2008 Toyota Tacoma PreRunner Double Cab TEST DRIVE VIDEO

Come join us as we demonstrate what it feels like to drive this gorgeous little Tacoma. You’ll feel like you’re behind the wheel as we put this truck through its paces. Thank you for joining us!

Good afternoon folks ari here from direct auto outlet in fair oaks california this will be a test drive video of our newly acquired 2008 toyota tacoma double cab v6 pre-runner truck for you this is a truck that was newly acquired and will be going for sale today and will be available to the general public i want to take you on a quick walk around of the vehicle

Just so you can see how brilliant and nice the body and paint and finish on this truck is but if you’d like to see a more in-depth walk around video we do have one already published on our website so please do take a look at that to see a more in-depth walk around and demonstration of the features inside this truck for those of you who want to kind of get a

Objective idea of how this vehicle feels to drive and operate stay tuned and join us right now first taking a look at the vehicle it appears that space is ample getting inside for a smaller truck like this it does look fairly roomy inside we’ll go ahead and give it a start we don’t need to zoom in that much there we go all right 135 214 miles go ahead and get

Our belt on here and first few things come to mind see a little bit of wear and tear on the interior of the vehicle on the trim right around the edges here many areas in the vehicle i do have a coating that does get worn off with excessive use and there are a few indications of that let’s go ahead and get it on the road do have the air conditioning on and on low

And it is blowing nice and cold you’ll also notice your hood bulge here with that non-functional hood scoop does obstruct a little bit of your view up front however it is a very attractive item and i think it’s worth the minor inconvenience of looking at that bulge because it does look real nice do also want to point out in your rear view as you see those three

Headrests in the rear do block your rear view quite a bit as well those can be removed however with the vehicles of the full four doors as mandated by law do need to have those headrests in order to properly protect the occupants in case of a collision or an accident so on the double cap models on the vehicles you’ll see with the full opening rear doors you’ll

Notice that they have that first and foremost you want to check the turning radius on this vehicle we’ll go ahead and start on the out on the edge right side of this lane and see how many parking spots it takes to make this u-turn pulling out turning the wheel all the way kind of demonstrating what a typical u-turn radius would be if you were making a u-turn at

An intersection we’ll take out jump on out and give you a look of what we noticed we did start out on this furthest lane out here and made a tight u-turn most intersections will take about three parking spots or three to half parking spots to be able to properly make that u-turn if you take into consideration the median divider as well as the oncoming lane as

Well as the shoulder so this vehicle easily did this in three parking spots starting out in this one one two and three and you’ll see that the vehicle is in the parking spot adjacent to that so turning radius is quite good that’s a combination of the short wheelbase with this vehicle combined with uh just good engineering something toyota has been known for for

Many years one of the reasons that these vehicles are so popular let’s go ahead and get this out on the road and see what we feel four liter v6 powertrain in this vehicle is a great powertrain these engines have been known to last a very long time and operate very smoothly with with minimal amounts of care and effort that it takes to keep these guys on the road

And keep them reliable bear with me as we pull out do you want to point out the vehicle is equipped with the toyota 6 cd in-dash changer it is factory you also have your media controls right on the steering wheel so be able to raise and lower the volume change the channel is going to be effortlessly done without you having to take your eyes off of the road so at

First experience what you’ll notice is that there is a bit of road noise with this vehicle and the tires are a little bit noisy as well however these are uh bf not bf goodrich i’m sorry they are big o tires and they are all terrain tires so they do have a little bit more of an aggressive tread on them which will help with traction off-road on gravel and snow etc

However it does cause a little bit more of a road noise and less of a comfortable ride gearing in the vehicle is quite comfortable as you can see we’re going just over 50 miles per hour the tachometer not even on 1500 rpm so it is a very comfortable gearing easy vehicle to drive i own just about every generation of tacoma there has been three total generations

Of toyota tacoma since its inception in 1995. and you would think if i own three of them and i plan to own every future generation as well i must be a huge toyota tacoma fan and although i do have respect for the toyota tacoma i’m not necessarily a huge toyota taco tacoma fan i feel like these vehicles are a bit over hyped and i often times feel like you can get

A little bit more truck for your money if you go with other brands it really depends on what you are looking for that is my opinion however i feel that the toyota tacoma is a very well-rounded truck it does a lot of things very well it doesn’t do any one thing horribly great it is a little bit limited by its size however the second generation which started in

2005 had many face lift before the third generation came out in 2016 and there were a lot of improvements made with the 2005 generation second generation truck that came out this generation became a little bit more significant in the size and strength of the vehicle in the frame it uh kind of if you drove the first generation ever even in the pre-runner or even

In double cab configuration you’ll notice that the vehicle just feels really toy like and small narrow and you don’t really get that feeling with this generation of tacoma the second gen is significantly larger and it feels more solid this road is known for having a lot of potholes and uneven pavement and this truck is handling it fairly well the shocks don’t

Feel overly worn out they’re not being overly bouncy the truck feels relatively tight it is smooth to drive and it is quite comfortable as a matter of fact i think the second gen is the most comfortable tacoma the third generation tacomas um it feels like you’re sitting a little bit low to the ground also i do like the powertrain better in the second gen this

Four liter six-cylinder engine combined with the automatic transmission is a much smoother uh powertrain versus the next one the third gen and the power does come on a lot more smoothly the third gen uh gets most of its power in the higher ap rpm ranges once you get about 3 500 rpm in the third range that’s where you feel a bit of a burst of energy coming from

That power train not necessarily the case with this one the second gen is very consistent and even you’ll get to see the power come on evenly at the lower torque bands and that makes for a more enjoyable drive also the automatic transmission in this generation was much more comfortable the next generation seems to search for gears a lot more than this one does

This one with minimal input on the accelerator doesn’t feel like it’s jumping back and forth looking for the right gear to be in you do get that a lot more with the next generation fuel economy wise these are not horribly impressive on gas they are easier to maneuver and drive however fuel economy is not great on them which is one of the reasons i you know i

Don’t love the tacoma one of the things i like most about the tacoma is it’s off-road capability and quite honestly i like the way they look being in the business i do have respect for them because they are a bit of an anomaly they defy logic as far as their resale value goes and their popularity goes there’s a bit of a cult following with tacomas and has been

Since their inception so being in the business i do enjoy owning them and i do enjoy operating them and i do enjoy you know telling my viewers that i have some of the nice examples of every generation in my own collection my third generation one i bought brand new january of 2016 and it has 1800 miles on it 60 miles per hour you’re just at about 17 or 1600 rpm

Very comfortable gearing easy to drive this vehicle is easy to park we’ll go ahead and do a bit of an acceleration pull here once we make this right turn and see what kind of power and acceleration you could expect from this vehicle we’ll start out at zero miles per hour as soon as we straight out over here we’ll go ahead and punch it power is quite smooth comes

On fast plenty of get up and go comfortable suspension go ahead and get on the brakes here brakes feel good no shimmy no shake no warpage felt from the rotors themselves we’ll go ahead and do another pull once the light turns green here the last pull uh started out once we are already shifted into second gear this will be a first gear pull engine sounds great

Transmission feels nice and tight shifts are smooth boy do california roads need help but yeah in general i think that the space is a little bit lacking in these tacomas bed space is also a little bit lacking as compared to a full-size truck they are easier to maneuver but you do miss out on a lot of capability by going with the smaller size but if you kind of

Want a combination of both it is a good alternative and resale on them is great you’ll never really lose money on a tacoma as a matter of fact with the rate of inflation going the way it has been in recent months um pretty much going here on out if things stay the same you’ll pretty much never really lose money on a tacoma overall it is a very comfortable ride

And it is smooth this legendary powertrain and legendary toyota reliability we’ll see this vehicle through and it’ll be on the road many many years to come as many tacoma owners will tell you you’ll get offers from people to buy your vehicle pretty much everywhere you go and go to a grocery store go to the smog shop go to the gas station people oftentimes will ask

You if you’re willing to sell these are probably among one of the most popular vehicles on earth there are many good reasons for that my overall opinion um really not for me but if you’re looking for a tacoma i think this is a great example of it most tacomas we come across are fairly beat up body and paint and horrible condition interior and horrible condition

They’re somewhat of lifestyle vehicles so people don’t really you know baby them or take great care of them most of the time folks who buy tacomas typically are attracted to the tacoma because of their durability toughness and low cost of ownership so because of that mentality a lot of times people are not babying these trucks not keeping them in the garage not

Waxing them every weekend they’re really putting them through their paces and that’s why there’s not a lot of clean examples like this one out there so if you are looking for a close to a cherry tacoma this is just about as close as you’ll see for one that’s 14 years old miles are very low at 135 000 miles this thing has a long life left ahead of it do like the

Color the metallic navy blue along with the gray leather interior comes together quite nicely i’ve always liked the styling of the tacomas the pre-runners are such great looking trucks should be able to serve the needs of its next owner religiously things that i would probably do to it going forward as i probably you know in the next year or two would uh invest

In some quieter tires maybe something that looks just as nice i kind of like the bfgoodrich ko2s they’re a little bit smoother however they are a little your fuel economy will suffer a little bit and they’re not super silent as well you know they’re not like a set of michelins that would be ultra silent on the road really depends on what your usage is going to

Be and what you what you value in the truck itself but uh overall my opinions of this particular one are very positive i think they’re you know very little i could fault with this particular truck and if you’re looking for a tacoma that’s just as about as good as you’ll find for the age and mileage and year do you want to take this opportunity to thank you for

Joining us and bearing with us through our video hopefully it wasn’t too boring for you i do hope to have the opportunity to see many of you here at the lot please do um do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if you’d like to see any specific content please leave your comments in the comment section please remember to subscribe and hit the bell

Notification bell icon to be notified of any future videos do appreciate your time and thank you for joining us y’all have a great day

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2008 Toyota Tacoma PreRunner Double Cab TEST DRIVE VIDEO By Direct Auto Outlet