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2009 Toyota Tundra 4×4 Crewmax SR5

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For all you truck lovers, we reviewed the 2009 Toyota Tundra 4X4 Crewmax SR5.

Welcome to top speed my name is christie and today in our garage is the 2009 toyota tundra crewmax 4×4 the tundra is a full-size pickup truck that was first introduced to the market in 1999 as a 2000 year model toyota did such a great job with the tender design that they were nominated for the north american truck of the year award and was motor trend magazines truck

Of the year in 2000 and 2008 in 2007 the second-generation tundra was born leading up to this new 2009 tundra which not only looks tough but as the engine and power to match it with its large 5.7 liter v8 this engine can produce up to 381 horsepower for those of you who are worried about the mpg this tundra has the mpg of 13 city and 17 highway the starting price

For the 2009 toyota tundra is 22,000 for the regular cab 25,000 for the double cab and 27800 for the crew maps our test vehicle has a price of thirty three thousand nine hundred eighty five because it’s a crew mexico and has the optional 18-inch alloy wheels running boards in dvd and navigation package towing mirrors and much more so now we have more information

On the tundra let’s go outside with miles and check it out thanks christy we’re here with our 2008 toyota tundra crewmax cab sr5 now this is still top speed i know you’re looking at truck and you’re thinking maybe it’s top halt or top torque note we’re still top speed i tell you what close your eyes and just think of this really close good think 5.7 liter dual

Overhead cam v8 take variable valve timing and think 381 horsepower and open your eyes again looks better doesn’t it that’s because it’s a sports truck now if you still can’t get over the size i got to tell you that’s your fault and that’s my fault because back in 1993 toyota first made their full-size truck the t100 but they looked around and they said you know

What we really want is people aren’t going to need all the size of the full-size truck so they made it just a little bit smaller and what they ended up doing is they have the 9/10 truck it was 9/10 the size and it had 9/10 of the power and the problem was is that it didn’t sell quite as well because of that size difference so toyota came back in 2000 and they came

With the first generation tundra and that tundra again they won people of sportiness and so it lost some of its size and it sold well but people again said give me a big truck in 2007 the second generation tundra premiered if that tundra on the other hand was the same size as all the full-size trucks and in fact in some cases it’s a few inches bigger so now when we

Take a look at the truck though one of the best things i like about is the color we got it in a black color because this truly is one of the biggest trucks you can get from toyota we got the 4×4 model so it’s tall we’ve got the crew match cab so it’s long and the whole point is if we got a big truck we got a nice tough color because if you’re going to be big it

Should be tough as well good timing just started raining and there’s no better place to be on a bad day than in a nice big tough truck it’s the truth now toyota’s been doing interiors for a while they’ve been doing trucks for a while so they really know what they’re doing the steering wheel is made of a good quality leather and that’s always appreciated but more

Importantly in a truck they made sure that they made all these central controls at a big chunky material things like the four-wheel drive this the climate control system the gearshift knob all of those are big enough that you know you can grab them while you’re still wearing your gloves and that’s something you need from a work truck in fact value is the only other

Thing that you really want you in your work truck and you’re really getting here for about thirty four thousand dollars you can start out by getting the big v8 we have and the crew max cab with all the space also you get legendary toyota quality all the materials feel a good fit and finish they feel like they’re going to last a while and they can be with you for

A while our truck on the other hand though does top out about forty thousand dollars and that’s because we want to put a few extra features in here like our touchscreen satellite navigation system we like it very much it works well we think it’s worth the money now if you really want to talk about value though if you want it in square footage of this truck really

Has it because like i said before this is a full-size truck it feels big it feels wide in fact the dash panel is separating the two spaces one for the immediate part of the driver which it has all the immediate controls and there’s a second part that’s a little bit of a further reach because it’s just that wide and separated by its own separate new color system

In fact there’s so many cupholders there’s so many storage spaces in the center console in the bins in fact they have even just a little space where you can stick files just because they have extra space but speaking of extra space there’s even more than the backseat so why don’t we go look at that now we brought you back here to show you something that’s really

Nice and that is this is full seating as you can see i’m leaning forward i’m not even sitting back plenty of legroom plenty of body room that means that in other trucks you’ve seen that time’s the backseats kids only well in this particular one you can see that this is full seating which you can take means you can take the whole family or you can take the shop

Form in and through your co-workers to lunch whenever you want to but another really great feature about the truck is the back window here and what that is is that the back window can actually go fully all the way up and all the way down well more mischievous people might try to fit a person through there the real function of it is is that if you have something

That won’t completely fit in the bed that also acts as a pass-through and that shows that toyota was thinking about you all the much more now as i said before this is got a it’s got a nice v8 engine it’s actually got four valves per cylinder and what the 32 balanced in this engine really does is that with the dual overhead cams gives it a lot of get up and go a

Lot more than you expect a set of any other truck well that’s a really good feeling here but remember there’s also it’s a truck so there’s also a lot of torque to it actually four hundred foot-pounds and it just gives it that real sportscar feeling now the drive of the truck on the other hand we have a solid rear axle we have we set up very high so it’s a little

Planted to the ground that’s also not what you bought the truck for i guess a better way of putting it is this truck handles very much like you would think from an old-time muscle car it’s got a lot of raw power but you don’t want to take it in the twisties again you bought a truck you’re here for the holland town and that’s where the four hundred foot-pounds of

Torque coming i’ve actually hauled a ton of sod in a tundra before not a lot of sod in actual ton and that’s because there’s been there’s a towing capacity on this truck that is ten thousand pounds and that is a really good thing it’s really shows and the truck can handle it you can handle the steering you can handle the braking everything feels very sharp very

Deliberate the brakes are very much on task and they’re very hard they’re very good and they’re always there when you need them now other elements of the ride we actually have a very good thing here with our rains the rain and the restore me weather we have i feel very confident in driving this truck if i had a smaller car i’d be watching the road a little bit

More here i’m just making sure i can make the twist because with our truck combined with both the high and low four-wheel drive i know no matter what goes on it’ll go right through it and that’s just a really nice feeling that you get from our sports truck thank you mouse well it’s all we have for today on the 2009 toyota tundra crewmax 4×4 – the next time for next test drive

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