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2008 Nissan Altima Starter Fuses & Relay, Starter Troubleshooting

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What’s going on guys i’ve got here a 2008 nissan altima and i’m using this car to point out to you the location of the starter relay as well as some fuses that are important to the starter before i get into that let’s talk about some basic troubleshootings if your car will not turn over when you’re trying to start it in park try shifting it into neutral and then

Starting it these cars have a safety feature where if they do not detect that you are in park or neutral they will not start and sometimes that sensor can fail so if the car is able to start in neutral but not park then you could have a failing neutral safety switch now moving beyond that let’s get into the fuses i’m going to start with some fuses that are back

Behind this cover we just open this by pulling down now looking inside here there is a fuse puller right there that you may find useful and the fuse that’s in here is mostly important if you have the push to start and it is this 10 amp fuse all the way up here i’ll go ahead and pull it out for you so you can see what a good fuse looks like this is fuse number

Seven and we’re going to pull this out kind of difficult to see through this fuse but um it will be unbroken on the inside there if it’s not blown now if you do find a blown fuse here or under the hood there are spare fuses on the left hand side so the 10 the 15 and the 20 amp fuse here on the left those are all spares now let me get this cover reinstalled

And then we can move under the hood that’s where we’ll find the starter relay as well as some other fuses for the starter i’m also going to give you some more troubleshooting steps that are pretty cool about troubleshooting the starter now on this we’ve got to pull this tab away from the fuse box so this one you pull away and the cover will pop up now looking

At the back there’s a larger tab that you actually push towards the box so you push that towards the box and then you’ll you’ll be able to get this something out and you can read about the fuses here on the back but i’ll go ahead and show you what you need to know now i’ve mentioned that the car will not start unless it is in park or in neutral the sensor that

Determines that receives power from this 10 amp fuse right here so let’s go and pull this out and maybe maybe we can see what a good fuse looks like here with the better lighting so kind of hard to see through these fuses for some reason but that’s the fuse for you to check if you have a manual transmission ultima you’ll want to check the fuse that’s in this

Position this fuse provides power for the circuit that connects to the clutch so that clutch safety switch so definitely check that out here and finally we’ve got a starter relay which is this relay right here now my absolute favorite way to troubleshoot this relay is to have an assistant inside the car trying to start it whether that be from turning the key

Or pushing the button while they’re doing that i’ll actually be here and i’ll tap on this relay sometimes relays can get stuck and by tapping on the relay you can get it to start working again now another great troubleshooting step is to remove the relay and swap it with the one next to it these relays can be a little difficult to remove i’ve had good luck with

Using a flathead screwdriver and gently prying on either side and it actually works better if you have two screwdrivers if you can pry from both ends simultaneously then you can get the relay to come up and out now i’ve got this relay pulled out already and i’ve done that so i can show you this pin here which is very important so you can see there’s a pin that

I’ve colored in red if you provide your own power into this pin that will result in the engine turning over this pin carries power to the starter only when that starter relay is engaged now with the relay installed how can you tell if the relay is being activated or not well there’s a wire right here a black white wire this actually connects to that pin that

I showed you so you can probe this wire with a voltmeter or a test light to see if it’s receiving power when you’re attempting to turn the engine over if you see power present here but the engine is not turning over it could be that the starter itself is failing you can see i cut a little of the insulation off so you can see the exposed wire there now while

You’re here you’re going to want to go ahead and make sure that your battery connections are clean tight and free of corrosion additionally there are some fuses that are built into the battery positive terminal that are very important so there’s one right there and there’s more here on the side so yeah i hope that this information was helpful for you or at the

Very least a good starting point in troubleshooting the starter on your nissan altima please do let me know down below if you have any questions or any advice thanks for watching

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2008 Nissan Altima Starter Fuses & Relay, Starter Troubleshooting By Lehew Tech