2009 Nissan Murano Backup Camera Fix

We have a 2009 nissan murano here and when we put the car in reverse and engage the rear view camera we’re just getting a black screen so we’re going to try and figure out what’s causing that today a common place for wires to get worn or broken or where the uh the wires come from the body of the car to the rear hatch door and there’s a little rubber gasket here

So if we just pry that uh pry that open or off we should be able to get access to the wires and we can check for any breaks or cuts in the wire so we’ll look at those there’s one on this side and one on that side we’ll uh we’ll do an inspection here make sure there’s no broken wires so we didn’t notice any uh broken wires in the harness between the rear hatch

Drawer and the body so the next thing we’re going to do is take the panel off of the rear hatch door here and to do that first thing we need to do is pry these lights off and disconnect them this one just prys out and then we’ll disconnect the cable to the the light in the door here and we’ll do the same thing for the other one over here next we’re gonna pry

Off the two uh hatch handles on either side so there’s one here pop off and the other one over here now there’s uh four little grommets that we uh need to remove to remove those you just pop the center in and then pull straight out that removes those guys so remove those four of those guys and now we’re ready to remove the back panel off from the rear hatch to

Get access to our uh our camera wiring so to do that we just you know pry along the edge here and remove this back panel just little tabs along the way along this line here that we’re gonna pop up once we have the back panel off we can inspect the uh wiring for the camera and uh so far everything looks good so i’m just gonna disconnect the camera itself and

Then we’ll uh there’s two little phillips screws here we’re gonna actually remove those and pull the camera right out and take a look at it so i strongly suspect that i have a broken wire or loose connection somewhere uh between the camera control units and maybe the rear view camera so what i want to do is actually just engage the rear camera without actually

Being in reverse so i can go and play around with the wiring and see if i can get the connection to come on so what i want to do to engage that is to turn the engine to the on position and making sure that your audio system says audio off so just push the volume button in to turn the audio off and then while holding the setting key down you’re gonna turn your

Volume clockwise about four or five times until you get this menu that comes up here the system diagnostic menu we want to scroll down to the uh confirmation slash adjustment option then we’re going to scroll down again to the camera continued option select that and then there’s an option to say adjust offset or of your rear view camera you want to select that

And uh the camera actually turned on and i’m actually quite surprised so i must have jiggled something while i was working back there to engage the camera again so now i’m actually going to do the opposite i’m going to actually try and see if i can wiggle the wires around to get the camera to turn off again so as you can see the camera’s still working so i’m

Going to see if i can play around with the uh cables here i’m just gonna wiggle the camera cable okay everything’s still working over there connection camera connection i’m all still good so far so good so looks like all the wires here are probably okay um now i’m going to try just jiggling these around to see if i can get it to cut out again so far so good so

It’s possible that it might be actually in the camera control unit there so i’m going to take the side panel off now and uh play around the wiring between the camera control unit and the camera so according to the wiring diagram i think the camera control unit is somewhere behind this uh back panel here so to remove that we’re gonna remove this little floor piece

Here first and uh once that’s removed we’re gonna need to remove these two uh there’s two bolts here that are holding this in so the first one is just a little piece you kind of pop out put your little screwdriver in there and then it should pull out okay it’s gonna okay now i’ll just grab the little so it just pops out like that once you’ve separated it and

The other one you pull this uh piece down here and then pop pop this little piece up just use a screwdriver there we go and there’s just a little hex bolt there that we’ll remove next we’re just going to want to pry this back panel off so you just want to get underneath here there’s just a little two little rivets that are holding it down so we’re just going

To pull that out and then go this piece popped out here all right i should be able to separate that and get it to the back there all right to enter a cigarette lighter is disconnected uh i think those three screws here uh connect to the uh camera control unit at the back here so i’m just gonna disconnect those three screws and uh see if we can slide that out and

We’ll take a look at it so there’s no uh obvious broken wires there or these connections but i’m just gonna remove the uh the connection to the control unit and reseed it see if that helps so the pins all look good nice and clean inside the computer control unit i’m just gonna open this up quickly and see if there’s any noticeable damage or rust or capacitor

Leakage or anything like that inside this control unit here so i opened up the computer control unit and looking at the board there’s no obvious signs of any uh capacitors leaking electrolyte or any bulging of the capacitor so nothing obvious so just gonna put this back and put it back into the car so with no obvious signs of uh broken lines or twisted wires

Or broken wires i might just end up replacing this control unit and see if that resolves the problem um so i went to a rack yard and i found another camera control unit so i’m going to try try this one paid eighty dollars forward to the rec yard just found another murano and ripped it out myself all right we got the new one back in there so the next thing we

Want to do is just put the carpet back and just snap those back in and then we’re gonna run the rubber seal make sure you run it back over top of that carpet there all right now we just need to uh pop our grommets back in and then last one here is we just replace that guy and then replace the phillips screw and snap it back in and we should be good to go all

Right we’re ready to test the new control unit and put in reverse so far so good but we’ll uh monitor for a week or two because uh it was kind of flaky sometimes it’d be black and sometimes it would function so we’ll kind of keep an eye on it and hopefully that fixes our issue we’ve been running for the last few days with no issues on the backup camera that’s uh

Definitely longer than we’ve ever gone before so i think it’s safe to call this one a success so um in this case it was the camera control unit that had to be replaced it’s likely a bad capacitor or something on the board there but i was lucky enough to find an uh another one at a scrap yard so hopefully this video helps somebody fix a similar issue

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2009 Nissan Murano Backup Camera Fix By Shane Perche – Fixed it myself to fix it yourself