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Gaa automotive doing a video here on this 2008 gmc savana 3500 series real quick i just want to give you want to share a tip with you guys a real good tip to install these shocks here as you can see this is the old one and this is a new one and the old one is all the way out compressed out and push down it goes down pretty easily with my weight which ain’t much

So you know what the van that is really compression down really good smacking hard down to the to the ground instead of instead of holding the weight up see how it comes out see how it compresses back out alright so this blue strap here is to compress it down to put it in the box so then they sell it to you like that so what i did was i remove this one and then

Before you cut this blue strap off you come on down here with your new shot and you put your bolt down at the bottom to hold it down and on the bottom portion of the shock and then with with the other hand the other free hand you will need an extension and a socket and then and then you hold it you hold it in place and the boat is not going to reach inside that

Hole it’s just gonna be there lined up it’s gonna be lined up with the hole from the from the shock to the frame it’s gonna be lined up but it won’t be you won’t be able to catch a thread or start any threads on it so then so then with one hand you hold it line it up and with your other with your other hand you get your blade your cutter or your snippers like this

One and you you cut you cut this and then as soon as you cut this blue strap this this shocks gonna shoot out and compress out and that he is to hold that socket with your extension and the bolt at the same time and catch it get it lined up good enough before the shock comes out completely because then then after that the next step is jacking it up and putting in

Jack on the bottom and and unbolting this one and bolting the top part first so what i did was line up the bolt cut the strap which released the shock and i put those bolt through there just enough to get it going a couple thirds like i turned it like two three times and i didn’t mess around i already had my my extension my extension with my short handed ratchet

On there so i can get a couple quick turns on it and once i got a couple turns on that and that both the first bolt the the right bolt i went back to the left bolt and then i grabbed the shock and you twist it with all your might and you twist it and you line up the other bolt and if you got enough power your arm you’ll be able to do it if you now get ready to have

Someone down here with you with their assistance to be able to help you line that bolt off all right so that’s the new shock that’s the old shock that’s what of what you want you want a new shock holding up this big monster here this is a beast this truck it’s got the 6.0 engine in it it hauls ass and you want something supporting all this weight power when it goes

All right 26 years of experience gie automotive give me a call if you got any business for me 7 no 8 6 9 9 88 87 is my contact number i got a paypal account set up for information over the phone if you need advice you know sometimes you need a couple of tips and you’re stuck and you’re not gonna get any advice you know any any advice that is gonna be available to

You you know so there you have it thank you for watching have a nice day

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2008GMC SAVANA 3500 REAR SHOCKS REPLACEMENT SECRET & TIP By G.I.A Automotive Mobile services