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2009 Ford F250 Super Duty Lariat Powerstroke Turbo Diesel video overview and walk around.

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Let the camera be your eyes and ears as we take you for a tour in and around this gorgeous 1 owner F250 Turbo Diesel. You’ll feel like you’re right here in person with us as we demonstrate all of its functions and features. Thank you for watching!

Good morning folks are here from direct auto outlet in fair oaks california now if the score just one owner 2009 ford f250 super duty 2 lariat power stroke turbo diesel for you today this trike has only 95,000 original miles it’s a lifetime california vehicle that’s been meticulously cared for and maintained by local california ford dealership since brand-new

Maintenance has always been done on time to be the vehicle is absolutely pristine inside and out exterior body and paint are in very good condition interior is clean free from any smoke odor pet hair or damaged vehicle as you can see is a long bed this is an 8 foot long long bed with a super crew cab it is white on the exterior color and tan leather on the interior

You have your lockable tailgate tow package with both harness types premium polished aluminum wheels all the way around you have your chrome tubular and running boards you have a factory ford installed bedliner so you can be sure that underneath is nice and clean and in great condition but this bedliner has been on since brand new truck runs very smooth it’s very

Quiet we have tons of underbody undercarriage pictures included in our ad for you to review it is an absolute spotless rust free corrosion free california truck it’s very important no leaks no seepage engine is nice and strong transmission is very smooth headlights are nice and crystal clear indicating that the vehicle has been garaged and properly taken care of

Chrome is in very good condition the chrome on the grill is not peeling like many of these do this fully equipped lariat trim has all but a few of the bells and whistles almost all of them it doesn’t have the navigation system of the moonroof which some of these are optionally equipped with we do have your leather interior 6 cd and dash changer your camper mirrors

The pull-out tubular chrome running boards your combination code key pad on the driver’s door which ford has been doing for decades the only thing folks we were not able to recondition on this vehicle as of yet has been the driver seat and the front of the vehicle does have a couple patches on the leather that are worn out and cracking we would typically send that

Out to our upholstery shop and have it done and we do plan to do so however our first upholstery shop that we use locally has been closed for the last week and will be closed for a majority of the week to come so you have not been able to do that as of yet but we did not want to delay the marketing of this vehicle wants to get it out there for everyone to see

But chances are by the time you see this vehicle in person this will already be taken care of if that is not the case and you do see this vehicle immediately just do know that we’re going go ahead and take care of these items just on the left side where you get in and out and there’s just a bit of wear and tear and then some cracking up here all of that will be

Taken care of this will be replaced with om quality materials the entire bottom cushion is going to be replaced and it’s going to have all of the same stitching same coloring and it’s going to look back to you’ll never know the difference the rest of the vehicle the leather is in great shape nice and plush soft to the touch the armrests over here is not cracked

Oftentimes this surface gets cracked as people put their elbows on it and put their weight on it it does break also this hinge on the back oftentimes cracks and breaks that is not the case with this one the center console is nice and deep and spacious door panels are in beautiful shape the wood trim throughout is in gorgeous condition you have your camper mirrors

That do pop out with power adjustment and you have to seat memories for the drivers bottom cushion is power adjustable vehicle is equipped all the way around with these weathertech all-weather floor mats which i absolutely the love they’re laser-cut to custom fit any vehicle and their edges fold up quite nicely to protect your carpeting in the winter time if you

Were to come in with snow or mud on your feet it would completely protect your interior all right we currently have ninety five thousand five hundred seventy five miles and as always folks a full tank of fuel with all of our vehicles here at direct auto outlet you have all your creature comforts on your multifunction steering wheel such as your answer and hang up

Button your volume multimedia and cruise this vehicle is equipped with power adjustable pedals so it can accommodate any size driver you also have your built-in trailer brake controller and four auxiliary switches that are built-in that can be programmed to any aftermarket items you should add to the truck you can put in a light bar for example a winch or any

Other item and plug it into the backside of these four open auxilary switches to give the vehicle the factory look an operation even with all of your aftermarket items your four-wheel drive has a two-wheel high mode a four-wheel high mode and a four-wheel low mode you do have your proximity sensors to help you park you have a power adjustable rear window which

I’ll demonstrate for you which doesn’t work properly obviously dashboard is free of any cracks or damage and air conditioning blows ice cold did you have your home link over here signal program for i’m sorry not for three garage doors to open without having to have your remote to have some additional storage space up top here and sunglass holder these handles are

Very handy no pun intended they are located at all four corners of the truck to help you be able to get in and out no matter where you’re planning on sitting you have two cupholders up front over here and two additional ones that pop out your microsoft sync audio system has a usb plug and a three-and-a-half millimeter auxiliary jack you have a 12 volt power outlet

Over here on this side on the passenger side and another one closer to the driver right over there another small storage space over there i’ve seen a lot of people that add air bags to the rear suspension put the controller right in there it looks real nice when they do that you do have a six cd in – changer audio system sounds incredible and here every mirror

Doubles as backup camera once you pop the vehicle into reverse now let’s hop on out and take a look at the rest of the vehicle we’ll go ahead and unlock all the rest of the doors pop the hood and take a look at the back in the rear of the truck you’ll find that space is quite ample do you have your weathertech floor mats over here and the rear as well an additional

Armrest with two cupholders and some additional space and the backsides of the front seats for your documents now once you’ve pulled this up the bottom side of this rear seat does fold up as well exposing this tray that goes out that allows you to be able to put your cargo and your items in the cab of the truck give them out of the elements if it’s raining or nasty

Outside put that back in the rear of this seat also folds out giving you a flat surface where you will see some additional storage space where your tools are located and some additional anchors for child safety seats truck is equipped with privacy glass all the way in the rear all the way around and again the wood trim and door panels are in gorgeous condition

This is obviously a turbo diesel vehicle it takes diesel fuel rails over here in gorgeous condition bedliner and fantastic shape your tailgate is lockable and this is where your rear mounted camera is located lightweight tailgate bed is in gorgeous condition it’s been protected since brand-new i’m walking over onto the passenger side you’ll see that the vehicle

Is equipped with fournier new michelin tires all the way around deep in tread special and tires are known to last 50 60 thousand plus miles and it really shows the care and expense that went into the upkeep of this vehicle when you see somebody put these heavy-duty michelin tires on to their truck oftentimes you can get away with spending 1/3 as much for a cheap

Chinese brand tire but somebody truly cared and loved this truck and they took care of it accordingly passenger side has that same tray it’s just a smaller side it’s a 60/40 split and the rear also folds down as well have those same child seat anchors and your jack over on this side headliner in gorgeous condition no drooping no sagging door panels in great shape

And child safety locks are standard equipment finally taking a look at the front passenger side you’ll see the same theme throughout folks just a beautifully cared for beautifully maintained truck all the way around you will absolutely love what you see there’s not going to be any surprises with this truck in the glove box you’ll find all your books and manuals

As you can see there we have one key in one remote we do have a second set with additional key and additional remote all oem inside our office available and included with the truck of course now let’s go ahead and take a look under the hood under the hood you’ll find your 6.4 liter power stroke turbo diesel thing just purring away like brand-new sounds incredible

Runs incredible lots of power very smooth very efficient as compared to the previous powertrain the six liter that was in the last generation super duty no rattles no squeaks no leaks of any sort you’ll find this truck and many others on our website which is to look at our video i’m sure to hope to see you down here at the lot zone thank you and have a great

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2009 Ford F250 Super Duty Lariat Powerstroke Turbo Diesel video overview and walk around. By Direct Auto Outlet