drive on this vehicle and give us a call or text at

507-531-auto it’s 507-531-2886

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2007 Ford Expedition XLT By Josh Anderson