All right guys this is an audi s5 is what it sounds like before go ahead again as you guys can see it barely makes any noise again right it’s like right at 78 that’s before we’ll let you guys hear after we’re doing muffler delete and tips so what we got on today is an s5 audi 2010 naturally aspirated v8 what we got done on it for you guys got factory converters

Up there somewhere one on each side then got a set of resonators there we thought there were cats before and when we cut them they are resonators and then it’s got another set of resonators another set another resonator dual endura right there then what we did on it is a muffler delete there and there rear muffler deletes they’re right here as you guys can see

Those two and we put quad tips instead of the regular one stagger so they come with the turn of the bumper on on each side came out really clean there in there really beautiful two and a half inch in to four inch outlets just fits it perfectly almost looks like the audi symbol again that’s awesome i love it um so we’ll let you guys hear it in a second hope you

Guys like it and like always guys please like comment and subscribe trying to work on that be and subscribe oh wow that’s just for the muffler you might not need anymore again rip it up a little bit higher it reached like 111 didn’t it get a little bit earlier i love coops but not when you have a family those tips fitted perfectly man i like them wow this

Sounds phenomenal that’s sexy right there let you guys hear it on the inside audi s5 v8 naturally aspirated no turbo no supercharge nothing he was telling me he did a lot of research and you guys need to stay away from the turbos on these he’s a mechanic dealership and the problem with the audi is that when they have a turbo or supercharge on them they

Have secondary air injection system and it goes out and it costs a lot of money to fix between 45 to 6 500. so if you’re gonna look into the v8s make sure you don’t get them like that just some advice from a fellow car enthusiast this sounds amazing that is beautiful hope you guys like it

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2010 Audi S5 4.2L V8 DUAL EXHAUST w/ MUFFLER DELETE! By Exhaust Addicts