2009 Chevrolet Tahoe LS 2WD 4.8L Review, Walkaround, Startup, Exhaust

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Hey youtube well i want to bring you all this 2009 chevrolet tahoe ls with 77,000 miles now this happens to be the most base that gita’ ho that you can get it doesn’t have fog lamps front bench seating it does have the 4.8 liter v8 that’s the entry engine that you can get on the tahoe there’s a 5.3 liter v8 available come standard with 17-inch alloy wheels and this

One happens to have a leather wrapped steering wheel with radio controls and hands-free controls so i mean it’s not that bad it does have its third row dual air so you have all rows get their ac as most of you know this look rocked out in 2007 where gm ditched the torsion bar front suspension upgraded interior cabin though despite being upgraded on its interior

Does have its share of flaws i’ll get to describe to that in a moment by the way this is the two wheel drive model and the tire size rides on two 6570 17s has its rear disc brakes alright you can see it’s interior rather basic and get a load of the front bench seating over here oops the latch came came down looks like the latch is broken over here yeah that’s

Exactly what’s wrong so i fully backed down lots and lots of leg room and let me get this key out here it’s bogging here are the adjustments to the seat back and forth adjust for thigh support lumbar support backrest all four windows they’re powered door locks window lock power mirrors nicely padded door panel up here feels pretty good the armrest also padded

Goes down to it rather grainy plastic he finished down here not very well done and very sharp edges over here if you guys can make out its a key fob lock unlock does such the lift gates and panic you guys can peek right through there sorry 77,000 miles has its compass outdoor thermostat and this thing is empty alright i’m gonna do something different and that’s

Film from the backseat so you guys can have a better look at the front now i have quite a bit of experience with these tahoe’s as well as the suburbans yukons and escalades i’ve driven plenty of them so i can share my personal views of how i feel about the ride and such now the first thing what i mentioned about this tahoe is a comfort generally these trucks are

Fairly comfortable you can’t really complain about them these seats are very cozy they are excellent for long trips they offer lots of thigh support i had it adjusted to where i liked it and there was ample room because this is a front bench over here there’s lots of legroom you really can’t complain and he can just throw your legs aside and leave them split open

If you wish lots of shoulder room so this is awesome for the fatties and you can see the passenger seat as well this one happens to use a mechanism in front so it’s not powered like the driver side remember this is the ls trim so you don’t have that feature here this huge armrest on the clip over here is broken if you guys can make out and yeah lots of storage

Space three cup holders so you’ll never be thirsty one of the biggest things i want to mention is the interior quality and there are many flaws when it comes to this interior i’ll start off with the steering wheel it is nicely thick it is leather wrapped by the way this one does have its cruise control radio controls right there volume and hands-free controls

You can see that little voice right there so it does have hands-free controls um they always have a tendency of peeling right through there you can see where i’m peeling this finish over here it’s an anti-reflective coating very bad most of these trucks suffer from that the string will only tilts it does not telescope just to slash it right there so you guys saw

Old-school style on this truck utilizes a 4-speed automatic the tow haul mode right there and the hazards intrument speed wipers you can see right there the delay and such going back to the interior quality these trucks suffer a mess with their dashboards they tend to crack everything from the tahoe’s yukons suburbans the avalanche they always crack over the

Instrument cluster towards this section let me show you an example yeah you guys can see right there and over on the airbag they usually crack on this corner sometimes over there they also utilize an anti-reflective coating on top where you will also see them bubble right there from this section over here even out towards the middle so i mean yeah it’s awful

Especially once all these trucks are out of warranty you will be left out of luck it’ll cost to well over a thousand dollars it’s amazing how from 2007 although after 2012 gn continued making this design dashboard where it continues with that problem so you won’t see an improvement till 2014 where gm just debuted the new silverado with an updated dashboard all

New interior design where it’s all padded so who knows let’s see what will happen in that case now let’s check out the glovebox it is large that’s a spare key i threw it in there well it’s actually average sized has a sharp edge i guess i love this brushed metal look over here it beats the fake wood in my opinion and it really does match nicely with the color

Of the dashboard and i love how they integrated right here with the black radio it’s a nice touch you can see here the ped unit the radio has in-dash cd aux track is right there the dual zone climate controls dual power outlets the stability control traction control so yeah that’s about it everything here all plastic cape town hall oh it sounds the cover over

Here isn’t a nicely flush for the finish also isn’t quite nice it’s just not even by the way on the lt trim these trucks came available with a bose sound system it really sounds beautiful here are the headlamps it’s automatic dome light on and off and panel dim onstar is offered this is how you tilt the rear view mirror the headliner is nicely padded by the

Way map lights for each side once this seat senses someone’s gluteus maximus aka their ass it will indicate up there when the airbag is on or off the sun visor mirror and vanity light very sturdy slides out too so you can see as indicated on those little arrows right there finish on via eight pillars very good consistent into the back seat well not over here

This obvious gap and it’s yeah it’s not the case on this side really you can see where it indicates airbag this does have curtain airbags and side impact of course yeah oh handles only in the back seat and they are damped let me show you this back seat since there’s no center console they were still able to make use of the middle seat over here they added a

Cup holder so but it hits the most flimsiest thing a heavy drink will just yeah just bend it down like that see not very nice a center armrest over here the dual cupholders it is pokey but this armrest is just useless very little room for your elbow and though it will bang on there you may end up hurting your elbow if you’re not careful over here i did have the

Seat adjusted further back and i would have wished obviously but you can make out legroom is just fine you can compare on the passenger side it’s just adequate thigh support isn’t too bad the seat is high off the ground would have wished for a little bit more but this is a second row and it’s again it’s not that bad your share of handles so you can easily mount

In and there is the climate control for up the back seat adjust the fan speed the vents for the ac you also have them in the third row and take a look at this door panel same is up front pat it on top and back to the grainy traditional gm like materials the seats do fold down by the way very easy like so these were some seat covers that all the seats had i took

Them off now this is one problem with this third row it’s just so close to the floor so this is will be awful for tall passengers even in a suburban is not a matter of legroom being bad it’s just they’re so close to the ground and your legs will be up in the air well there’s better look at that side you can see again the third road doesn’t fold flat into the

Floor such as all the other competitors expedition armada qx56 the toyota sequoia just about every up everything else in its class that’s not a gm truck offers a third road that folds flat into the floor owners be careful if i were you i’d chain these seats to the floor and at least engrave the vin number and contact info there are thieves actually break the

Glass and they steal your third row so that can only take about a minute to happen a little button you see right there so yeah mostly thieves somehow can break through this glass and steal their a third row over here these trucks do offer electric lift gates since this is a basic model you don’t have that feature little power outlet to the side and there’s the

Breather for the rear ac and you can see how these seats take up the room here in the cargo area you really don’t have much of a cargo area once these seats are in place but you can’t fold them up if you wish like so and bring it down now one thing about these trucks they still utilize a live rear axle in other words they don’t have independent rear suspension

Unlike the expedition’s akoya well everything in its class they all ride like cars this still rides like an old truck a 4.8 liter overhead valve v8 it’s the vortech 295 horsepower at 5600 rpm and 305 foot-pounds of torque at 4600 so it’s not that bad of a base engine remember this truck weighs over 5,000 pounds so it really won’t make this truck a missile the

5.3 really is the sweet spot when it comes to this truck it’s a 4k rev limit that you can see it’s a very smooth running engine it’s closed it’s very pleasant it’s no vibrations and or anything like that and you still have that rather throaty burbly v8 i love that again i’ve had lots of experience with driving these trucks i really don’t like the ride i

Find it too soft for my taste and the steering rather soft you know but highway speeds i prefer having a firm steering wheel where you can easily let go of the wheel be confident of not even having your hands on it any road imperfections will get its live axle and back hoppy and rather voila we competitors such as the expedition sequoia the qx56 armada everything

Else rides like a car i mean the independent rear does wonders the live axle will be more durable in the long run and maybe for towing it might also come to benefit though you do sacrifice a ride immensely but don’t get me wrong these are tough trucks they are reliable it will totally pone any unibody based crossover out on the road i do recommend the lt trim

Where you get so many more standard features especially the ltz where you’ll get the 20-inch wheels that will definitely help improve stability again just watch out for all the dashboards and if you own a tahoe make sure you keep it indoors where the sun and heat won’t take its toll and at least have some sort of – cover i’m not going to say it will completely

Eliminate the problem though you will reduce the chances of it happening you just don’t really feel any of these bums and it just takes goes over all this like a champ so i mean if you’re in the market for a truck like this i mean give the toggle look i’m not saying don’t look at it i mean may very well like dead end if you want to tow something you can tow

Mount everest if you wish and if you have a full house or you have at least six seven people living with you you can easily carry everybody that you wish owning these trucks do have their benefits and these trucks do offer all the capability that you’d ever want

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2009 Chevrolet Tahoe LS 2WD 4.8L Review, Walkaround, Startup, Exhaust By Redline Reviews