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2009 Ram 1500 Crew Cab Rear Door Window Regulator and Latch

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Removing window regulator and latch on a 2009 Dodge Ram 1500 Crew Cab Laramie

So this video is is a repair of the rear of 2009 dodge ram laramie crew cab rear driver side rear door where the lock does not the central locking system does not operate the rear that door this particular does doors lock so if i tried to lock it it just doesn’t go anywhere it was actually kind of working partially sometimes was working something it wasn’t working

Now it’s entirely in operational so i’m gonna temp to fix it so the first thing you want to do is you want to pop these push clips or push pins locking pins get a remove them now they’re just plastic push pins do neither t15 torx to turn them counterclockwise to remove them and it usually helps if you if you put your fingernail and a wedge it between the head and

The on the body of that push pin and then turn to to help you help them come out they’re a little finicky if you if you put too much pressure in them they won’t come up so they are they are we assembled by just kind of pushing the head and the pin itself back in without y’all screwing and also you have to get behind the handle and remove this flap it just gotta look

A little retaining what do you call it it’s got a little retaining protrusion i guess to get that open and get that screw up so i get the screw out and the pens pull the pins out because they’re easily lost so i pull them out and get them out of the way and you want to get in there and and pry panel out and again like i said i just own that one just popped out so

I’m going to find it but they can these pins can be removed first i had a time probably good idea so they’re not you know jumping out and you’re risking those in the to the next thing you want to do is you want to remove this this pillar trim panel because it will be in a way of i get gets in the way of actually removing the door panel which should come out just

By lifting it up but i will have to figure that out still so like i said the panel should be able to just lift it lift it out with your hand now i have to put the camera down because i need to operate the handle so i can remove the panel and also i want to make sure that this clears the depend is probably a good idea just push it in so it comes comes out and put a

Link with the camera here but once removed you need to get to that connector for the door switch or the window switch which is down here which just releases normal yeah it actually comes out somewhat like this take it actually pull it out you can pull it out and then disconnect it as you can see it’s just a couple of retention clips should be able to easily come

Out i don’t want to pull it out initially because i wasn’t sure how it’s how it’s in there but there it is so the next thing we want to do is remove or disassemble all the hardware on this inner door panel so we can remove it and see what’s going on inside it’s flanked with these ten millimeter head bolts is a speaker that judging by the by the harness i’m gonna

Have to remove i’m gonna have to remove the windshield motor and this little lock i guess a drum that that connects the linkages for the for the lock as well as the handle it’s gonna have to be this this disconnected these actually remove pretty easy you just have to snap them out like this and they cut they come right out it can be no disconnected so all these

Kind of work the same way and this as you can see once i remove these guys i’ll be able to rotate that drum to to actually take it off the panel and along with whatever wiring which i’ll see inside once i get inside it so the speaker is actually held in place with these um five millimeter hex screws which come out by hand you don’t need the yes tiny little small hex

Five millimeter like i said get this out it looks like the the windshield motor actually uses torques and it uses t25 size torques hoping i don’t have to actually remove it however to remove the connector you have to pull this red tab out first and then depress the release over here to get that out of the way so it seems that you need to remove the windshield the

Window because the window regulator is actually screwed into this this rigid panel so and then the screws are screwed in from the inside so i can’t remove the panel without removing the window because i have to make the get the regular loose so what i did the way that you remove the regulator or the window is by there’s there’s a couple of tabs on each side where

The window is in when the windows and get engaged into the carrier here you press these tabs these can beige tabs in the window will come out along with the beige part and remove it now in order to get to that i can get to it on this side through the speaker hall once i get the i’m taking the window down here however on the other side as you can see it’s a little

Tough getting the other tab on the other side because there is no hole so it looks like dodge purposely created like a little access door which is actually part of the panel it’s not loose can’t be open so what i did is i actually use the knife a box cutter and i cut around the upper and a side edges so i can actually make that flap open and that should enable

Me this actually looks like a dissection it was done on purpose because there’s a hole to access that other tab retaining tab on this carrier on this side of the the door so i try to get that window out and then see if i can get the panel off so now i lowered the window to where both carriers are actually accessible and as you can see there’s definitely this was

Definitely purposely made in this spot so so you can depress both tabs at the same time it’ll be a little tricky because you got a these two tabs on each side so i have to somehow you know release one side we lift it up a little bit put a screwdriver or something like that prevent it from falling back down because they just kind of snap into place you know with the

Weight of the window so and then work on the other side so it wasn’t as hard as i thought it was going to be now i just have to remove those those those beige tabs which have a locating dowel on them you don’t pull it all away from the window and then down to take them out the other side actually lifted the window up into this access panel that’s in the door panel

And that’s going to enable me to to take that date i guess part of the carrier or saddle whatever you want to call it out just comes rather right out just like that so what i did is i secured the windshield after i couldn’t really pull it out not sure how to do it but i just secured some tape make sure that it doesn’t get in my way now here there was a couple of

Linkages coming out of this hole and this hole one for the latch or they handled door handle this one was for the right to the yeah for the this for the pin which was attached here and then came out of here the ball attached to to the door locking mechanism inside which i actually ended up unscrewing with with t30 d third this d 30 bolts to kind of help me uh you

Know that you know helped me um disengage some of these locks there’s one inside you can see it right there the green one uh i’m not sure that’s focusing i’m not starting to rain so i’m going to have to dig a break so after removing the lock bolt and disengaging all the linkages i was able to get the panel out by pretty much lifting there’s a couple of our locating

Dowels this guy right here this is one there’s the one right there on the bottom so you get them just got to make sure you pull them pull pull away pull the panel away so that will come out and then you kind of wiggle it you got to lift it up because this uh this track or this break this part of the regulator is kind of behind the metal so you got to lift it out

From behind from behind here and then the lock itself is actually hanging on this on this flexible plastic retainer which bends far enough away i’ve obviously got to be gentle with it but you can kind of bend you know lift it up and and and so i took the latch mechanism out and connected it to the connector outside i just put it back in but anyway there’s a couple

Of the like little retainers to kind of just hold it loosely in place there’s one here and then this is the second one where you have to lift this this locking tab on the very bottom it lifts it up and then this will slide slide off and you can take the whole thing out unfortunately here’s the actuator this is the actual lock that unlocks and locks the door of the

Lodge and for some reason like when i tested it this will not operate i try to disassemble this latch assembly however these tabs are looks like they’re just assembly tabs in fact the part here the metal piece here is riveted in into the into it and the i can’t really take it apart any further so i’m gonna have to replace the entire thing and and that should fix the problem

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2009 Ram 1500 Crew Cab Rear Door Window Regulator and Latch By Rafal Gisicz