Hey guys how’s it going welcome to my video i just want to give you guys a tip on hybrids particularly toyota hybrids this is a highlander hybrid 2008 and and i use this a lot like this this idles a lot a lot and i noticed that the engine would just keep on going and going it’ll shut off sometimes like it should offer a short amount of time relatively speaking

Shorter than than normal because i have a 2010 prius and i also had another highlander which is a 2010 hybrid highlander and thinking back on it that highlander actually was was very it was it was efficient enough like you know i the the intervals of the engine shutting off and then the battery taking over was very very efficient all right it was it was normal

But on on this truck and i don’t use this truck a lot i use it every so often i do make sure that i drive it i do make sure that i drive it you know a certain amount of miles per week because i’ve done videos on on how that affects the battery and you get all kinds of issues if you don’t drive it on a regular basis because the battery needs the computer needs to

Know that the batteries is getting recharged and charged etc etc etc if you don’t do that you’re going to start having the computer telling you you have issues with with a whole bunch of different codes and stuff like that but anyway watch out for those watch out for those videos i already did videos on that you can watch it on my on my channel but anyway anyway

This issue that i had was as you guys can see it says three miles like i idled it like a lot and and and this is like you know camping overnight etc etc it gets idled for the ac but i’ve only used this like maybe once or twice for that purpose and i noticed that that the engine just keeps on running and running and running it it will cut off after a whole lot

Of running and then it’ll cut off for a short period of time and i’ll just keep on running running running running now i knew that my radiator fluid was low it didn’t actually check up on the uh the inverter fluid i knew my radiator fluid was was low i have the toyota coolant i bought for 30 bucks like last year and for whatever reason just never got around to

Putting the coolant in or checking the inverter fluid on this truck because this is not my this is not my everyday vehicle and i get lazy about stuff so so i thought that in my you know it came across that maybe it’s doing that possibly because my a radiator fluid is low or my inverter fluid is low so i open up the hood i checked the fluid and the inverter

Fluid was on the low mark and obviously the the the reservoir tank on the for the radiator fluid was also empty so i had to fill up the rate the reservoir tank and i filled up the inverter fluid to the full mark and and i haven’t had that issue come up but to be honest with you i’ve only driven it for a good maybe 30 minutes at the woods but i suspect that

That’s causing it i suspect that that’s causing it um if you guys have this issue in your engine just keeps on running and running and running and running and it cuts off for a short period of time and it is keep on running like like the bars it’ll keep on running to like four bars right it will run for four bars it’s supposed to want to three bars and then and

Then it just stops and then it waits until it gets to two bars but it ran for four bars and then and and it took a while to run to four bars and then it stopped and then it it took a really short period of time to run for the two bars now i don’t know if that’s i don’t know if that’s what’s causing it to be honest with you it’s not like i ran it for like hours

And hours and hours like this on idle and and and and saw that there was a big difference in and how to operate it but i i think that might be the case regardless of whether it’s the case or not then if the inverter fluid should have been filled up and the reservoir fluid should have should have been filled up but to be honest with you i’d assume on a vehicle

Like this that you would have a little like it has it has lights for everything like the tpms light i just assumed that on on on a hybrid vehicle that if you loan reservoir on if you’re low on coolant if you’re low on inverter fluid that it would it would actually tell you i didn’t see a single light that was up there on i maybe it was low maybe it was not

Low maybe this has nothing to do with this maybe it’s just maybe this car is just in this particular hybrid it’s just inefficient but i’m not i as far as being a fan of the highlander hybrids um it’s got a 600 engine and the mpg that you get the better mbg that you get on a hybrid versus a non-hybrid on a toyo highlander is like um what what is that like three

Or four miles per gallon at best at best most of the time it’s not really that great but anyway i don’t know if that made a difference or not i thought it made the difference but it the engine’s on right now it cut on after two bars and it’s recharging if i you know if uh maybe i’ll make another video of this but either way you guys should definitely check out

The reservoir fluid and the coolant fluid make sure you guys fill it up yeah all right guys so that’s my video guys have any of your own personal experiences definitely leave a comment in the comment section please subscribe please give me a thumbs up all that good stuff all right guys take care

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