2009 GMC Acadia Power Lock, Power Windows & Sunroof Fuses

What’s going on guys i’ve got a 2009 gmc acadia here and i’m using this car to point out to you the location of some important fuses and relays and circuit breakers for the operation of your power door locks your power windows and your sunroof so starting with the fuse box under the hood we remove the cover by pushing in on each of the tabs here and lifting up with

The cover out of the way we can see number of fuses this 10 amp fuse it’s called the airbag fuse but it is important for the power door lock circuit so be sure to check that and there’s also a 30 amp jk’s fuse here which provides power for the sunroof and you can just pull that out like so these jk’s fuses if you look down through them you can see if they’re blowing

Or not now moving inside the car this is where we’ll find some more stuff some relays some fuses circuit breakers and i’m gonna start with the fuses so by the kick panel here there’s a piece here that you’ve got to pull down and move over to the side and if you look up in here you’ll see a number of fuses one of the most important fuses for the door lock system

Is found down here and it’s going to be this 25 amp fuse right here left out the blue mark on so you can grab it pull it out that’s what a good fuse looks like there and just pop it back in there’s also a 10 amp fuse right here for the display hold the display fuse and there’s a pdm which is the passenger door module and the bcm with it which is the body control

Module those fuses are located here so be sure to check all of those there’s also behind this glovebox a circuit breaker for the windows and two relays for the door locking and unlocking so to get this out of the way we’ve got to pull up on this piece pull it out and there’s two pieces here that prevent the glove box from going down any further to get those out you

Have to slightly close the glove box and then you unscrew it so if we rotate it counterclockwise and pop this piece out with those two pieces removed this whole glovebox will hinge down and now we can look in here there are three circuit breakers here and the one all the way on the right is for the power windows these other ones are for the power seats you can swap

These around if you need to and the two relays this one here is the door unlocked relay and that one is the door lock relay so yeah i hope this information was helpful for you one other troubleshooting step i want to mention every time you open and close the door you’re gonna be flexing all of the wires located in this loom so one trouble setting one troubleshooting

Step i like to do i’ll hold the switch and i’ll open and close the door this will flex the wires and if there’s any position i can have the door in where the window starts to respond then i know i might need to suspect that there’s a broken wire in that loom beyond that any further troubleshooting you really need a scan tool to be able to communicate with all of

The modules involved and the door locks and the in the windows and everything so yeah thanks for watching let me know if you have any questions and also be sure to let me know if you have any advice for troubleshooting the power locks or the power windows or even the sunroof on your gmc acadia

Transcribed from video
2009 GMC Acadia Power Lock, Power Windows & Sunroof Fuses By Lehew Tech