2009 Audi S6 V10 POV Review | The last of the V10s

Heres my review on the 2009 Audi S6 with the Lamborghini derived 5.2L V10. Awesome car I really enjoyed driving it. Let me know what you thought of it.

Let’s open up this v10 a little bit hey guys welcome to the 2009 aldi s6 v10 now right away i want to say that if you’re buying this car solely for speeding i mean it’s not the quickest car out there but it’s definitely a good hybrid of both it seems that i already put a lot of care into how comfortable the car was not just the speed only i will say that the

Lamborghini derived the d-10 engine does seem a little underpowered for what it is it’s a 5.2 liter v10 which only makes about the 435 horsepower it’s kind of sad to see that these v12 xandrie tens are kind of going obsolete because they make such great sounds but you can’t argue with how manufacturers are now putting turbocharged engines in their vehicles like the

Latest version of this car has a v8 twin-turbo and it makes about the same amount of horsepower and also leaves room for tunability let’s open up this v10 a little bit now i will say this as good as this engine is in its stock form the exhaust is just way too quiet this specific car has got the quad resonators deleted and from inside the cabin you can’t really tell

From outside this sounds like all hell but from inside it’s still a little bit drowned out i guess that’s a pat on the back for out either a great sound deadening but i wish they would have let a little bit more noise in if you were to compare this car to its rivals the m5 or d-ii 63 i’d say hounds down this car has probably the best interior of them all and in

Terms of comfort with this will probably be one of the best ones and practicality as well since it is a quattro you could use this car year-round with no problems the transmission is nowhere near the capabilities of this engine it’s so slow in between shifts i mean other underpowered cars just walk past it at that point that’s a tunnel so you know what we got to

Do in terms of styling i love this card it’s amazing interior and exterior of course with the facelift it looks a lot more modern howdy try to incorporate a lot of leds into styling and i feel like that probably liven it up on the highway is where this car absolutely shines you can go long distance road trips without problems and in absolute comfort as well the

Ride is amazing in this cards it’s just honestly something you just have to try to understand the amount of quality and the weight of this car you know you never feel any kind of swaying or anything never any crosswinds it’s just planted planted as the top with the best way to put it and on the hard way i mean you could be doing pretty high speeds and you probably

Wouldn’t even know until you look down to this needle like i said earlier a lot of manufacturers are now opting for smaller engines i sad to say but this is probably the last time out he’s never going to put this big of an engine in this kind of a car like a sedan and that’s because with technology and turbos manufacturers are pulling way more power out of the

Engines without lacking on the efficiency side i really love this car and i want to get out of it that’s all place oh

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2009 Audi S6 V10 POV Review | The last of the V10s By Revolution Corsa