2009 Dodge Ram 1500 Laramie Crew Cab 4×4

Check out this Used 2009 Dodge Ram 1500 Laramie 4×4. It has a 5.7 L V-8 Cyl engine with a HEMI. Includes great features! Leather seating w/ heat & ventilation, back up camera w/ Park Assist system, SiriusXM radio service, power sunroof, 2nd row heated seats, locking tailgate, 2nd row DVD, heated steering wheel and much more! Come see us at Ponoka Chrysler for more info! 6510 39th Ave Ponoka, AB

Hi this is sarah with pinocchio chrysler today we’re going to be having a look at a used 2009 dodge ram 1500 laramie 4×4 crew cab it’s in a nice awesome tan pearl coat paint has just over 137 000 kilometers on it and under the hood it has a 5.7 v8 cylinder engine coming down the front we have your nice automatic headlights and fog lights it’s a nice chrome

Front bumper and your two tow hooks as you come around the side your mirrors they have the signal lights on them they’re also powered and heated as well you’re going to be riding on a set of 17 inch chrome rims with a set of michelin ltx tires with plenty of tread on them you have your disc brakes on all four and as we come down the side you can see it has the

Nice two-tone coloring this truck has seating for five so you have two in the front and you can seat three in the back helping you into this dodge 1500 you have your remote start and keyless entry so if we start it up i’m gonna unlock it you guys come with me inside we’ll have a look and see what else it has to offer okay so here we are on the inside so if you

Have a look at the driver’s door here you have your nice wood paneling along it and then you have your power options so you have your unlock and lock you have your windows and then you also have your mirrors as well if you have a look down here you have a nice cubby with drink holder as well has some nice floor mats in it and then the driver’s seat has the power

Options that you can move it forward back up down has the lumbar settings and then it also has the memory so that if you hit one you can set it for yourself or two you can set it for your husband which is really nice so if your guys are sharing the vehicle and you’re constantly switching that way you can set it to your own setting and you’re not always messing

Around with the buttons you just hit one or two and then it sets it for you got nice leather seats inside with a nice dodge round label on them they’re also heated and the cooling seats so i’m just gonna hop up inside and we’ll have a look at what else it has to offer all right so now that i’m in a look here you got some controls on the steering wheel here that

Control all your options up in your gauges here so if you press that up and down it moves through the menu i’m not sure if you can really see that but it moves through and then you can hit your select button once you find what you want or else your back button if you went too far on the back of the steering wheel it also has your settings that you can change the

Radio station and the volume controls as well so you can turn it up and down which is really nice over here you have your your light switches so you can set them however you would like and then as we come into the middle you have your lcd monitor here with you have your satellite radio your fm your am it’s nice and this one’s not connected so if you just call

The number you can hook that up you also have your uconnect and bluetooth so if you hit that cancel and then you have your menu options you can go through all your menu where there’s put in pictures and then you have your navigation so you can set where you’re wanting to go if you come down to these controls here you have your climate control so you can set it

Different on both sides which is really nice so if you you run hot and your husband runs cold or your husband around school and you run high you guys can change the settings and set it however you’d like you could have your heat blasting and he can have his his song cool and then you come down here we have our seat settings so you have your heated seats and your

Cooling seats and then you also have a nice heated steering wheel which is really really nice especially on those cold winter days when you forget your gloves look here you have some drink holders in the center console and uh plug in for 12 volts down in here as well there and then you have some nice little cubbies all over which is really nice you have tons

Of room to store stuff and a nice big center console in the middle here that also has the sorry mice the sun is shining in here quite so it’s kind of messing with my video but you can open one time and then you can also open a second time which makes it really deep which is really nice especially if you want to hide some things that you never want to see again

You also have your heated and cooling seats on the passenger side with also those power controls as well on the front here you have two glove boxes i said there’s just tons of storage up in front here so you have a nice little box there and then you have one down here as well still has manuals in it again you have that nice wood paneling on the side there with

All your power controls you come up here you have your controls for the back window so you can open that back window in the back which is really really nice and then you also have your sunroof hello nice nice blue cloudy sky today it’s super beautiful inside all right so if you guys come with me we’ll go have a look in the back and see what else we got going on

Okay so now we’re in the bag so again you have that nice wood paneling along the doors nice floor mats in there with lots and lots of legroom very nice there’s some drink holders on the floor as well and then you have your auxiliary your heated seats and a 12 volt plug down there which is for your hold on a minute dvd player woohoo fun especially if you have kids

Plenty of space in the back here you have your 60 40 fold down seats as well so that you can pull them down if you’d like and then you have a armrest with drink holders in the middle as well and then there’s that black window that slides open with the controls that you have in the front so we’ll have a walk around the back of the truck here if you can see there’s

A nice box cover on top that you can fold back which is nice especially if you’re hauling things that you’re not wanting to get dirty or to fall out and get rained on and then as we’re around the back here you can see you have your nice step bumper and chrome as well and then you have your trailer hookups here so overall this truck is in excellent condition so

That is our 2009 dodge ram laramie you guys have any questions or want to come on down to ponoka chrysler we have a great sales team and an excellent finance team as well have a good day

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