2008 Audi S3 Quattro review..Revo Stage 2+..360bhp

2008 S3 Quattro with a Revo stage 2+ tune..The car is producing 360bhp.355ft/lb

I can see why this is the bank robbers choice of car yeah those nice i got man she does handle nice hey guys how you doing i’m turbo 71 – and welcome to another school me up today you join me from 2008 aldi has three cuatro sister mark 2 s 3 and in started in 2006 stroke 2007 it comes with a 2-liter tfsi engine and since a major that can be found in the leon cupra

The mach the golf gti and also do believe the skoda octavia the juices 261 horsepower 258 foot panel talk as well nought to 60 time of 5.7 seconds but i think the dsg version is also just as touch quicker maybe five twenty six or five point five seconds so this one here is a six-speed manual do you prefer the manual kind of gearbox the dsg is good yeah and it’s good

For quick shifts and everything but i think you’re more involved with the manual box definitely more involved the co2 emissions on this is a 199 the k√∂ppen comes in tax pant j and so the cost is 265 pound a year tax which isn’t too bad actually this particular s free of course it isn’t standard come on now this particular has at a revo stage 2 plus map it’s got

Full mill tecates non resonated exhaust system it’s got an uprated fuel pump it’s got itg cold air induction kit and also it’s got such as clutch and a single solid mass flywheel conversion kazusa comic dual mass flywheel xander a bit heavier all in all with all those modifications it accumulates to accumulate to excuse me hume relates to 360 horsepower with 355

Foot-pounds of torque and yeah it does it handles it well you let’s say you all that second gear boy the interior it is very nice we got the traditional flat-bottom steering wheel quality solid kind of feel about it the seats are ok i’ve gotta say i’ve sat in percy’s where these are actually heated seats never fender very nice no it’s not electric and there’s

No light there’s no lumbar support she’s got your forward and backwards and pretty basic really for our car this it’s kind of money when these were new you’d expect it to at least have some lumbar support or at least have electric seats we’ve got heated mirrors chrome mirrors i think the chrome kind of look is kind of standard on these cars and got a flip screen

Which comes out and you can press up a dvd player behind it all in all like this by myself actually otherwise yeah i’m a pretty impressive it i’d like to say that i like this little sv it’s not bad i’ve never driven one of these before and i’ve actually gotta say i’m quite shocked so this car is definitely like a definitely gone like a jekyll and hyde personality

As we are now we’re just cruising around thirty miles a gallon everything’s sweet no problem but if you just want to have a little bit of fun just drop a couple of gears foot down away we go you that’s right that was good we’re gonna be design dice if you’re looking to buy one of these cars just a few pointers because it is a performance car few things you

Should check first thing you should check which i always check when i bought my performance cars in the past the very first thing is the tires this can give away what kind of odor it was if you’ve got cheap tires on your car on the car you’re looking to buy the chances are that they’ve kind of skipped proper maintenance of the car you know don’t try to do as cheap

As possible you know just when certain little sign like that just having cheap tires and say that you know you can tell a lot another thing about these cars is especially with its quattro one put into second or third gear accelerate a little bit and then just coast in second or third gear if you only any noises whining noises or wherever crunching noises coming

From the gearbox walk away because it can be an expensive fix the dsg system is quite a bit stronger but you got to make sure with the dsg one that the gearbox always been changed between every like 30 or 40,000 miles and also if it’s a manual car and it’s been tuned make sure that the clutch has been upgraded because the clutch on the standard guy is okay but it

Can’t take the kind of power that you can a conte the kind of talk that you’re going to be achieving from it from a two especially from like a stage to to tune so on so forth in the description down below when you’re on your way to hit the subscribe button in the subscription down below i’ll put a full i put a full description of um the modifications this done on this car

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2008 Audi S3 Quattro review..Revo Stage 2+..360bhp By Spool me Up 712