2007 Toyota Tundra Custom Stereo PIONEER JL FOCAL 13TW5

What’s up youtube this is joe from the delray customs youtube channel just stopped by here at my friends at alan ed’s out of santa marina del rey they just got done installing a full audio system on this really cool 2007 toyota tundra just a quick overview of all the product used a pioneer avik x 930 bt double din navigation bluetooth and ipod with pandora control

Via your iphone jl audios 13 tw5 this is their slimmest woofer they make only about two and a half inches deep works under seats or behind seats obviously in a truck you’re very limited to room especially if you want some high-end loud bass to minimize body flex and rattle and minimize road noise we use superlight dynamat their 48 square foot bulk pack covered

The four doors parts of the floor in the back seat area so we don’t get any rattles as far as powerplant we use the xv 404 and xd 601 from jl audio focals new ps 165 components they sound awesome the more power the better and they do have those two separate little crossovers so if you ever want to buy an to set up you definitely can for the rear we only needed

A rear fill so i used 165 ca ones from their access series and now what i’ll do is i’ll take you inside and just give you a quick rundown on how everything looks and how everything was mounted in here i used metros double din dash kit for this car it’s a perfect fit and finish matches the texture just perfect and it’s painted in that flat black i was able to add

A license plate camera from boyo so every time the customer pops the car in reverse he’ll see what’s behind them back into drive you see your map screen here we’re out it is ipod auxilary or usb cable to the center console so you could completely conceal it or pull it out if you want to use it neatest thing of all we almost took up no room with this subwoofer

Enclosure what we did is we built a square box under the backseat we did wrap it in black because he does have plans in the future of changing up the color of the interior but we took into account the height under the seat and the excursion of the woofers so it gets no hit or rattle under the seat it’s just right it’ll never damage the woofer and sounds amazing

And sounds great tucked up behind the two back seats are our two amplifiers you can obviously also see our dynamat job that we laid behind the rear firewall once again this was joe from the delray customs youtube channel just bringing you all the hot new systems that our friends here at alan ed’s auto sound are always installing once again they did a pioneer avik

Jl audio amplifiers and sub and focal speakers if you got any questions call him up three one zero eight two seven eight one two one thanks youtube

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2007 Toyota Tundra Custom Stereo PIONEER JL FOCAL 13TW5 By Delreycustoms