2008 Nissan Altima Power Door Lock Fuses

What’s going on guys i’ve got here a 2008 nissan altima and i’m using this car to point out to you the location of the important fuses for the operation of your power door locks so we’re going to begin by inspecting a fuse that is to the left of the steering wheel here it’s a 10 amp fuse and its role is to provide power to the body control module so we’re going

To pop down here and we open up this fuse box cover just by pulling it to us and you can read about the fuses here on the back but i’ll go ahead and show you the fuse that we’re interested in now if you don’t have any pliers the car has provided you with a fuse puller that is on this lower right of the fuse box in here so that might be useful to you there’s

Also spare fuses located here on the left hand side so all of these here are spares now the fuse that we’re going to inspect is this 10 amp fuse right here so as i’ve mentioned this provides power to the body control module which ultimately is what affects the behavior of the door locks so definitely something good to check there now if you have the what nissan

Calls the intelligent key basically the key fob thing you will also want to check this 10 amp fuse right here so both of those are important now as far as the power that is used in the door lock solenoids the actual motors that engage the door locks we can find that under the hood so over here on the driver’s side is a fuse box cover for us to remove looking

At the front we can find a tab here this gets pulled towards us so you pull that tab towards you and it will pop up on the back there is a larger tab that you actually push towards the top and pry up so let’s get a closer look at that here’s the tab you push in like that now this nissan altima is a non-hybrid so the fuse for the non-hybrid is a 40 amp jks fuse

Located right here so power from this fuse is used to actually engage the door lock actuators and this power is routed through the body control module which then sends the power to the switches if this were the hybrid ultima we would instead check the fuse in this position here it’s missing on this car because this is the non-hybrid so that that’s about it for

The different fuses involved in the door locks i can however give you another troubleshooting step you know every time you open and close the door you’re flexing all of the wires that are a part of this wiring harness here and over time the wires can break or get bad connection so one of the troubleshooting steps i like to do is i’ll start pressing the button

On the door and while i’m repeatedly pushing it i will open and close the door if there’s any certain angle at which i can position the door where the switch starts to respond then that’s giving me a pretty good indication that there’s an intermittent bad connection in here one other thing you can do if none of the locks are working when you engage the switch

Then it’s more likely to be the switch itself on the other hand if some of the doors lock and unlock with the switch but other ones don’t you’ll want to remove the door panel on the door that’s not working and you can inspect the door lock actuator to see if it’s receiving power and ground many times the actuator will be receiving the signal but will be weak or

Failing you could also try lubricating the door latches as well i’ve had good luck with that i use white lithium grease for that purpose so yeah i hope that this information has been helpful for you or at the very least a good starting point in troubleshooting your door locks on your nissan altima please do let me know down below if you have any questions or any advice

Transcribed from video
2008 Nissan Altima Power Door Lock Fuses By Lehew Tech