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2007 Lexus LS 460 Sedan | For Sale ,900

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Here’s a little later model luxury sedan unique especially in classics lexus 2007 model year ls46 so of course of course 0.6 liter v8 underneath the hood that is paired up with an automatic transmission eight speed shiftable automatic transmission to be exact of course your modern amenities power steering power brakes ac ac does blow cold dual electronic climate

Control now as far as the black paint you are going to see some imperfections here up close and you’ll be able to check it out in the still pictures from every angle probably all 100 pictures or so of this car online top to bottom inside and out at click on the link down below this video in the description it’s going to take you right

There and of course you can always call us 507-386-1726 riding on michelin pilot sport all season radials not many miles in those at all put on with the last year or so and you’ll be able to see those in the still pictures too as far as the tread depth there’s close-ups of that on all four corners of the car black on black power sunroof we’ll get around to

The driver’s side start it up check out the interior a little closer i’ll let you hear it ron take a peek at the engine bay but first remember we do consider trades financing is available of course we can assist with transportation and this vehicle may be eligible for an extended service contract consult with your sales associate when you call in our email

Come around to the rear you see dual exhaust the rear parking sensors as well as front parking sensors in this particular car and the other amenities you’re going to get in the luxury sedan from lexus in 2007. take a peek down the driver’s side a little touch-up spot here and there one in the door can kind of see it there of course leather bucket seats we

Have memory seating again all your luxury amenities as you’re going to get our windows power locks power seats heated and ventilated front seats with heated rear in this particular car steering wheel controls i mentioned that dual electronic climate control also you also have the lexus performance sound system in this one either premium sound system i believe

They considered it let’s go and check out the exact miles 167 649 and doing a systems check and as you can see no check engine light service engine soon warnings anything like that take a peek at the top of the dash of course great performing and handling luxurious ride i believe 380 horses had slipped around to the back so you can well maybe here run pretty

Quiet what they’re known for going down the road quiet cabin very little noise inside the cabin all right i’m going to slip up to the front i know there’s not a lot to see underneath the hood we’ll take a peek underneath there show you clean and tight hey did you know that this car qualifies for an extended warranty it’s just like the one you get at your new

Car dealership except it covers your classic car instead covers all the major components like engine transmission drivetrain and you can get coverage up to 10 years repairs aren’t cheap these extended warranties are a no-brainer contact us for a quote on this car today here’s a shot underneath the hood hood liner very very clean doesn’t look like this thing’s

Been driven in much of in climate weather and there it is 4.6 liter v8 i promise it’s under there and it is running let’s see how smooth that is there you go 2007 lexus ls 460 sedan give us a call vehicle may be 507-386-1726 for an extended service contract consult with your sales associate when you call in or email you

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2007 Lexus LS 460 Sedan | For Sale $9,900 By Unique Classic Cars