2008 Audi TT 2.0T Review, Walkaround, Exhaust, & Test Drive

Audi takes the successful Golf platform and gives us a stylish, futuristic looking sport coupe. Only those who place a high emphasis on handling and straight-line performance may find the competition more to your liking.

A completely new styling direction was started when audi introduced the tt sports car all the way back in the year 2000 now that original tt was on the market for eight years and in that eight years it really was starting to show its age which is why audi replaced it with this model this is a 2008 tt it represents the first model year of the second generation tt

Now the original tt and even this one was always based on the volkswagen golf platform audi is getting ready to replace the tt with the an all new model for 2015 but until then let’s take a look at this 2008 model as it has become a really nice option on the used car market you can see even today this body style is getting pretty old but it still looks really fresh

What i have here is the tt 2.0 t front wheel drive model back in 2008 there was two different engines the 2.0 t or the 3.2 liter v6 audi dropped the v6 option in 2010 and made the 2.0 the standard the standard bearing they also dropped the manual transmission then as all tt’s now come with a six-speed automatic this particular one does have the six-speed automatic

It’s essentially the same powertrain that you’ll find in a garden-variety volkswagen gti and a lot of people are actually surprised to see that this is front wheel drive at least it doesn’t have the cvt that all the other front wheel drive audis has but audi actually doesn’t have a rear wheel drive car you got either front or all-wheel drive a lot of people seem

To forget that just because it’s a german car doesn’t mean all of them are rear-wheel drive now the styling direction of this thing is gorgeous i actually still think it looks very very nice some people have criticized it for looking like a fancy volkswagen beetle i can see where they’re coming from here but honestly the tt still turns heads it’s a very futuristic

Car and a lot of the futuristic styling directions were basically in response to this car when it was first introduced you can see even though this is a base model it comes down with those 18-inch wheels the very swept back hunker down appearance those very nice attractive looking tail lights it actually looks really good in silver this is one of the few cars i

Think looks perfect and silver although i guess for my taste i would still really like it in blue surprisingly you still get a lot of standard equipment now this particular 08 model does not have the led daytime running lights i believe that was added in 2011 but at least you do get hid headlights to standard equipment uh and you know if you guys are going to go

Look for a 2014 model as the 15s are coming out soon it pretty much still looks like this with a new a couple of tweaks here and there in terms of the styling now looking at the interior of the 2008 tt you can see it is audi’s older interior design in terms of the materials in terms of the technology but um those seats do come standard i really like the fact that

They are suede alcantara with the leather bolsters on the side it’s a really nice combination that flat bottom wheel is basically the same wheel that you’ll get on an audi rs4 it’s nice and audi included even on the base tts now stepping inside this vehicle i literally had to duck my head at it as it almost took my head off from the really low roof but nonetheless

This is a sports car or sport coupe so that’s why you’re gonna have to deal with that um here’s the key for the vehicle it’s actually it looks like a volkswagen key audi still uses this key on some of their models i really don’t like this key it’s kind of looking cheap and a little bit old but um putting the the key in the ignition turning it i mean you’re going

To hear the traditional kind of annoying volkswagen audi alarm chirping here now surprisingly usually volkswagen makes you put your foot on the brake to start the engine like it’s a manual because this is the 6-speed dsg but the tt doesn’t require you can see here um listening to the engine it’s very familiar sounding it’s the same tsi 200 horsepower 2-liter

Turbo out of the gti uh and in terms of the interior it’s pretty basic this one’s a basic model it doesn’t really have the premium package it doesn’t have nav at least you do have a single zone automatic climate control uh you got heated seats uh you do not get a backup camera don’t expect that in this model but in terms of the materials you’ll have a soft touch

Dashboard material although the grading for me feels a little bit cheap i’m not really a fan of the graining the door panels are also soft touch as well the same cheap graining but i do like the aluminum door handle here even more aluminum trim right here it is softly padded here with more suede alcantara the windows are automatic up down for the driver and the

Front passenger kind of expected since this is um a two two door vehicle now the glow compartment it’s surprisingly a good size with multiple levels of storage you have pretty tiny cup holders here um and then a conventional handbrake here now some of the buttons here you think that this car was really complicated but surprisingly really easy you’ll have your

Steering wheel audio controls here your cruise control steering wheel paddle shifters this little button right here actually raises and lowers the spoiler so that’s pretty cool you can decide whether you want to have that up or down personally i think it looks better with the with it down i mean this interior is pretty basic this is what you’ll basically expect

In a base audi but at least you get you know their bose premium audio system a cd cd player but there’s no auxiliary or usb jack in this 2008 model now even though it may not look it the tt is actually a two plus two vehicle so there are back seats back here but they’re useless back seats i mean literally look at the legroom back here um you’re not even going to

Put small children back here you’re literally just going to fold that down and you’re going to use that for a storage or to put your briefcase or your luggage now opening up the trunk of the tt this is actually a hatchback even though it does look like a coupe so it does give you a surprisingly amount of cargo space you’re gonna find about 13.1 cubic feet of space

You can fold the seats down if you want it’ll give you about 25 cubic feet so i mean this is a pretty practical vehicle in terms of trunks it’s trunk space but not really in terms of passenger space so when you take a peek under the tt somewhat longer should you’ll find the same engine that’s like i said before you’ll find in corporate volkswagen products like the

Gti this is the company’s two liter uh tsi i’m sorry this is actually the fsi four-cylinder engine it makes 200 horsepower and 207 pound-feet of torque if you guys go for a 2011 and up qt it’ll have the newer tsi motor with 211 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque if you guys wanted more power back then you could get the 3.2 liter v6 that was the same engine out

Of the volkswagen golf r32 that made 250 horsepower and then if you guys wanted even more power the tts was available in 2009 which had 265 horsepower from a version of this engine and then the tt rs was introduced from 2012 to 2013 which had a turbo 5 with 360 horsepower but that’s an entirely different review fuel economy for this model is 23 in the city 31 on the

Highway it is front wheel drive and it’s going through that six speed transmission let’s take a look at how it all works together so audi does a really good job of taking multiple platforms off of their volkswagen line and turning them into premium vehicles like this so this is actually based off of the mk5 golf the older golf body style which volkswagen is actually

Moving over to the mk 7 platform now and surprisingly um it doesn’t feel too much like a golf but let’s get on the road and see if some of its golf heritage does come out and volkswagen’s uh 2-liter turbo 4 always does a really good job of surprising you with just how much power it produces with such a meager 200 horsepower rating this thing really does feel like

It’s underrated it feels a lot quicker than that when you put your foot down and the six-speed dsg does a really good job of banging off the red line when you put your foot down it’s really quick shifting it’s really smooth i mean audi volkswagen really knows how to make a dsg and i’ve had a chance to drive you know a dsg and other manufacturers and they just never

Measure up to the level of refinement and uh quickness that volkswagen now these dsg works now getting on the road here i was asking before does this thing feel like a golf and i have to say not really the structure is very stiff i mean how do you redesigned this tt they used a lot more aluminum they reduced the weight versus the previous model it’s about five inches

Longer versus the original model and you really feel it the car feels really nice i mean this particular 08 that i’m driving has about 50 000 miles on it so it’s practically a cream puff it doesn’t have any mild but i mean the car still feels really stiff i mean handling wise the suspension is pretty soft i do notice a little bit of body lean but that’s why you guys

Would go for the tts or ttrs but the steering is also pretty light but it has a decent amount of feel when you go around the corner here the front wheel drive model you do feel a little bit of torque steer when you put your foot down as the front wheel drive will kind of pull you in through the corners i imagine the quattro torque vectoring all-wheel drive system

Makes this car much more fun although the v6 will make it a little bit more nose heavy that two liter turbo force still makes a pretty nice snarl when you put your foot down expect a z860 time of around six seconds for the front wheel drive model in 2009 you guys could get it with all-wheel drive and it’ll probably lower the 0-60 time a little bit just because it

Adds about 200 pounds of weight but i gotta say the tt is a fantastic little car even though this car is really is getting pretty old it’s still really fun to drive and you know in terms of the competition this thing competes with a lot of strong competitors you’ve got the porsche boxster you’ve got the bmw z4 and the 1 series you’ve got the 370z or a mustang if

You guys are looking for something more power more performance the tt represents something that’s more of a boulevard cruiser it’s not much of a handler i mean going around you know kind of you know driving the car like spiritedly on a core or back road for example it reveals a pretty soft suspension um not much feel in terms of the steering but the precision is

Okay but if you guys are you know are looking for something that’s a little bit more visceral a little bit more raw there’s certainly better options available but the tt actually represents a really good daily driver the visibility in here is okay um the hood’s pretty low although looking at the back there’s not much of a view the side mirrors are decently good

Size as well though of course being that this is a dsg volkswagen product it makes a nice burp noise when you uh shift the gears manual it’s hugely addicting just like the gti brother now coming out to the conclusion of this review i have to say the tt still a pretty fun vehicle it still represents a decent choice if you’re gonna go for a sporty coupe like this

Just know that it is an older model uh in terms of what’s on the market and there are other models out there that are more visceral more fun to drive that are newer in terms of technology and offer more power but if you guys are in the market for a sporty coupe like this it offers really modern looking styling the tt is certainly still worth a look just know that

An all-new model is coming out for 2015. thanks so much for watching guys i’ll catch you all later

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