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2009 Land Rover Discovery 3 SE Series 3

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We’ve been waiting for a white discovery 3 in an update series my name is philip tarrant and i’m going to talk to you about this beautiful discovery so as i said it is a 2009 model that means it’s an update you may ask um what that means basically it means that it’s got color-coded bumper bars and a number of other standard features this is an sc it’s got

Xenon lights it’s got the standard wheels which i think look great and the other good thing about these wheels is they’re not too big you’ve got a nice big tire here which soaks up all the bumps and is very good off-road as much as people like these 20-inch wheels and 22-inch wheels they look great but they don’t drive very well and it puts unnecessary stress

On your suspension system in fact if if you buy a car like this brand new and you put 20 or 22 inch wheels i think it voids your warranty on the suspension so it’s white in color with cream leather interior it’s got two remote keys to it and a very good service history a few little extras the update um they actually painted this grain it’s just a much better

Looking car all the discovery seas have the adjustable suspension and high range and low range and you’ve also got your terrain response here but it really is a very impressive color combination and with the color-coded bumper bars in this color it just looks fantastic we’ve sold a lot of silver discoveries with black interior so for me personally i was pretty

Happy when this came along it’s got a very nice set of pirelli scorpion tyres it’s a seven seater and i think it’s very well priced for an update three liter sorry 2.7 litre turbo diesel v6 it’s got the tow pack this car does not look like it’s been off-road it’s got parking sensors tinted windows a very good service history as you would have seen in the photos

The very back seat does not look like it’s been sat in the turbo diesel engine in this car has plenty of power yet a very good fuel consumption and is far more desirable than the petrol variants the tow bar barely looks like it’s been used it’s nice and clean underneath it certainly doesn’t look like a car as i said that’s been used off-road i think it’s just

Been driven around the city and the reason why i mentioned it a couple of times because a lot of discoveries are taken off-road i know people who bought brand new discoveries and taken it off-road in the first week of ownership because these are very capable with your adjustable suspension i think it’s got a center diff lock as well hill descent control terrain

Response so the good thing about this car is you’ve got good fuel consumption it’s safe reliable economical and totally capable off-road which is why it keeps winning four-wheel drive of the year the xenon lights looks fantastic we’ll have a look in the engine bay i’ll open that up because that’s also nice and clean it’s got long registration in new south wales

And it’s just an all-round very impressive car it’s been serviced at land rover most of its life and a specialist for the past few services so if you look at the engine it’s nice and clean see here it’s all nice and wide often you’d get dirt sand etc if it has been used off-road but i can’t see any signs whatsoever the suspension works perfectly we pretty rarely

See issues with the suspension on these generally if there is an issue it’ll just need a suspension compressor which is between a thousand and fifteen hundred dollars it’s not the end of the world so i’ll start it up the suspension is on low we might put it on high one two the car will not go up with the door open for safety reasons in case there’s a ledge or

Something like that you wouldn’t want it to get caught now now the door’s closed and up it goes so it’s nice and quick which would suggest to me it’s possibly had a compressor it’s already on its highest setting and this is why they’re just such capable off-roaders i’ll put it down on the normal setting click again the car will not go down with the door open

There it goes very impressive if you’re looking at these land rover discovery threes i’d suggest actually having a look at a few of them even if you want to have a look at a number of them before you see this one because this one does have a lot going for it being an update in white good history keys tow bar etc and a roof rack so thank you again for watching

Our video and taking the opportunity we are located in markville we sell a number of discovery threes but we are very fussy as i’m sure you are as well thanks again for watching and we look forward to hearing from you

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2009 Land Rover Discovery 3 SE Series 3 By Oldtimer Centre