2009 Lexus IS Refresh: Whats Different?

I had a quick opportunity to shoot a video of this 2009 IS250, so I thought it would make a neat comparison to my 2008. 2009 brought subtle changes to the IS, and this one has a few more options.

Hey youtube well this is not my is obviously i had the opportunity to video this 2009 lexus is250 which as you know is a year newer than mine and represented a refresh so to speak for the is so i figured we’d go ahead and get a little comparison view of mine versus the 2009 refresh model as you know the is 250 was introduced in 2006 so in 2009 they refreshed it with

A few new features before they refresh to begin a little later on so coming front bumper quite noticeably the lower fascia is different mine is kind of sectioned off with a lower lip spoiler that has like kind of a gap down the middle and this is a different design this is more curved versus slanted in like mine now coming over the wheels these are still 18 inch

Alloy wheels but as you can see there are much different design they’re more curved versus just straight-out spokes that are on mine very pretty design this one also has 20 up roxas 4 plus tires like mine i really like the turn signal that’s in the mirror on the o9 refresh models it’s much similar design with mine the 2010 got rid of the lexus badge coming to the

Trunk it’s literally the exact same as mine so nothing different there and we look at the rear seat i think see this one has the ecru leather interior it is perforated leather there the backseat space is the same and this one has the golden brown maple interior so coming in as it rains a lot more on us here’s a better look at the start it up since on has 77,000

Miles so a decent mileage less than my which is only a year older but coming to the center stack you can see some major differences here this one doesn’t have a navigation so it’s similar to mine this one does have the premium package which includes these heated and cooled seats this nice maple trim on the eye center console here and the doors like we mentioned the

I believe it’s called the the bird’s eye it does have the six-speed automatic transmission still and the heated and cooled seats as you can see on the door panel here we have the all out of an all auto windows are different these are the more toyota style switches so to speak and you have different controls for the blocks mine’s a more vertical style and this is

Just a different kind of setup here off next to the steering wheel you have the same setup that is on my is stack here the the temperature controls are flat instead of the more curved design that my model has and the the event closed features are now in between the vents down below here the radio controls are different they’re flat and they’re a little less grippy

Mine has like grip patterns here whatever other than that this is just this is chrome line it’s very similar but there are different touches so to speak i think cecil has the one cup holder just has that nice maple trim up above is another difference mine has the turn style sunroof control which is the push button you still do have the led map lights but other

Than that this is just a quick little video on what’s different with the first refresh on the is line so thank you guys for watching and stay tuned and subscribe to broke our list for more lexus videos and other videos and concerning different makes and models i guess catch you guys next time

Transcribed from video
2009 Lexus IS Refresh: What's Different? By Brooks Rowburrey