2009 Chevy Silverado Power Window Fuses & Circuit Breaker

What’s going on guys i’ve got here a 2009 chevy silverado and i’m gonna use this car to point out to you the location of the two fuses and the two circuit breakers for the operation of the power windows so to start with the fuses we’re gonna find these under the hood here behind this cover you remove this cover by pulling it out past these little hook tabs here

And so i start on the side here that’s easier to get to and normally once you get one side free the other side will pop out now there are two 60 amp fuses here and in addition to providing power to the power windows they also send power to the seats if you have power seats so the first fuse is this one right here this provides power to the passenger side window

As well as the passenger side power seats if you’ve got that equipped the next fuse is this one this provides power to the driver’s side window and seat now before the windows receive power from those 60 amp fuses that power is routed through a circuit breaker there’s actually a circuit breaker for each side of the truck and those are found they’re built into

This fuse box that’s behind this cover you actually can’t see the circuit breaker through here these are just regular fuses however you can see one of the circuit breakers by looking on the back side of that so let me give you a quick view of it so we’re going to look down here and if we just peek in through here we can actually see there’s one of the circuit

Breakers right there that 25 amp circuit breaker they are supposed to reset themselves now let me give you a quick troubleshooting step that i normally do so let’s say i’m having an issue where this window won’t roll up or down what i’ll do is i’ll hold the switch either up or down and while i’m holding the switch i’ll start to open and close the door if there’s a

Certain position in which i can put the door where the window starts to go up and down then that’s giving me a pretty good indication that i might have a broken wire in this harness here you know every time you open and close the door you’re flexing the wires there so eventually over time they may break and cause intermittent issues another thing i’ll do is i’ll

Hold the switch down and while i’m holding the switch down i’ll slam the door shut uh sometimes the shock or the percussion if you will of slamming the door shut can make a bad connection good again really beyond that what you’re going to have to do is start popping off door panels checking to see if your window motors are getting power you can try changing

Out the switch and see if that works as well so yeah i hope this information was a good starting point for you in troubleshooting the power windows on your silverado if you have any questions or more importantly if you’ve got any advice about this issue we’d like to hear about it down below thanks

Transcribed from video
2009 Chevy Silverado Power Window Fuses & Circuit Breaker By Lehew Tech